i just have to find your flight back but i’ve offered him if he does get stuck

hello good morning it’s the day after eurovision which officially marks my third eurovision my second year here which is sunday the 17th of may 2020 10 30 a.m

and it was quite a good eurovision well we didn’t lose let’s put it that way because they didn’t have a contest they had a celebration and it was actually quite a good um show not only you coming up not only did they have um a snippet of all the songs but had tribute to that paid by all the um at casper youtube casper casper youtube so that was all right um

the bbc had a sort of competition beforehand the best of the pick of the previous eurovision entries and surprise surprise abba won

alexander ryback doesn’t get older 10 years ago and he hadn’t got older caspian anyway so that was last night i had a pizza beer and ice cream traditional oh i still got ice cream um what else is there i’ve just discovered something really annoying

apart from casper trying to chew everything the bottom bit on me phone case my new phone case the microphone port needs making bigger because it’s only good when you’re not using a plug so i need to make it bigger so the plug sits down properly um what else is there

there was people outside my flat for about an hour and a half two hours last night having a party three women outside sitting together having a drink and this is still during lockdown they’ve only eased certain requirements but everyone on this estate thinks lockdown’s over i mean they never really traded it with respect anyway on this thing um

i’m still locked in

i’m still waiting for the council to get back to me on quite a lot of stuff they’re just ignore me don’t they

oh what else is there people are worried about recession as far as i can see if people are locked in they’re not spending money and if they’re getting 80 of their wages paid and they’re not spending money vis-a-vis a lot more people will have a lot more savings unless they’re just oh i’m sitting on board let’s go on the amazon or ebay and buy stuff in which case it’s their fault but as far as i can see the majority of people in this country should be a bit better off than they were before we went into lockdown

but sadly in two to three weeks time we are going to have another peak because you give them an inch they take 300 miles of these people and so people are visiting friends and family

all this you can meet one other person not in your household as long as you keep social distance and stay outside that’s not happening and the police are between a rock and a hard place

it really needs the military to enforce it not the police this is like this is not a police issue it’s a social crowding issue it should be the military that steps in it should have been the military all along and the police help in the military because

it’s this police and by consent that people just ignore the police don’t want to take away your liberties and your rights and your freedoms but on the other hand they’re tasked with taking away your liberties your rights and your friends because of lockdown and it’s not right that is normally the duty of the police of the um military to enforce society’s main rules the law is the police but laws that we’ve passed recently regarding kovid it’s removing certain rights and that is normally the military

the police are there to uphold your rights not to take them away and it just feels wrong for the police to do this but the military are used to it they’ve got no qualms about enforcing in effect marshall look you know being told when there’s a curfew and things like that i haven’t even used the curfew word you can come in and out whenever you want and they should have put a curfew on

but there we are such advice lessons will be learned i guarantee again i’ve been hearing that for 53 years

lessons will be learned by phil um what else is there

the estate seems pretty quiet we had the police around here yesterday running after someone so probably drugs again

i’m up to date with the videos i’ve actually finished yesterday scheduling all my videos i’m up to 38 i’ve got another now three on the phone which i need to put up so this video is going out sometime in july

considering it’s may now we’re talking like a two month gap which is fine that’s a nice distance for me that’s what i wanted originally and i’ve also found the right spot for the repeater so i get decent wi-fi in the bedroom there i’ve ordered some a double socket so i can put the wi-fi and the camera on the same powerpoint just behind the door and then i can put a network cable instead of the wi-fi for the front camera which should ease things a little and then that will have a proper connection back to the main router on the internet and things will work a bit better um i had another delivery of food yesterday lots of pre-cooked stuff i can’t eat pre-cooked stuff anyone that knows me will know that i won’t eat stuff that i’ve not seen cooked unless it’s come from a quote a professional kitchen a pizza place a chinese takeaway an indian restaurant that sort of thing but if it’s just you know this is what someone in the church has cooked no i’ve only i never have and you know i did attempt it but there was an eyelash in one of them so the rest of them are just going straight into the bin i’ve not even saved the plastic cases i’ve got more than enough of them

what else apart from haircut yesterday

the boys seem to be a lot

healthier since i put them on to one meal a day in biscuits merlin is running around with the other two playing there and he hasn’t done that in a while so i’ll keep him on there one meal a day

mental health grade in between minus five and plus five i would say minus two still

it does feel like i’m the only one on the estate that’s in lockdown

everyone else is just coming and they always have been coming and going whenever they want

