good morning and welcome let’s see how long this balance is for because caspy’s in a playful mood it’s may the 14th 2020. i’ve got my coffee to wake up um 9 45 a.m

i’ve had to wait five minutes because the kids have been outside the door screaming and shouting because parents in this block aren’t respectful of anyone that doesn’t have kids

like most parents have come across if you don’t have kids you don’t count

anyway um it’s been a long time yes i know and yes i need a haircut

um it’s been a few weeks hasn’t it wasn’t it march the last update i thought i did more in between apparently not that’s my memory for you um

there’s been a few things happening my neighbor called the police on me because she thinks i’m spying on her because my camera keeps moving around even though it’s been in the same position for nearly two years now and the only reason she’s complaining to the police is because i’ve reported to the council and normally i wouldn’t put that information on here but someone inside the council is telling someone in this block and i know who in this block and they’re telling the rest of the block what’s happening

so i’ve left it with a few people now because i don’t know who i can get to investigate this i can’t put a complaint in because the complaints procedure goes to housing and i think it’s someone in housing

or dare i say one of the councillors because the person who i suspect of getting the information he’s friends with quite a few counselors and one of my counselors has a private facebook account

which is suspicious i keep trying to look up whether he should have a private facebook account with people on this estate on it and it’s not easy in this lockdown time to actually get any advice

but i’ve got a gut feeling

it may not be ethically correct it might be allowed but it may not be ethically correct

anyway what else has happened

i’ve started getting food parcels i’ve contacted kovid 19 group nice

american or canadian sounding woman i thought initially it was a scammer when i got the phone call because you just think that it’s going to be someone overseas

and it’s not often you hear an american voice

see there’s the children in the background again

and i can’t complain to anyone because no one does anything and all they do is if i complain to housing for instance they make it worse because then they know i’m complaining they know i’m get it’s getting on my nerves they know it’s making meal and they do it even more so all i’m doing by complaining is telling me neighbours that i don’t like it

i wonder if this is what they did before as i say they need to move the families out and they need to move the person down on the ground floor out because he’s the troublemaker and the family shouldn’t be in one bed flats anyway that’s why i took this one bed flat because i thought oh at least there’s going to be no children running up and down the stairs how wrong i was because waltham for his council just don’t care

and i made them aware of my anxiety and autism and they just don’t care where they put people oh look he’s got anxiety we’ll put two families in there i’m gradually building up a case against wolfram forest council

um i still need i put a freedom information request in for my data presentation they need a copy of me passport or driving license

i’m not sure the information will show exactly what i need

so i’m having a little rethink about getting the data

because i need it to include anything about this address i will have to have a check on what i asked for it might be too far-reaching but somehow i need to track that information so i can use it with a silica

my blood pressure when i got a knock on the doorbar police went up to 177 over 107 and that was about four hours later so i don’t know what my blood pressure would have been at the time i literally burst into tears when the police told me what was happening and they were warning me i just couldn’t help myself i was crying most of that day mary came down and helped me and

well mary anders have been absolutely marvelous she did some shopping for me i paid for it she did some shopping for me because i’m afraid of getting out because of my neighbors and this is what waltham forest council have put me in instead of taking action two years ago and nipping things in the bud they’ve let it escalate and escalate and escalate i mean you’ve got a troublemaker that knows all the people on the council and councillors doing drugs who’s having a go at me literally threatening me and they still kept him on the estate he should have been moved evicted there and then verbally threatening another resident that should be breach of tenancy end of he should have gone two years ago and then we wouldn’t have all this trouble in this block because he’s getting away with stuff and other people are getting away with stuff and i’m getting locked in because i’m afraid of going out the housing i wouldn’t say waltham forest council as such main because i’ve spoken to other departments and they seem to be fine very reactive very responsive good customer service but you get to housing and it’s like a different council housing seemed to be untouchable in the sense that because it’s not adjustable from forest council it’s you know i’ve interacted with a few housing departments in councils because i’ve worked for a few of them

so i don’t know what it is but it seems to be that housing aren’t there’s no oversight of housing you can do what you want as long as you keep the complaints down

but as there’s no oversight no one knows if there’s complaints are not because the way that complaints are handled not everything that comes in as a complaint is logged as a complaint

and that’s you know not just this council i’ve noticed it in other councils as well barker and dagnam for one

and really they should look all complaints and action them even if they don’t want to they shouldn’t be a choice in what to complain and what isn’t a complaint to get proper feedback from your service you need to log everything as a complaint where it comes in as a complaint if they say i am not happy with or i want this to be a complaint it should be a complaint i put complaint in 10 days ago and they haven’t logged it

i’m going to go through my emails this morning and i’m going to chase this complaint up because yes i didn’t send it through the form but neither did i send my email through the form on february but that was logged as complaint when i specifically asked for it not to be so now i’ve emailed someone to log it as a complaint he hasn’t logged it he hasn’t followed the rules

