hello i think the camera’s rocking

yeah just a little doesn’t really help that this is all flapping around hello it’s march the 10th 2020 at 10 past two in the afternoon um i’ve changed the backdrop i’ve basically tied it up to dvds and made a display out of it i need to put some tape down or something because it actually looked quite good like that so i might leave dvds there and just make it look presentable anyway um the bike’s here still it’s nearly done the paint’s finished not too happy with the crossbar at the top but it will do um i’ve not gone out for about a month now over a month five weeks because of the bad weather we’ve had i’m not going out walking four or five miles in wind and rain and making myself feel so hopefully the weather breaks soon as it’s march and it should be spring so we’ll see um i’m trying to get out when there’s a bit of a dry patch i will go for a mile or two walk but it’s intermittent at the moment um the weekend before last i bought a turntable a nice little tiak tn 300 had major issues skipping major i tried everything i cleaned and degreased and re-oiled everything but the original head and the new needle was still skipping despite you know putting the weight up putting the weight down adjusting the antiscape so i bought a new head and needle for 16 pounds put that on perfect every time and i think it’s the shape of the stylus on this turntable it’s an elliptical stylus the original one and the one i’ve got on now is a spherical one which i think is kinda to warn records i haven’t got new vinyl i mean there are there isn’t that much new vinyl being produced compared to the back catalog so we’re playing old vinyl mostly i’ve got stacks of it now it’s working i’ve got probably 25 albums there in just a few days not good i need to stop spending money on that but i do need it has taught me one thing i need to get somewhere to store it because that’s when it’s just leaning against the media unit and i’m listening to the music more than i’m watching tv now so i do need to do something to tidy all up anyway i had the last counselling session on friday which was pretty good it has really helped me this session so far but no sooner as the counselling session ended my council especially my housing officer is annoying me again people are taking the piss with shoes and carpets and trolleys in the fire escape which is the stairwell but it’s a fire escape and they don’t rent that space and they’re putting it out like i don’t know if they want a place with a porch go and move into a house if you don’t have a porch and you have a flat your porch is inside your door it’s easy but my housing officer won’t get off his ass and actually do something he’s not confrontational he doesn’t want to sorry merlin’s just called me he doesn’t want to knock on someone’s door and tell them they’re doing something wrong unless he’s forced and that’s not right merlin you okay son sorry merlin’s just doing something weird on the window i don’t think he likes classical music

he wants to go out that’s the first time in two years he’s looked like he wanted to go out merlin come on baby come and talk to youtube come on merlin sorry about this merlin’s having a little bit of a funny session i think it needs a bit of billy time come on

come on merlin here comes merlin i don’t think you can see him yet though anyway that’s burning here if i set it up it might come with me that i don’t exactly melting never comes on your lap but oh you can just see he’s here there we are there’s a little merlin

my little baby anyway where was i catalin’s finished that was fine we had gunshots down here last night the police were down here apparently for about nine or ten hours the cordon was lifted about 10 30 this morning only about an hour after i realized there was police outside and it was all taped off i was actually cordoned in so i couldn’t have gone out if i wanted to um they’ve arrested someone for it

and i think because of that i’ve had a few requests on the aldrich way website the f um facebook page that’s up to join so hopefully this might spark a bit more interesting local government

um i haven’t done anything about the committee for this state yet i’m hoping when it warms up people get more interested we’ve got a forum coming up on the 25th which i’m hoping to go to

um where else is that i’ll climb early sorry mine is just gone um not much going on really i’m fed up of dating sites i’ve come off most of that well i’ve come off all of them i think at least i’ve deleted the apps i’ve reset my phone i’ve been waiting for three months now for android 10. i’ll reset my phone at the weekend because it’s just been doing some things that haven’t been right over the last few months and instead of waiting for android 10 i’ve done a reset restored it was all nice and quick and you know just a few passwords to put in

and it seems better it’s behaving itself better on the battery but it still hasn’t reserved the proximity sensor it works when you run a diagnostic on it but it doesn’t shut the screen off when you put it to your face or cover the proximity sensor so there’s something wrong i’m hoping android 10 will resolve that issue i know android 10 resolves the wi-fi issue where it keeps losing internet even though everything else is running the internet fine because i’ve had to look at it exploded um what else

i’ve started doing a few bits and pieces around the place again um i’ve just lowered the tv in the bedroom and move the speakers in because i’m trying to tile through the cables up so that’s been done

i need eventually i need to put filler in all the holes that’s in the flat and then repaint

