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The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

15 Jun 2020

hello it’s the 15th of june 2020 at a quarter past two in the afternoon

new look i’ve had a little move around thanks to a friend of mine lincoln coming down at the weekend to help me out with rubbish and things like that um so i need someone to bounce off to get these ideas i’ve moved the sofa all the way back she managed to help me clear the bike and all the bits i’ve got to pull those away at the moment so push the sofa all the way back the cat tree is now beside me that’s caspin on top the others aren’t in it but merlin sleeps down here in the other box and bizarrely enough so was tapped at one stage all three were in the capturing which is an improvement on my record

um i’ve contacted the pharmacy after the farce of the weekend

i mean thanks to the people on the homes park forum they went out and picked it up but it was pointless in the end anyway i had to sort out my own tablets for saturday and sunday with litter’s help

and the dossier boxes came opened and the tablets were spilled everywhere anxiety anxiety all right a panic attack panic attack um

found out some pharmacy got through to a locum they had a word with staff that they were all on saturday apparently the pharmacy were having problems with the phones on saturday i’m sure they were having problems with the fans on saturday when i called last time saturday strange day isn’t it not saying that they’re lying but i don’t believe

anyway within an hour maybe even 40 minutes um the pharmacy got the dossier boxes ready brought the van around and delivered me the new set of gossip boxes so i’m all right

um i need to check that as well hold on

no i’m fine i thought i’d throw in the old medication away i just need to make sure i’ve got the fina barbecue right go again um

so that’s all done i’ve spent two hours this morning coaching windows update to do the 2004 update or 2004. it’s the april well it’s weird it’s april 2020 which is 2004 but it’s called the may update but as is in june i thought i’d force it through because he hasn’t gone through yet and he went through without much of a problem because i’ve got it due booting i have to keep an eye on it so i can get back into windows again um

i had a bit of caffeine

had me iced and delivered on saturdays i’ve got lots of food just the odd bits of toiletries that you can’t gain ice but i can get that off um amazon well and ebay i suppose so i’m managing without going out to get most of the stuff there

the first part i locked that was a sod it really was anyway what else has happened oh i’ve done windows update i’ve created a new template letter because i’m going to need to do standard letters for bits like mental health support things like that and i thought start a campaign up

i’m still thinking about how to achieve this but i’m going to call it the mental health matters the mhm campaign based off the black lives matter nice and simple and punching to the point i thought that black lives matters was an actual good campaign whoever designed it or started it excellent job dave it is about time that something got done about i wouldn’t call it racism as such

but general not just against black or asians or minority ethnic but also against people with mental health needs it all needs to be taken and top legislation is actually biased in favor of discrimination strangely enough because for example the mental health discrimination there are you can’t get this enforced by the police you have to get a celizia now for civil matters relating to public bodies it shouldn’t be a matter of getting a silica there should be an overarching executive that says yes they’ve breached it no they haven’t breached it and you know takes the matter on for you you shouldn’t have to because i’ve got mental health needs i’ve got autism i’ve got anxiety but i’ve spent weeks now and it takes me a lot longer than normal able bodied people i haven’t spent weeks finding this list i’ve got five pages of forms to fill out and that’s going to take me days because i need to do a little section each day i need to cover each section up and try and go slowly through each section like paragraph by paragraph to make sure because what i normally do and i’ve tried getting help for all this but there is no one available the local council wolf and forest council fantastic people the navigator hub funding was withdrawn back in february for the navigator hub so they had to close just before the lockdown almost as though waltham ferris knew it was coming strange that

citizens and advice aren’t doing form-filling at the moment because it’s personal close personal contact so people like me have to struggle trying to do things that other people would do in half an hour to an hour to do it over several days which isn’t really practical when there’s time limits involved but thankfully thanks to my emails i’ve been sending recently i’ve been making sure that time limit can be extended because waltham forest have been

well i’ve been emailing regarding the mental health and equalities act and they’re not exactly forthcoming and i do believe like i keep saying i do believe that they have wolf and forest council have put me on the vacations list and they’re not doing it correctly because they haven’t told me and they haven’t given me reasons why but they did send a nice email back on friday saying that might be one of the reasons we’re not contacting you mr gibbons i tested it over the weekend with chief execs mailbox and it is only if you send it chief executive if you send it to him by name it doesn’t generate the automatic message so i send it to him by name and yet one of them seemed to generate an automatic message which seems a bit weird because i’ve been sending it to my knees some all the time funny that anyway i’ve deleted i’ve got both in my address book i’ve deleted the generic chief executive account so it can only go to my nation unless they forward it to the chief executive camp

there are ways of doing it you do a blind copy and mail yourself blah it comes out blah me um what else i’ve created the template lamp which i think looks quite good it took about an hour and it’s only based on one of the microsoft templates but it looks alright so the next bit on the list is doing a response to my neighbor for her subject access request which she’s not going to like at all because i’ve told her i’m going to need to charge which i am because i’m having to print this off site and get posted offsite so that’s a fee info for me so i’ve said it’s at least 10 pound but it may be more depending on what information she wants and if she i mean she’s got give me the passport and photo id first that’s not gonna happen

