it’s been a while um mainly because things changed around here and my mp got involved so unfortunately i’ve not heard anything back from my mp for weeks now up until yesterday i was assuming things were happening but with no information and no feedback i have to assume i’ve been ignored again

i could be wrong it could just be that like kept saying they’ve got poor communication skills and they don’t update the customer on what they’re doing hence the reason he emailed me with everything he’s done for me in the last 10 years none of which i actually knew about until he emailed me um

it’s been a bad week the day before birthday i got offered a two-bed place officially by barclay dayton council and they also offered me a two better ellen q the day after that or the day on my birthday

ellen q withdrew the offer and the withdrawal was made by a person i used to work with 14 years ago

and i’ve already put a couple of complaints and i emailed the chief exec of london quadrant who twice has ignored me

and i’ve said that there has been a conflict of interest because

i used to work with this woman and it’s funny until this woman got involved london quadrant hadn’t actually said i weren’t eligible for a property apparently she said i’m not eligible for any property

and she won’t talk to me because i called her on friday and she keeps telling me to talk to my counsel which is pointless because it’s like chinese whispers i talk to someone they talk to someone else they pass that message back and i’ll get the message from that person and it’s like why can’t i just talk to the person so i’ve now lodged a formal complaint with my mp and the housing ombudsman who i’ll be calling in the morning because if they’ve made an offer they should stick by in my book especially when someone’s got mental health issues and people with spurges take things on face value so when i’m told something is happening i assume something is happening and when someone says you can have this i assume that that is a binding agreement and quite frankly now i don’t give a [ __ ] whether marketing bagnum had an official offer from london quadrant they’ve made the offer to me it’s up to barkland daggerman to fulfill their promise even if they’ve made an offer that didn’t exist by the flatland you pay for your promises in this life so let the exchange go through buy the flat of bark and dagnam give me the flat there we go it’s the least that that bark and dagon council could do after all these years 25 years of absolute misery trying to get repairs done

25 years have been ignored

seven years of being ignored about my aspergers

so you know i’ve had has an officer after a housing officer treating me with disrespect the current one isaac morrison is the least respectful of them all he says one thing and does nothing and no one will do anything about me they love barking dragon council again like the information commissioner

i was assuming because i told my mp as soon as the ico replied that my mp was working this no apparently not the information commissioner have already done their statement about mr x has done this and mr x has done that so when did my mp get involved or is he not getting involved communication boys you know i’ve had enough now

i’ve been ignored by the planet for years now

the least i expect is

compensation by my council compensation for losing my right to buy compensation for having my right to buy removed

no one gives monkeys about that it’s like well your right to buy hasn’t been removed do you try selling a place with a boundary dispute what’s the point in buying a place that you can’t sell effectively my right to buy has been removed unlawfully by barca and dagnam council and no one gives a [ __ ] i can’t get repairs done

i can’t communicate with my housing officer because i find him disrespectful i’ve blocked the adult social services because they still try to contact me even though i have told them not to because they make me ill i’ve had another running with my app with my neighbors again

how long does it take for barking dagnam to actually carry out what they’ve agreed i.e a two-bed flat move to london quadrant if you’ve agreed it without their knowledge that’s not my problem it’s for you to sort out barking dagum council

don’t promise me things that you can’t carry out because that’s what i accept that you know you promised me things you can carry them out so unfortunately yes i accept your offer of two bed the mutual exchange that’s been agreed so now it’s up to barkland and beckham council to actually carry out what they offered me

or what you know oh we can do whatever we want because we’re the council no you can’t you’ve been told for eight years now i’ve got spurges you’ve been told exactly what i believe i you do something you say something you mean it so if you’re offering me and hey it went through someone at the council and citizens advice i’m not making this up

the offer was made two citizens advice a two bed place a barking dagnam which i can’t accept because they’re useless and they make me ill or a two bed flat in london quadrant fine buy the flat of london quadrant and give it to me that way i don’t have to do anything for repairs i’ll maintain it myself thank you after all these years of maintaining your property because your people won’t make an appointment i think it’s only due compensation barking and dagnan bloody council pull your finger out and for once in your existence do what you said you would you won’t do anything about the wall you won’t do anything about my repairs you won’t take any action about my splurges you offer me a two bed flat with london quadrant buy the flat and give it to me that way i’m off your hands

everyone gets what they want and you get rid of me so do it i expect some sort of response

thank you