happy new year it’s january 1st 2019 welcome to a slightly new look set of diaries the first 15 months you can assume were mainly for testing and setting this up i’ve spent a few days over christmas to sort the titles out and make them a bit more streamlined so it’s easier to upload videos so we’ll see how it goes if you’ve got any comments put them in the comments and i’ll see what i can do hopefully it’ll be easier for you and me oh here comes my little cat there we go young caspy

um right the story so far i moved into this new flat caspian come on now let’s begin who’s playing with the camera okay moved into this new flat seven months ago now

things are okay-ish um a few issues with a tenant who takes drugs but that’s getting sorted out with any luck um i’ve almost decorated the bedroom a couple of days of sanding and painting and that’ll be done with any luck and then i need to order a wardrobe because the building one isn’t big enough really

um and then it’s the living room that’s going to be a challenge with all the furniture and keeping the cats out of the way but i’m hoping to do that before my birthday in february

um not much happened really over christmas

uh no not to think of it’s been very quiet

been quite lonely as well but i’m sort of getting used to it now

but i have had a few happy new year messages from people which is unusual for me because i don’t think i’ve got any apart from the x last year

but it does help that i’ve blocked some people that used to send me messages even though they wouldn’t reply to any of my messages so i’ve blocked those so i haven’t seen any of those which helps with my mental health um the temperature is controllable now in the flat i can get it down to any temperature i want i’ve changed the thermostat on the wall just over there i’ve pulled the dial off because when the room was reading 22 degrees the dial was reading 15 degrees which is you know a little confusing so i’ve adjusted it now so the dial shows more or less the right temperature so i can set the dial on the thermostat to a temperature and the room will set itself to that temperature all i have to do is leave one of the living room windows open where on the child lock anyway and the heat will just come and go and stabilize it within a degree of the temperature reset who needs hive when you can just do it with the heating you’ve got the boys have been behaving themselves especially over the last day the christmas tree hasn’t been knocked down since last night thanks to caspy and a little bit to merlin as well because i think he’s teaching caspian not to knock things over kesley’s just over here

um the christmas lights are still working after a week after i repaired them because i’ve armed the cable i’ve had to put them in half inch corrugated plastic tubing so that casper can’t bite the wires i’ll have to think of a better solution for next year or this year

358 days to christmas by the way um because the corrugated tubing looks a bit messy to begin with it’s just over here i’ll just turn you around

there’s the corrugated tubing

there’s the power for the security camera so i can keep an eye on the boys

and this is all me dvds or part of them anyway i need to sort them out and tidy it all up i might even get away because there’s quite a lot of dvds now and they’re all being ripped to me server

583 at the last count

and i might just get away with move all cases just put the dvds in like dvd pockets

but 580 would you talking 600 that’s a few albums of dvds

i’m not sure it’s not gonna fit for a start and you’ve got heating pipes right in the back of it so i’m not sure what to do on that so i’ll have to have a think about that but i might get rid of the cases and just keep the dvd somewhere

i know they’re prone to damp and moisture damage so they’ll have to be kept in the flat i can’t put those in the shed but i’ll have to have a little thing here comes my little baby caspian come and say hello to the team here’s my little kitten

there you go caspian boy meet the youtube youtube casper cute little baby but he’s the one that keeps knocking the christmas tree over um plans for this week i’m hoping to finish the bedroom it needs a little bit of sanding where the filler is and then redoing the painting where the filler was and redoing part of the ceiling mainly in the corners because that did me quite a lot more work on um

then i need to order a wardrobe because the built-in one i’m going to use mainly for storage it’s not much good for anything else because it’s an awkward shape for a start and it it does have a big you know clothes rod on it but i need storage somewhere for you know like the vax and things like that so it might be easy to move the clothes out of there and then put them in a proper wardrobe and use that for storage because there isn’t much storage in this flat until i’ve built

um i need to put an airing cupboard where the heat extractor is or the exchanger either i can put a narrow earring cupboard in it’s not a full depth one but i can probably get about five inches at the front but it’s going to have to be removable instantly in case they need to service the heat extractor or repair it so i need to be able to take the bits out um

and there’s other bits of storage on that that i need to work on there’s a big-ish cupboard underneath the boiler in the bedroom but at the moment it’s got heat pipes going all the way around the back of it or across the front somewhere and it would be all right for storage as well for stuff that wasn’t heat tolerant or was heat tolerant more correct because of the heat pipes so i might be able to put a shelf in and put some tools or something like that in there or use that as an earring cupboard i don’t know it would be handy to have that as an airing cupboard for like sheets and things like that

and then it’s just a matter of um doing the living room so we’ll see how things go but i’m hoping the living room i can do and can finish now i’ve done the hall the bathroom and my bedroom

i’m getting the hang of it now so

maybe a couple of weeks to do the living rooming i think the worst bit is actually stripping the wallpaper off the wall

so i’ll do that i’ll strip the wallpaper first i’ve got like a speaker rail to put underneath the tv as well so when i take the tv off i’ll do that bit and strip the wallpaper and then see what’s behind it i don’t know what horrors that wallpaper wallpaper’s covering up hopefully not much because the rest of the walls were pretty good but it’s just unusual that every other wall was painted and that wall was wallpapered which makes you think that might be like

channels for the electrical wiring in there somewhere because you can see it on the ceiling there’s a couple of lines going in that direction right above where the electrical sockets are so i reckon they moved the electrical points and run them down the wall in a channel so i might need to fill and sand that before i paint it and i’m still currently sticking with paint on that wall it’s going to be dark gray on that wall and light gray for the rest of the walls with a brilliant white ceiling because it’s also not only is it in the dining room on one side it’s a home theater on the other side which i’ve just adjusted right now so i would need a dark end to the room to give that home cinnamon look so hopefully by my birthday i’ll have a finalized flat

and then we’ll see how the mental state continues at the moment with all the tenants closing the doors most of the time except when the tenant in flat three he’s stoned he leaves the doors open i saw him on new year’s eve leave the doors open was it christmas eve no christmas eve left the doors open for visitors and there’s no need because he’s on the ground floor all they’ve got to do is ring the buzzer and he’s there too far away so i will be raising that issue with the local councillor and see what they can do because he’s a cannabis smoker and he’s a known cannabis smoker and he works with doing community work for local kids which i think is wrong and i have to tell someone i can’t let go because hey too many people let jimmy example go

and it was like well someone else would have reported him well no no one else has so we’ll sort that one out and hopefully was it now monday tuesday nearly wednesday so i’m gonna go get some drill bits tomorrow i found the security camera so i can get through the still frame of the door

and then i’ll put the security camera up in in the door and i’ll put that one at the door in the kitchen so i can keep an eye if i go out i can keep an eye on the kitchen and make sure that i haven’t left the cooker on

because i’d rather find out i haven’t left the cooker on than come all the way back from where i’ve gone to find out i haven’t lifted cooker and i need to stop lying on the table because i’m shaking the camera so for now i’m gonna call that quits i’m gonna wait for these to upload so i can edit them and this will probably going up tomorrow because it’s a bit late in the day now as you saw by the clock earlier um thank you for watching hopefully this year we are all gonna have a better year and hopefully after brexit things will settle down

so let’s see what happens and um good luck to you and i hope you have a good new year and i’ll speak to you in a few days thank you for watching