what can i do they can’t pick and choose when to log a complaint if you’ve got a meeting request with the chief exec martin esem that should not be logged as a complaint especially where it says do not log this as a complaint and yet when i actually ask for a complaint to be logged it isn’t so where’s the oversight i mean as far as i know housing

screaming kids out the back again

because parents around here are too lazy to walk down to the park with the kids you know parents everywhere i seem to be surrounded by the lazy ones not the ones that really look after nice children no i seem to have the lazy ones that don’t want to know about their children or tell them just to stand outside

and they’re the ones the council need to control most of the parents on this estate are quite sensible parents from what i’ve seen they look after their kids the kids respect them etc etc but there’s just a handful that don’t have respect for anyone not even their parents in some cases ah anyway where was i oh yes complaints i shouldn’t have to raise complaints to get things done but yes because the council because housing do not follow proper procedures because no one’s got oversight of housing and because they can pick and choose when they put complaints in that’s how they manage feedback to the directors they don’t log all complaints if they come in on an email or letter they don’t log it because they use the excuse oh well they didn’t go through the correct form no that’s not what the complaints procedure is supposed to be the form is there for your benefit but not to restrict i mean there’s people that haven’t got into access are there’s people that don’t know how to use the internet complaints come from any source not just only via the website that’s a tool for the council but it’s not a restriction on the customer

by law they’re supposed to log all complaints and they’re supposed to assess if it should be a complaint which does make me laugh that they logged my request for a meeting in february as a complaint but they haven’t logged my complaint which goes in asking to be raised as complaint that’s not right and this is why i’ve been trying to get in touch with the director of housing or martin neeson it should be one or the other i mean as far as i can see i’ve been trying to work this out over the last few weeks the rock comes from the top so i’ve gone up to the housing manager the one above my housing officer and these customer service is as poor as the housing offices let’s put it that way

which makes me wonder is he getting away with poor customer service because the one above him is absolutely useless because it’s not going to go up you’re not going to get a bad housing officer affecting a bad a good manager it will be from the top down so how far up the ladder does it go which is why i wanted the meeting with martin eason the chief executive officer of wolfenforest council and why i was supposed to get a call back by michelle maloney 10 weeks ago nearly now

i mean it’s getting on it’s over two months because it was in february so it’s well over two months um what else is happening right oh sorry about the wobble thanks and that’s the other thing i’m waiting for my bits for the camera i’m got a tripod mount and a microphone mount i’ve tested my two microphones and this is definitely the better one it’s got more clarity and more application the other one is a it’s a dynamic microphone and it doesn’t really work very well with a normal phone but this one is perfect

i actually got it for a phone so it’s adjusted for the input levels on the phone um and apart from anything it cuts all the echo out in this room what else is there i finally managed to upload all 38 back dated videos i’m just starting to go through putting end cards on

i’m gonna try and release two a week wednesday and saturday

about lunchtime i’m gonna release them i think hello tabs

and that should boost my viewership because the more regularly you upload videos or release them the more you get pushed by the algorithms on youtube um i’m restricting them from now and all the ones that are up to 18 and over and not for children because it would not be nice for a 12 year old to see an adult like me it might be a bit horrifying especially in the earlier videos where i was suicidal well more suicidal

um i managed to clean my floors yesterday after i had my delivery of um coveted 19 food which was a lot of food it was one carrier bag but it was a lot of food for me i’ve even started storing stuff in the kitchen cupboard i’ve had to clear some stuff out so i can put tins and stuff in there so i do need to put another bit of shelving up so i can store tins in there it would make more sense i’ve got my ice maker or my slushy maker yesterday which came after two days it was really quick and it’s really easy to operate i got my ice cube trays the day before that silicon one so a nice and square and they pop out easy and they’re the perfect size for the um slushy missile machine

i need to make some iced coffee flavored milk well coffee flavored milk not iced but you know coffee flavored milk and put it in the fridge so i can make nice cold iced coffees or even tea i’ve got heaps of tea in there i could make an iced d which would make sense thinking about it

hmm maybe i’ll do that

but you know oh i’ve got lemon so yeah i could do that iced tea with lemon oh what else

i’ve been slowly over the last week since mary delivered all the potatoes on that cooking potatoes i’ve got 10 bags of mash in the freezer that i’ve made two batches it was in i’ve put carrots in the freezer sliced and whole frozen after blanching full in the correct procedure i’ve checked the potatoes this morning they’re not going black which is marvelous because the ones i put in there before did go black i’ve still got a few of those but the readable still it’s just frost damage and when they’re cooked it goes away anyway but the mash is okay the potatoes are okay the carrots look absolutely marvelous in the freezer ah what else what else what else

oh i finally after about five weeks of trying got a blood test kit a blood and urine test kit for um shl so i sneaked out about nine o’clock last night when it was all quiet even though there was still people on the streets at nine o’clock at night i don’t understand that and there was no sort of like regard for walking across you know they were walking straight at me i had to divert around them which is why my anxiety won’t let me out i’ve got fear of going out my door and anxiety about going outside work that one out anyway i posted that back the day i got it so i should have results back from that in a few days i don’t expect it quick because of all the testing that’s going on for covid19 but at least one way or the other i will find out i’ve been trying to get tested for two and a half years since i moved there but i didn’t realize there weren’t any gum clinics around here it’s all done online it was just accidentally i found it about two months ago i found online that it’s all done online in this borough in fact it might be most of london there

