um hello it is i’ll keep forgetting today wednesday the 15th january 2020

and casper’s about to burn his nose

hello it’s wednesday january 15th 2020.

um it’s been a while since i’ve done the last recording probably a week or 10 days something like that it’s been a while anyway

um went shopping last friday for some new clothes wedding this is matalan went into a changing room and i was trying on some trousers and i looked at myself in the mirror and i was disgusted i knew i’d let myself go but that was actually worse than i imagined

so since then i’ve gone on a strict diet i’m eating healthy one meal all day anyway and i’ve been out for at least a five mile walk every day since here comes caspy thank you casper don’t look the camera over caspy come on

there goes casper um slowly the weights coming off

um it’s toning my stomach up as well

i just have to do it this time because i’ve had this belly there super was about 10 and everything i’ve tried has not worked and the only exercise that really works on my belly is walking so i’m trying that

um what else has happened

no not really


no went to oh where’d it go peruvian club oh weird thing on saturday with louisa

um only had one drink all night because the drinks were so bloody expensive five pound for a bottle of beer for five pounds you can get four of those in tesco’s anyway

um what’s going on so far not been down the bike yet not got the bike out yet it was a bit too windy last year though

excuse me i wouldn’t have stayed upright on the thing um cats are healthy and well mostly behaving themselves

uh trying to get them to stay out of the bedroom in the evening is not going too well i woke up this morning all three cats were asleep next to me on the bed

still got no visitors

nothing else really happening apart from me getting really concerned about me weight

so i’m even on the way protein shakes started that thing and i bought a set of dumbbells today proper metal ones not these pre-molded things you can actually change the weights on them

so we’ll see if that helps so it’s just a matter of monitoring the situation and seeing what happens i’ve moved things around slightly in this room so i’ve got the lamp that was in the corner behind me over there now so the lighting’s slightly better

that’s about it really

just wish someone would come around

i don’t know why people don’t visit me

that’s been the question that’s bugged me since i was a kid no one visits me unless i’m sort of like dating them

and since i never really started dating anyone until i was about 24.

i better

anyway that’s enough of a whinge for now so i’ll sign off and um i’ll speak to you hopefully sooner than the last time because i think the last video was only 240p if it’s not good enough quality i won’t put it up

i’ll have to check the videos because i did change 240p but i don’t know if they’re all in there if they are mostly all done in 240p then i’ll upload them in whatever quality they are if it’s only the last one and it’s not very good then i won’t upload that one but i’ve changed it to i think 10 80 60 frames so it should be a clearer picture this time anyway i’m going to love you leave ya thank you for watching speak to you next time