the only people i see in lock down other people i don’t actually see

yeah i don’t know so i’m going to try and

do three videos today do my case that little hole i need to make that a little bit bigger it is a bit of a weird hole anyway because it’s it’s flat on one side and i think that’s what the problem is they’ve tried to make it more of a aesthetic hole than a usable hoe so i’m gonna have to try and work out how i’m gonna do that without breaking the case

i think i just need to scrape that little bit of flour away but i’ll work that out um eurovision recorded i’ve still got little bits of bbc bit of eurovision left i’ve got top of the pops too which goes back it basically goes back over what the first bit of eurovision the graham norton tribute did so i may not watch all that um the speakers seem to be oh excuse me this speakers seem to be perfectly set up now i don’t think i’m getting any vibration off that one i might check it again later

but as it is

need to have a little tidy up again i’ve got like the ruger box in front of me still and that’s been there like three weeks now so i need to put these things away i’ve still got the ee sim that i ordered that’s come so i may use that later and see if it is any different to vodafone but i’d rather stay on vodafone because not only are they cheaper but i know it works

and the customer support ain’t that bad i know when you get online to someone and you talk you spend 25 minutes going through the same stuff you’ve tried like the day before or day for that but that’s just the way that i teach it’s not it’s not like i take sport when i was doing that it was a personal thing in it you know you could pick up the same call people would pass you back to the same um support person if they knew you were having an ongoing problem they’d pass you back so you knew what you’d already tried but they don’t do that there it’s just a script and they have to try before they can move on to the next bit of the script they have to do the first bit have you reset the ruler yes have you moved the router hey you actually tried to simulate another phone yes blah blah blah blah blah not realizing that maybe there isn’t another phone you can put your sim card in you know i mean in theory i don’t go out so

i’ve just got a mobile number and a ruler but i could actually use the router as a phone as well so in which case i wouldn’t have a mobile but i just find it a bit more convenient to have a mobile phone so i’ve got two sims they have vodafone have reduced the price so i’m only paying 40 a month now for the phone and the router sim and that’s locked in for two years no what else is happening

the usual cry from the motorists coming out on facebook now about why is congestion charge being reimplemented the one good thing that has come out of this kovid 19 deal with tfl is that children aren’t going to have free travel anymore i’ve never thought that was a good idea it overcrowds buses at the peak of the day because everyone’s trying to get to work as all the children are trying to get to and from school and apart from anything on average most people live within walking distance of their school so you’re stopping and exercising because given the choice between free travel there and walking most people will choose free travel whereas everyone at the same time of introducing free travel there’s been government guidance on getting children to exercise more because of the obesity problem it was a bad idea to begin with

and now people want freedom passes and you know free travel parties they’re back to being restricted after 9 30 which is perfect

because you know there’s no need if you get an appointment a hospital appointment for instance you just contact them and say well i can’t get there for 9 30. i have to do it because i can’t travel

anytime before 10 o’clock really i have to let the crowds go back even when we’re not in lockdown and so it’s more of a hassle but as long as you contact him in advance you get another appointment for the same and it’s not a hassle you just i mean if you’re making a doctor’s appointment you should be able to walk there it takes longer to get a bus to a doctor’s and it does to walk to it mostly because of the 10 or 15 minute wait okay if you are in firm and you cannot walk

then you just have to arrange your life around when you get the travel

not everything in life is free or should be free the nhs is another one but don’t get me started on paying for appointments as a refundable basis to stop people just booking appointments yes they still do it and they just occasionally ring up and cancel they don’t always cancel just in case if you’ve got two or three children i’ve actually heard it where people book like monday’s appointments in advance and then cancel it or not as the case might be whereas that would be stocked if there was a 10 pound um refundable cost so they every appointment cost you 10 pounds you turn up you get 10 pound back if you don’t turn up surgery gets it it’s an automatic fine in effect so if you want to book in advance then do so you have to pay for all the appointments and if you don’t turn up no cancellation if you do not turn up because otherwise cancellation would be in the same boat it would be if you don’t turn up so you get to the doctor not the reception you get to your doctor’s appointment it will be marked up on their system and you will get the refund so in effect it’s still free of pointless use you’re just enforcing a fine for those that don’t turn up easy peasy and yes i would make it ten not a pound not a fiver it needs to be something that you know people will miss okay you will have people that think a tenor is nothing but then with those people a lot of them generally don’t bug book i’ve worked in the nhs for three years so i know what’s going on even some doctors that i’ve mentioned this too thought it was a good idea but no one wants to put their head above the parapet and actually say oh let’s do this it’s not a bad idea

i do wonder about these figures coming out the government at the moment about the deaths it’s currently hovering on average about 450 down from about 600 a week ago