so that sar will be um closed down

oh someone’s getting cake delivered cake i’ve got cake in there anyway so i’m gonna do that next i’m supposed to be getting a visit from alfred something to do with a mental health team i’m not too sure i’ve talked so many ish people regarding my mental health he’s only the mental health team that actually called me back strange about that well having said that thursday i spoke to or was it friday i can’t remember one of the days near the end of the week spoke to alfred

and he said he was going to call he was going to visit me today it would have to be a monday because he only works monday or something he only does visits on monday i don’t know it was something specific about today now remember it’s 2 25 now

he’s supposed to be calling me to arrange a visit today so he’ll call me on his way sort of thing well most of the council shuts down in about an hour 3 30 and i’m sure they don’t do visits after four

so unless he calls me from outside it’s not going to be much of a long visit if he does come around today this is what i mean

i keep getting let down all the time it’s

i’ll let yourself think check security on the youtube videos because i think some people been saying they can’t actually see something so i think i’ve set some to private or subscribers only or something like that i need to check whether it’s restricted like that i’ve been marking them all in public and just waiting for people to subscribe i had another subscriber last week i’m up to 18 at the moment it’d be nice if i could get a few more i have been quite a few people watching this

and if you really i mean i really want not people concerned with my case directly but anyone that’s got mental health issues

or autism because it’s not i don’t see it as the same thing autism is like a a wiry type of your brain so neurotypicals are white one way autistic people want another way we do the same thing differently i always describe it as the difference between a windows pc and a mac they both they’re both computers they both can print a letter or send an email they just do it differently i’m not saying which one i think is the autistic friendly one and which isn’t because i’ve never really used max very much not in anger that’s always been on my target to get a cheap secondhand macbook

just play back with it and to try the imovie thing everyone praises eye mover i don’t really like apple stuff to tell the truth i like the design and the ethos of making it user-friendly it’s always been user-friendly and they’ve tried to make everything as logical and as simple as possible

but sometimes i think they’ve over simplified things not sure but i think it’s like on an iphone whenever i help someone with an iphone i get frustrated that the home button is just a home button or siri it doesn’t go back why can’t they make it so that you press it and go back you have to look for the top left-hand corner and see if the software has implemented a backbone otherwise you have to come back out and go back in or even close the app down totally to go back in if it’s really badly real

that’s just like the user-friendly bit i’d like i mean it’s all right putting it on hold in the background but sometimes you just want to go back a page like a like in the browser if you do a search and then you go forward and you go forward and you just think oh i didn’t want this page i wanted to go back to the list and then go to another page you have to press the back button in the top left hand corner i think it is and then scroll down and click on something when it’s easier i think if it’s all on the one button so you can tap it once to go back or hold it down for siri or you know even swipe it i’m not sure if you can do that with iphones i’ve never really used them that much but just to make the interface more like other phone manufacturers it’s all right going out and doing things yourself but

is it really better

anyway where was i getting that so i’m doing the subject access request for you know i’ve basically taken the wording out of an email from more than foreign a similar thing

so i’ll send that out tomorrow

because it’s 16th now i might do it tonight so i get to print it tomorrow and send and she’ll get it for the 18th which is within reasonable

um if she’s serious about this i’m expecting a letter shortly because she said i have to the eighth where it’s been ten days well eight days since then and i’ve heard nothing and she only i mean she posts it so i got it the next day so if you’re serious about it she should have sent me something already

anyway what else tied it up over the weekend already said that got a lot more room in the living room i’ve got a smaller coffee table coming nest up tables so i can create more room it feels airy and light already in here so that will help i’ve got a desk coming to set my laptop and monitor up permanently i finished doing

my clock soldering project i need to resold the leds because i don’t think they’ve taken too well because some of the leds aren’t working but i think i might start with de-sobering all the leds because it’s only four modules i’ll decelerate all that and then check the soldering because it’s a double-sided bold and it’s a paint so i’m going to check this over and on the other side which is why i need these over the leds and then once i’m satisfied all the joints are good then i’ll re-solder all the leds and see if i can get it working it works but just some of the leds aren’t lying in the segments i think he’s on the leds he’s proper leds with light pipes it was as seen on big clive it is the same one that big glove did online did on his channel i didn’t realize it was the same one i just wanted a kit that i could do to practice on and it did help the soldering was pretty crap to begin with but i’ve got as i did more and more basically you have to heat the pad and then tap the soda to the pad and it melts and goes around the pad and it forms a nice joint thing i’m just going to try it late this afternoon with

a conical a needle-nose tip to see because there’s some fine joints on it so i’m going to see if the big pointy tip gets to the pad better because at the moment i’ve got conical cross sections here i’m not sure i think that might be too big so i’ll try that and hopefully i can get that up and running tonight because what i really want to do is put it in the living room in the bedroom and i’ll put it above the tv because there’s a power supply there anyway and then put i’ll need to find a battery to put the battery back up or above it and get the thing working i’ll put the battery in set it up pill case and it’ll be finished i’ll show you as well um what else is there