and that will look tidier because i’ve moved the side speakers as well i don’t know if i told you last time but with the side speakers the surround speakers and there’s holes left where that was so once i’ve finished doing all the bits and pieces around the place i don’t think i’ve got much left to do to tell you the truth then i can put the filler in and then paint and get it back to looking presentable again

i’ve had to move the ottoman in the living room underneath the radiator or in the window because merlin was asleep in the bedroom last night on the ottoman against the radiator casper came and chucked him off and he hasn’t got a radiator to sleep by in the living room because there’s nothing there so i’ve put the ottoman by the living room radiator and so merlin’s got a choice of two places there so all the cats should be able to sleep against the radiators not that it’s getting that cold i mean i’ve got the windows open and it’s only 20 degrees now and i’ve only had it lowest is 17 degrees in winter with the windows open so this place doesn’t get cold um still having problems with money but not sure what to do about that it’s ever since they lowered me money dwp um

anxiety comes and goes still

especially in public in the street just when you think you’re improving it’s like i went out this morning and i just felt because of what’s happening with the shoes and all the stuff in the stairwell and as a former health and safety officer i know that is dangerous but because most people are idiots and they don’t realize what health and safety is it’s like round here i pointed out that i’ve been campaigning to get parking restrictions put on the estate for ages because of safety concerns and i put that on a facebook forum one person said put him in safety concerns and said well fire trucks can’t get through

and i never realized it it’s like oh i thought fire trucks my magic and they could get through anything well let’s put it this way if your day-to-day job is going risking your life jumping in buildings that are on fire that every one’s running out of the last thing you want is the stress of trying to get through a narrow gap without damaging the vehicles either side the easier we can make it for the firefighters then the better they have a life and more chance you’ve got of getting rescued so i’m quite insistent that there should be a 14-foot gap for emergency access on all roads and if you park two average cars average new cars because they’re bigger now the cars

legally in a road and you can’t get 14 foot then you need to put your lugs down there to restrict access

easy i know people don’t like it but on safety i mean look at granfield tower this is why i keep going on about the stuff in the stairwell here because grenfell tower half the reason it went up so quick is because people change fire doors i’ve got at least two fire doors here that have no seal or have no door return so they’re not proper fire doors anymore because the tenants have tampered with them so you know i want to be secure and safe in my home and i can’t do that if other people just don’t realize what safety and security means which is up to the council and i’m insisting they do something on the same grounds i’ve been going on about the woman next door with a dog ever since i moved in she’s got a dog in her flat and on may the 12 2018 she told me she wasn’t supposed to have a dog in a flat but don’t tell the council well i’ve told the council several times and have been ignored so the next time i’m gonna tell the council and copy in the rspca and the nspcc because the walking dogs in a children’s play area and the council’s response when i said well what if a child goes blind ramana’s response january last year at one of our little coffee mornings that no one else was in attendance to ramana’s response was well they’d have to prove it was from that park so it’s okay if children go blind because they can’t prove where the you know where the blindness came from that’s a appalling attitude and i’ve been raising this for over a year now and i have been ignored

i mean why would i make it up

ramona said that anyway mental state it was all right for a few days friday saturday sunday monday was okay but now it’s tuesday it’s beginning to annoy me now i mean sunday evening we got all the bloody shoes downstairs five sets of children’s shoes well she’s only got one child so is she doing child care or something why are there five sets of children shoes there or is she renting the flat out i don’t know as long as people keep themselves to themselves and that includes not getting you know not doing things that shouldn’t be seen by other people i.e on public land smoking blocking the fire escape i nearly tripped over yesterday the shoes when i was taking the bin bags down because i couldn’t see the shoes on the bloody floor it is dangerous and that’s in daylight imagine that pitch black filled with smoke and panicking

it’s a oh

sorry about that i’ve got a call coming in it might just be um into the voice testing the thing um what else is going on not an awful lot so i’m just relaxing with a few records now i’ve got the turntable working work through the blu-ray player by the way there’s an aux input and i’ve been putting it through that and i’ve got surround sand coming out of a turntable who’d have thought that 30 years ago when they you know when turntables were all the rage 5.1 pseudo stereo out of a stereo record it sounds absolutely amazing scares the cats though when i put the 1812 overture on but hey they’ve always got the other room anyway i think i’ll end it there see what this calls like if there’s anything else to add i’ll do a jump cut into that otherwise thank you for watching and like subscribe and comment thank you very much