hello monday the 12th of november

well been a minus five i would say since thursday i’m now somewhere about a three point minus three point five so things have improved slightly

although not very much um for some reason i’ve got really bad dry dark circles around my eyes i’ve had that for a couple of days which is affecting my sleep because the dry skin goes in the eyes and irritates them

um i had the council round or ate my counsellor around today

not an ounce as far as i’m aware they just turned up although they did ring the doorbell which you know means something but it would be nice if they even just text me saying oh we’re coming because i only woke up a couple of hours before they came and it would be nice if i could actually get ready instead of just being in the dressing room um i told them about the doors they’re going to take photographs and have a look at them told them about the door jambs not actually returning on the back one

caspy sorry my cat’s playing with me

um i told him about social services at waltham forest not getting in touch and i’ve been here for six months and they said they would i don’t know what’s going on with everyone as much as i tell people

i need a friend that actually contacts me and not only when i’m suicidal

no one sort of calls me all they do is message me saying you call me anytime well that’s not really the point i can’t call anyone anytime it doesn’t make me feel any good if they don’t return me calls or they don’t call me when i’m not so excited

anyway at least i’m feeling a bit bad though i’m not motivated enough to actually do any decorating again even though it’s bugging me and it’s getting on me nerves

um we just take each hour as it comes and see how it goes

anyway with any luck i haven’t pissed too many people off

and things improve

thank you for watching please like subscribe share and we’ll see how it goes thank you very

much you