i don’t think there’s anything else

oh the coffee table the nest of tables is coming desk for the corner i’m going to wait until i get the desk to get a lamp for it because i want to see what type of build if it’s if i put the laptop in that on the desk and there’s enough room i’ll get a standard desk lamp otherwise i’ll get an led clamp that clamps onto the back of the desk and gooseneck i’ve seen one of those so i’ll see i mean there’s plenty of light in this room anyway so i don’t need a lamp as such right now but certain times you do because if you try if i’m trying to read something i need a lot of light on it so i can see it it’s too dim it’s not easy to read but if it’s well lit then it’s easier for me to read um what else

i think that’s about it see another short one today but at least the weekend was better today started good because i got me drunks what am i expecting i might send karen an email later to let her know what the latest is because i think the council are trading is fixatious they just need to write to me and tell me let’s be honest i mean we’re treating you vexatious because your autistic side we don’t want you to talk to us all the time but i’m only emailing them all the time because they don’t reply to my emails oh deja vu though stranger and they give me this single point of contact who isn’t keeping in contact thankfully i don’t wanna see a point of contact that’s restricted my rights and it’s also infringing my human rights and my rights protected and equality etc etc etc no talking of mental health yes this campaign i want to start about right let me have a drink first hmm

yes this campaign i need your help on this

i need advice on how to start and push forward this campaign basically the first part of the campaign mental health matters is to get private caller ids removed from public bodies government local government government department et cetera et cetera they should all be advertising a number even if it’s not the number it should be advertising something so that people can see it as the health service or dwp or your gp etc etc etc gps are funny

especially after all the changes in the last 15 years because i think they’re publicly funded but seen as private bodies but anything receiving public money in my book and this goes for the bbc anything receiving public money should be publicly accountable and publicly notifiable so no private numbers

no anonymous communication of any means and they should be

more training for mental health not just autism but people with anxiety and emotional support i mean even loneliness especially after lockdown loneliness is a mental health issue

it can trigger all sorts of problems

so give me advice if anyone out there has actually started a campaign or run a campaign and been able to progress things quite well please help because this has been going on for we’ve had the equalities act in this country since 2010 and it’s just not it’s not working because there is no enforcement of it you have to find a solicitor etcetera etcetera etcetera if you’re working you probably haven’t got time to go through all this lizard stuff if you’re not working you probably can’t afford something there so it’s like painting yellow lines on the floor and not having anyone to enforce it what is the point it’s like having an act of parliament that says this is going to be ignored in the first line or this is not going to be enforced unless it’s a criminal matter and the crown taking up and it isn’t then you have to take it up on your own merit and i think that’s wrong i think cps

should deal with civil and criminal matters not just criminal i don’t think civil matters should be dealt with by the police

but i do think someone needs to be luck like the cab does for advice there should be someone that government funded where you can take your complaint to and they’ll instruct solicitors so you don’t have to do all that chasing and running around they’re all getting solicits involved i really think there needs to be something like that in this country to make councils and public bodies more accountable so that people have their rights fulfilled if there was a public body like that it would be inundated with work so it’s not like there’s not enough work out there because there are an awful lot of people government bodies ignoring mental health and protected rights under the equality that

and it’s not good

i mean since they changed legal way funding about 15 20 years ago then local authorities have been able to do whatever they want because before you can’t get could get legal aid for taking the council to court now you can’t very easily unless it’s on certain grounds and thankfully i’m on one of those protected grounds infringement and equalities act

um if we can get this campaign going i’m gonna try and draft the letter putting this in a form and i’ll try to upload it to the campaign video i’ll start a separate playlist for the campaign on this channel and i’ll put the templates up there based on the eass equalities and of the qualities advisory service templates they sent me i’ll create a template letter generic about caller id

i’ve already got my local pct involved they’re investigating this whether it’s feasible and doable because i don’t want to hear the well we record conversations that’s why we have private numbers what’s that got to do with the price of bread we have private numbers because we recall calls

someone needs to explain that one to me

because under gdpr you still have to you know justify you recording the call whether it’s private or not but because it’s got a phone number on it you still have to put a note on the phone number on the log so just because it’s not advertised doesn’t mean it’s not stored so come on let’s treat everyone like we’re a bit intelligent here we boys and

girls uh thankfully the last few days have been fairly quiet of screaming children i don’t mind the noise of children playing it’s the screaming one that gets me

you know how they don’t talk they sort of like things that really grates on me

it’s been fairly well behaved around here for the last two or three days which is helped because my blood pressure’s bad on thursday


i think that’ll do for now if there’s anything else i might add an addendum on to the end of this but thank you for watching please send me comments and advice about the campaign and that and what do you think of the campaign if there’s anyone already running a campaign like that then please let me know and i’ll join forces with you and i’ll try and help you or you can give me advice and help me and whatever way you want to do it

is caspi still slick caspy’s still asleep i bet he hasn’t moved does he anyway thank you for watching that’s my session i’m good for today i’m trying to try and get on with a few things

um goodbye for now and speak to you again soon