the kovic 19 death days i worry about it because we don’t we the public don’t know if instructions or guidance has been issued to coroners or doctor certifying death

that if there’s multiple multiple possible causes of death not to put covet 19 down as the calls don’t know they might be doing it i might not be doing it it just seems odd that suddenly there’s an average drop of about 250 a day

and that’s across all settings as they say and that just seems odd man why would it suddenly drop when by my experience more and more people are actually not complying with the lockdown even the new easter lockdown they saw it as it’s over we’ve got people going to the parks people going to the beaches yes you’re allowed to but the spirit of the law is stay home

going to parks and beaches is still supposed to be just for exercise or meeting one person from another household at a social distance not to go to parks and beaches for well they say you can sunbathe and you know do things as a family

but it is a bit confusing because they tell you can do this and that and the other and then they say well we want you to stay at home as much as possible

and even i’m confused by the ladies

request they say you can go to the beaches but we want you to stay home well how can you go to the beach and stay home how can you meet up with people not in your household and stay home is there still an hour’s limit no is there a distance limit no

it’s just it’s just so confusing life is confusing for me at the best of times but when it comes to laws and rules i normally see things quite clearly but if i’m confused by the latest guidance and that’s the other thing is it law or is it guidance what does the law say what are the police going to enforce it doesn’t matter what the law says it depends what the police instructions are and on the law the police instructions were a bit vague you know it’s not find people straight away talk to them encourage them to comply with the law then if they don’t then find them then if they still don’t do it then you’ll arrest them and it’s all a bit it should be more this is life and death we’re talking this is what it has to be treated like the black death from the 1700s

or 1600s um it shouldn’t be pleased to what we ask you this is what the law says it should be if we catch you you will be fined and it should be a reasonable fine not 30 pound it should be more like 250 as a proper deterrent 30 pound people would spend on a night out in the pub so they just said well i’ll go to the pub we’ll pay 30 pounds we can go out do whatever we want if we get caught that’s what people think like whereas 250 pounds or more they would think twice they’d only have to get caught once and it would go around and quite frankly it’s easy enough to catch people just come to an estate and walk around and most of the estates in this borough

based on my experience here

it’s a lawless entity the council don’t want to do anything the police are it’s like running in a mass will for the police i feel so sorry for him because for the police to be effective on a stage they need support from the council and they’re not getting it in my experience they are not getting the support they need from the council they’re getting plenty of support from the residents but it’s the council that needs to support the police as well and if they’re not the police are ineffective they’re doing their best but they can’t it is policing by consent remember which means it needs us to help the police i mean it is getting to the point where you know i’ve never really totally agreed with police and by consent

as some of you will know i’ve mentioned it in videos before policing by consent it’s like asking a child not to be naughty it’s the child turns around and says what are you gonna do and all the police can say he’s well nothing and there really it really is unless the council step in and assist the community and the police council estates are a law to themselves they are human rights of god rights and law have gone

even the council make up rules to avoid coming on the states and i think this is part of the problem with my ongoing issue with housing because i think the housing officers are afraid of coming onto estates and i don’t know why because they’re the ones that put the tenants here so do they think that most tenants are just not gonna respect them because at the end of the day it’s up to the council to make

themselves respected okay the council have often said there’s an awful lot of people that don’t speak english on the states in which case the council put those people in the estates in the first place they must have been able to communicate with them so communicate with them don’t just use the lack of english as an excuse not to be effective on a mistake not everyone doesn’t speak english honestly

i mean the majority of people i’ve seen do speak english they may speak other languages but they do speak english so communication isn’t the problem so what is the problem with council people coming onto estates

i really it’s not just waltham forest it seems to be a lot of councils have problems with housing and actually interacting with their tenants but i don’t know it’s almost as though the housing departments have been given carte blanche to not be oversight by another department thank you caspy so i don’t know i mean me and a few other tenants before lockdown were trying to help out the council and we weren’t getting any thanks for it and the council are very slow in doing anything and there’s no excuse given for it and they don’t get back to you saying oh we’re getting permission for this or spending permission when this lockdown is over hopefully in cooperation with a few people i know in the council hopefully things will improve because communication needs to be increased proper customer service needs to be trained everyone needs to talk to each other in a respectful way disability rights for instance as far as i can see they’re being ignored in as much as people with anxiety like myself don’t accept private goals never have never will especially from a public body why should a public organization have a private phone number no one in the last nine years has been asking that question has been able to give me a satisfactory answer the only sort of answer i’ve ever got was well it’s just a phone system it’s like remember the old adage a bad workman blames his tools well it’s blaming you too a phone system is a tool you use the tool in the best way and if you’re not using it correctly then it’s your fault not the tools it’s not the phone system at fault it’s what you told people to install it on and nearly all phone systems are digital now there’s not many analog p apxs out there

