hello tuesday the 10th of december


well this is the second week where i’ve missed tablets i’ve actually just taken mondays and it’s tuesday some a day behind i did the same couple of weeks ago

just not easy waking up and remembering to take tablets when 48 years i’ve been taking them in the evening been a bit of a crap life again

i’ve disassociated myself with quite a few people again this time i’m not going to get back in touch with them you help people out and they don’t [ _ ] appreciate it so [ _ ] themselves

it’s been a bad year

i’m broke i’ve been since sadly

so i’ve not got anything for breakfast


i mean we overdraft again

the trap believes when i get depressed i spend money i get depressed quite a lot

the boys aren’t going for that anyway learning’s in front of me and he’s happier than anything

i’ll put some clothes on just so i can make a recall here doesn’t happen very often

not a lot savoury i keep chasing people for things tesco’s is one they’re customy lays on officer

don’t write her i think she went around doing her work yesterday because the hands were medical practice saturday meetings which happened last saturday she’d only just put notices up yesterday even though he had to stay up saturday

let’s see what tesco have to say oh when the person seems to be delivering the whole blocks left to me i’ll be getting half the estate later soon so i’ll post them back out eventually when i get out of there but that’s trump we’re sending mr caspy stop licking my toes

right that’s all for today i’m gonna upload this

sometime in future so this will be happening in the past for everyone to see this i’m going to try and do a daily vlog but not upload it see if that improves the duration or the frequency

as they actually said to the bishop it’s not the size frequency anyway that’ll do for now i’ll speak to you later