hello good evening and dare i say welcome it is friday the 17th of january 2020. um just what would give you a quick update um walked 11 miles today in three or four bits because it just topped the 10 it was nine and a half and i just topped it off with a little bit of shopping down the road

um the exercises is going well i’m maintaining at least seven miles a day six and a half seven minimum even though i’m aiming for four and a half

i’m currently sitting at fifteen twelve point nine fifteen stand twelve point nine pounds um

things are looking better now as in clothe-wise i’ve not got that pregnant look anymore it’s just more or less straight up and down on me belly

let’s see how long i can keep this up for i’m hoping to get the bike out and start cycling around the circuit behind me on the children’s play area next week i didn’t manage to do it this week and then i can do half an hour an hour just cycling round and round initially anyway until i’m used to cycling it’d be better on flat anyway because it’ll be i’ll be able to cycle for longer um something was also the anniversary mum’s death resting peace mum even though i don’t remember her

and bizarrely enough it’s same week three days ago anniversary my dad died both dining in the same week how strange

i think that was that um jill that pointed that to me when my dad died

right what else stats let’s have a look at the stats

11 miles i’m just trying to see how many steps i’ve done 3800 calories

don’t really say what steps are oh steps twenty thousand seven hundred and seventeen and i’ve done 11 miles exactly

178 active minutes today that’s nearly three hours of active minutes

an average this week of 3541 calories a day burn if fitbit’s good it sums right

eight pounds lost so far in basically a week because i’ve drastically started trying to lose weight last friday when i saw myself in the mirror in a changing room so 8.1 pounds lost so far if i can maintain that

then i should be down target way in five weeks six weeks maybe which would be good 13 stoney target is and i’ve not been under 14 well i can’t even remember when i was falling stone last oh i think it was when i was getting divorced in 2001 because i dropped down to about 12 stone no 11 stone something back then so it would have been about 15 years probably i was that thin anyway just been out i’m breaking the diet this weekend i’m gonna i’ve bought um some pies because i’ve got louisa coming around another favorite beef pie so i’ve got beef and alpie i thought you can’t do no harm and my body would be in shock anyway so let’s see what happens when i eat real food

oh what else that’s about it i’ve done a little bit of laundry today that’s all drying

down the wetlands tomorrow so photographs for instagram and facebook that’s about it i’m just going to rest up for the rest of the evening and then go to bed i’ve just fed the boys and they’re all happy as larry got food and they’ve got clean toilet water merlin’s just having a little lick in the water bowl i’ll top that up before i go to bed because he does drink a lot now burning

and i don’t know that’s about it so i don’t know how long it is because i’m on the other side of the camera thank you for watching tune in and i’ll see you again soon