so it’s not excusable anymore in this day and age it’s not excusable to have private numbers from public organizations it’s not acceptable anyway for good marketing practice and good customer elections all numbers should be disclosed even the police because let’s face it if everyone apart from the police disclose their number what is the difference between the police advertising they’re calling you and being the only people withholding your number everyone will know that a withheld number is the police so why not just advertise your number anyway

and it’s like i’ve said to councils across the board you can easily set a standard it doesn’t even have to be i mean customer services would say you put the main switchboard number on as an advert but bachn and dagnan didn’t even use a real number they used an old number their own exchange number which was okay as long as it was a number that was advertised that everyone knew that was what they’re advertising it does seem daft that

in this era where we’ve got digital exchanges that are easily configurable

that they wouldn’t have direct numbers for each department ddi numbers for every department so if you get a call from rent for instance you can ring back rent and they can trace it or housing you can get through to the housing number but as i see it excuse me

um authentic um unless it’s internal which it must be they don’t advertise separate numbers for each department it’s the main switchboard not being you have to go for a menu or talk to a human and it’s just it’s so antiquated and backwards for people still to do that whereas if you want to get through to housing you have a housing number you just call housing and it would bypass the switchboard and free them up to take proper inquiries rather than people just hanging on for main switchboard to be put onto housing anyway so direct none directing with dining

for each department not necessarily for each individual but housing rents repairs all should have separate numbers not going through a menu system no one really likes manual systems they were only ever put in place to delay and deter people from calling they were never put in place to actually assist with customer service the whole idea behind telephone menu systems

was as a deterrent to cut down on the number of calls a bit like the 10 pound deposit for you know doctor’s appointment

is to stop people actually abusing the system whereas if people were given respect and responsibility

then they would just dial the department they thought they needed and there’d be less anger and less frustration because i hadn’t just spent 10 minutes going through a menu system to be put on hold

for maybe 15-20 minutes if they had ddi to each department for instance then you would just be held ringing until the line freed up and then he’d be put through to someone in that department and there’d be less anger and less frustration from people call me you imagine you just called a direct number and you had to wait 10 minutes and then you got through straight to a person

or would you rather be on a menu system for about 10 minutes trying to work out going back in because not all of us can work menu systems especially where the options aren’t there for the bit you want or you don’t know where it’s supposed to be going you normally have to go through especially on the wall from forest one there’s no let me go to the switchboard on the first menu this is why i say it’s used as the deterrent you normally have to go through three or four menus before you get to please hope the line will put you through to the next operator and that should be on the first one press one to go through to an operator but they won’t do it because they’re deterring people from calling it and that just proves it otherwise it would be do you want to go through the menu system or do you want to hold for an operator press one for an operator and everyone would press one i guarantee everyone would press one so the money the thousands of pounds they spent on a menu system wasted

anyway i’m rambling now i’ve noticed i’m wrongly i’ve got a little bit of washing up to do

i need to motivate myself to do some laundry because that’s piled up again

so i might put the bedding on because that’s been sitting there for about a week now so i put the bedding on and then i can change the sheets next friday which will be just about any time but i need to put the throw on as well to stop the cat fur getting all over the mattress duvet um right onwards and upwards let’s try and repair this case so i don’t have to keep taking it apart because that won’t be much of a case thank you for watching like subscribe don’t like if you want um i’ve noticed some people have been putting

some nasty comments on and they seem to be anonymous people you know who you are and you know what sort of comments i won’t have racist comments or even just racist advertising on my channel so you can put any comments you want but i do review all my comments and if there’s anything that i think is offensive or wrong or rude wrong not so much but if it’s rude or possibly illegal freedom of speech is one thing but i don’t want to go around upsetting people on purpose or having my channel used as a tool to upset people from people that won’t even use their real name so

you will get dealt with i’ll report you and block you and i will not accept it at all so i look forward to all your comments but if i think your comment is just i don’t mind you having a go at me but just having general random racist remarks that didn’t even relate to anything i put on the video won’t have it the comment needs to be related to the video and if it isn’t it’s likely to get deleted and blocked

this remember these videos are for my benefit not yours but i’m putting them up and releasing them in case it helps someone in case there’s someone out there in a similar position to me

and it might help them to know they’re not alone in all this there are other people in similar situations for yourself and if you are in that position leave me a comment

i will look forward to talking to you again shortly thank you for watching