here we are hello good afternoon it’s may the 15th at just gone half one in the afternoon

oh and i’ve got a dent on the back of my phone i’ve just noticed where’s that come from anyway

it’s another one those funny ones all week i’ve had no response from the council waltham forest um i’ve been locked in still afraid of going out i sneaked out the other night to post a blood test and urine test kit back to shl but even then like gone nine o’clock at night there was crowds outside what are people doing at that time of night on an estate i wonder anyway um mental health

possibly minus two on my minus five to plus five scale minus two of which i would say three quarters of that is caused by housing and 25 is by my neighbors and nothing by covid you in my world you get it all you don’t kill you survive we don’t there’s nothing to worry about with kovid unless you worry about dying which you know i don’t my boys one of which is here there’s one over there and i don’t know where the other one’s gone caspy

have kept me sane

i’ve cut them down to one meal a day for the last week now they’re sort of getting used to it mainly because when mary visited me last thursday even she said they were putting on quite a bit of weight so i’ve had to cut them down because i don’t want merlin to die anytime soon do i’m earning no daddy so they are losing weight it can they’re more energy and casper’s got more energy woke me up trying to catch a flight this morning i thought it was knocking everything onto the floor in the bathroom but no nothing was moved um the wi-fi the vodafone internet has been fixed i can confirm that after months of going through misery it is now stable around 30 to 40 meg down and somewhere between 15 and 25 up which is more than enough i used to get max 4 meg up with virgin and it’s not the downloads that i need it’s the uploads because youtube videos and onedrive takes a lot of data to sync and now i’ve got the internet back properly one dry’s working normally i need to put i’ve discovered i do need to put a repeater back in the bedroom but i’ve got the socket off the wall that i put in the kitchen and i’m going to put that back in the bedroom and put me original repeater on and that should be enough to cover the little black spot in the bedroom i’ll just use um

a low powered bit just fill the bedroom because the rest of the flat is filled literally by the one ruler but i think because of all the attenuation by the dvds behind me it’s like little bits of silver little bits of tin it’s just stopping the signal from getting through if i got rid of that i’d probably be all right i got rid of dvds and blu-rays i’d probably be all right but they’re attenuating the signal and i’ve found it’s the corners where i can pick the signal up best so i’m going to put it back to where it was and i should in theory be able to get about 25 meg down and 10 or 15 meg up which is more than enough for the bedroom it’s just occasionally some of the bits in the bedroom loses signal you know the smart plugs and alexa which is just triggered um so that does need improving and then they’ll be done and with any luck the router still works it’s a new router i haven’t bought last year

and that’ll be the internet sword um i’ve had two deliveries from the kovich 19 group this week i’ve had me rubbish taken a couple of days ago so that’s gradually coming back so next week i need to get the rubbish out

oh what else is happening wolf and forrest are still not following their own rules regarding complaints they’re still housing specifically are still not following normal guidance regarding customer service and best practice so i’ve got to waste even more of my time to get them to do what they’re supposed to be doing so it might come back down to trying to find us eliza because they’re not listening to me and i’m not the only one that’s having the same issues or similar issues so i’ll be doing some research over the weekend and we’ll see where we go next week if i get decent feedback from the council next week i won’t try and find a solution i’ll give them another week but if by the end of next week nothing happens then i will

um what else has happened oh thanks to the internet i’ve now managed to upload all my backlogger videos i’m up to number 38 i shot 39 yesterday this is 40 i think is and i’ve started putting the end cards on and scheduling a release so i’m releasing them now on wednesdays and saturdays so wednesday lunchtime saturday lunch time at the moment i’m up to the end of may and that’s only with i think 26 is the end of may

so hopefully over the weekend i’ll be doing these videos and finishing off uploading them so that i can just add to the list and i haven’t got a backlog anymore that’s my aim for the weekend to catch totally up put the end cards on and schedule them and maybe once i’ve caught up today i’ll start editing the videos because at the moment i’m just putting raw footage up i reshoot where necessary but it’s all in one take

i prefer it like that anyway i prefer a straight take even if it’s got errors in i’d rather leave a few errors in rather than having jump cuts which to me makes it look messy so i’ve got that going on this weekend um i’m watching some movies now i’ve caught up with jurassic park which stopped when the internet went and i finished the end of that i’ve seen it before anyway i just wanted to finish it