because the only government clinic i could find was queen’s hospital not that i’ve got anything i don’t expect the results to be positive on anything

but i just every few years i just like peace of mind


i think that would do for now i’ve reversed the camera because i was doing with the front facing camera but i’ve turned it to the rear facing camera because it’s easier for me to look at the camera to look at the lens whereas a lot of my videos before this were me kept looking over to because it’s natural you you human brain automatically wants to look at a human face so now it’s just the back of the camera it’s easier just to look at the camera and it makes for better viewing and it makes it look less creepy as well like i’m actually talking to you um i think that’ll do for this one

i’ve done a little bit of cleaning as well i’ll keep going to end it that’s three times now i’ve tried to end this i’ve done a little bit of cleaning because they took all my rubbish the people that delivered the um thing if i get another delivery of food um it’s only quick i’ll ask them if they can take another bag of rubbish save me putting me in harm’s way and getting threatened by any of my neighbors because i’m not the sort of person that people like because i tell people the truth and i will put complaints in something like liam neeson there ain’t taken i will put complaints in i will get you prosecuted i will get you evicted no see that’s not the po i’m not after getting people evicted i’m after the council managing their residence

i mean why they move families into one beds i don’t one was already pregnant so that’s two children and two adults in one one bed and another one

well technically two adults and one child because her boyfriend is here most of the time well i assume it’s a boyfriend i don’t know it could be a brother i don’t know

why they move families into one beds it should be illegal if they haven’t got enough family accommodation they need to build it not squeeze people into one beds because all you’re doing is making a move again in a few years time and it’s a waste of resources you’ve got lots of one beds out here you’ve got people sleeping rough on the street put the rough sleepers in the one beds simple

and then you just need to build a lot more two beds

i know it sounds simple but

if councils weren’t after making money which they shouldn’t be by law anyway they’re supposed to be non-profit and they are looking at making money at housing

then they should just build rentable accommodation not stuff to sell but most of the accommodation isn’t being paid for by the councils now most of it is private with the council sponsoring some accommodation being built and because it’s cheaper to build one beds that’s all they’re building yet they need two beds but two beds are more expensive so they’d rather shoehorn families into one beds and yet this is the bizarre thing

my local mp bless him is you know probably as frustrated with the council as i am there’s a plan for a nine-story block of flat where i used to work knock it down please knock it down stop me looking at the place um and he’s opposing it and yet we could do with a lot more families being moved into two beds

admittedly it does bore the skyline

but we need housing we need housing as long as there’s more two bed flats for the council i fully support the build but if all the council’s got is ones with a couple of twos then no there’s no point in putting private accommodation up where the council doesn’t get any two beds because that’s all they need there’s plenty of one bits in the borough we need twos and threes

so i’ll have to have a look through the plans and see not particularly that but have a look through the names the local papers and that and see if there are any plans to put any two-bed council accommodation up because this is getting ridiculous in this baroner the amount of people squeezed into smaller accommodation they should not move people into accommodation that is the same size it makes you wonder why people moved

it’s not the sort of information they will give out to any tom dickerary but if they were in a one bed and they’ve moved to a one bed why did they move

very good

anyway i will definitely end it now because i need another coffee

and then i’ll get back to going through the backlog of youtube movies 22 to 38 went up over the last few days thanks to the internet finally working i’m getting some decent speeds out in there on my laptop as well i mean it’s going up to 60 meg down and 20 odd meg up which is you know it’s excellent it’s better than i was getting on virgin at one stage it’s a lot better on the upload than virgin i mean i was only getting three meg up on virgin so anything above that is a bonus and yet normally even when i’ve had poor downloads i’ve normally had 10 meg minimum uploads which is the confusing bit if it was a bad signal i’d get it bad both ways and because vodafone are reluctant to tell customers what’s going on yes they’ve got an app yes they’ve got online network management yes they’re supposed to be putting it up on a map but no they don’t i don’t know if they’re afraid that if they have a lot of maintenance going on over a long period people believe them quite frankly it almost got to the stage because they weren’t telling me i was going to leave them but the other day i got through to tech school and they got through to i think it was third line it was they was talking to someone in third light the people that are doing the engineering the background engineering and they there is unlisted maintenance work going on in this area why is he unlisted in vodafone

anyway that’s me done i’m going to go make the coffee thank you for watching like comment subscribe click the bell and there will be more i’m trying to upload these two a week wednesday and saturday so the backlog will give me a bit of padding and i’m gonna try to make them a bit more often as well so you get less breaks in between at least twice a week so i don’t catch up with myself

so that means the backlog should be up and published in the next 12 weeks no six weeks

yeah about six or seven weeks

and then we should be catching up today so in theory there should be only a six week lag

which is roughly what i wanted anyway anyway thank you for watching goodbye do