i’ve got the speaker i think fixed up there which was rattling but i think it was just something to do with the speaker being loose on the mount i’ve taken a bit of masking tape and wrapped it around the screw that was holding it and put that on and i think the rattle stopped eurovision week no contest

but they are having a celebration so we’ve got

i’ve seen the two semi-finals as was basically they’re just presenting all the songs that was submitted for entry so they’ve done that apparently one of the newspapers worked out going by the downloads the spotify i think they based it on that the uk would have come in about 10th if those downloads converted straight into votes so we would have had a good season this year but alas not to be um eurovision tomorrow so that should be good i might order a takeaway tomorrow eurovision it’s got to be pizza and ice cream it’s the white wine that gets me need to get some wine or beer

i wonder where i can get that from anyway should be a good night tomorrow i will try and do more than two a week so i’ll get a back library built up so this is my second one this week i think it’s my second it could be my third memory isn’t as good as it used to be

so we’ll try to do more of these diary entries it will get better once i’ve got my proper tripod mount because then i can just leave the tripod set up and then put my phone in

or leave me tripod out at the moment i’ve kept putting it back in the bag that i’ve got a camera bag and i put my camera and my accessories in there so i’ll do that that should be coming end of this month early next month i think it’s been walked here from china maybe because all the planes are down so it’s been walked across

um should be a good mountain though because it has multiple um three-quarter inch screw threads on it so you can mount microphones and speakers and lights and all sorts of things on it if you’ve got the attachments for it it just screws straight in so that should be good and the mount itself isn’t sprung it’s screwed in which i do prefer because a spring breaks a thread very seldom breaks and when you’re talking like a nice phone i don’t want it suddenly dropping which is why i’ve ordered the mount in the first place so it’s on a stable tripod this is just a tripod from a selfie stick which isn’t stable when you’ve got microphone leads and cats and even the odd breeze can knock it over sometimes whereas the tripod is nice and stable and it’s hard to knock over especially with the cats um

so far so good i’ve just had a chat with duncan just finished the chat about half an hour ago

which was all right we sorted the world out again and he’s chased that i act again so despite all the promises i got last week not from duncan but from my gp and i app and all that who saw people no one’s got back to me this week so i have time getting back to me the council aren’t getting back to me karen’s not getting back to me

it does make me wonder why

i don’t know anyway i’m gonna have my coffee sit down and watch a movie and have a little mud i’m going to try and relax this afternoon rather than go on edge at least i got me screening kit in and out oh the blood my finger still hurts and that was two days ago um it took half an hour for to me to fill a tiny little tube of blood oh my god it was the most painful thing i’ve been through in a long time since i ironed my hand it was almost to that level of pain and it was only a pin brick but it wasn’t the pin prick that was painful it was the half hour trying to squeeze blood i had to use three fingers in the end three fingers just to get four 600 things i don’t know units is it it doesn’t say what the dimensions are it’s between four and six hundred you have to do and they want six hundred that extra 200 took 15 minutes oh it started off all right because i just put my thing on the vial and it looked like it was filling up quite quickly and then it suddenly stopped i don’t bleed very well i’m hardly the most hemophiliac person on the planet but even nurses have trouble getting blood out of me sometimes so anyway that’s all out of the way i should get results back next week

that’s when i break down and i find i’ve got sort of like a cleft palate or something it’ll bring up i don’t know anyway thank you for watching like or not like if you don’t like it tell me where i’m going wrong i do read all my comments because there’s not that many at the moment but i do take feedback if

something’s wrong with a video tell me i do watch them back and to me they look fine but i don’t know it’s up to you at the end of the day this is for my historical record but if it’s helping with you then do let me know if it’s not helping with you do let me know i’ve restricted all of them now to 18 and not suitable for children because it’s not the sort of thing i want children to see i don’t want them to be put off by my odd ramblings i’m thinking mental health is nasty and makes you go like him mental health is mental health it’s like your physical health we’re all at different levels um it’s just a matter of tolerance really and you know a little compassion anyway i’m going to stop it here because that dent on the camera on the back of the camera is rather distracting and i’d like to know what caused it so i’m gonna have a look at the camera now and i’ll speak to you shortly thank you very much goodbye