it’s the 18th of june at five to four in the afternoon

i’ve just uploaded three more dire entries in my new south behind me which makes it a lot easier now and a lot quicker um i’ve had a little move around i’ve had a little tidy up as well so now i’ve got more space i’ve got space in the middle of the living room which i’ve never had since i moved in i always club it up

the boys are happy they’ve got grass on tap because i’ve got one on two off so two pots are growing in the bathroom while they’re chewing on one and then every other day i’d ordinate it


still minus four on the mental health front sorry i’ve not had a shave i’ve been busy doing things around the house

um what else have i done doesn’t look like authentic council only allow so much scrutiny because they will answer certain questions when you ask them but they won’t answer all the questions and then when you ask them again they treat you as vexatious i’ve had to email kierstama circus dharma sorry sir

to complain about my two counselors because they have done nothing for me in 15 weeks they haven’t even they’ve broken their promises they were going to contact me and i would like know why i’m being treated like this i’ve even emailed um the chief exec of wolfenforest again this morning about 2am because it’s bugging me and it’s like like i keep saying in these videos councils have the power to do anything they want they even ignore you if they want and that’s because there’s no one that can do anything about it i’ve got some solicitors letters i need to sit down this is part of the reason i’ve got the desk so i could deal with writing that because i’ve got a nice light now i can write

it will take me a while but i will do a little bit each day and hopefully sunday monday i might post it it’ll have to be sunday because lee is down here at the weekend hopefully he’s down here at the weekend because then she’ll get me out of here

he’s horrible being stuck in the flat 15 weeks and not having anyone sort of like go out with or even just go out i am still terrified of your neighbors

if you explain to people there seems to be no logical reason but i am because i’m by myself and they’re not and they’ve easily got enough people to do damage to me and this is what people don’t get um alfred came around yesterday day before yesterday

yeah tuesday i’ve been wouldn’t it and

i get the impression they think i’m just a troublemaker because they mentioned that i had the same problem over in barcelona and yes i did have the same problem as i’ve got now in bark and dagnam but that’s not to say it’s in my mind it could just be and i quite think some now that it’s

it’s a council endemic problem because there’s no

no one can tell the councils even the mps can’t really tell the councils what to do this is why you have councillors and if you’ve got ineffective counsellors then they get away with anything counsellors do have power i know they do i mean i’ve done politics i’ve been political for years now ever since i used to help my dad with these problems with the dhss and etc etc to help him with his letters go to meetings with him and i was only like 12 30 at the time so yes i’ve been political most of my life and i’ve studied politics

and i’ve actually worked for about six or seven councils so i know if a councillor comes in and says do this you don’t argue you get it done because at the end of the day it’s the council is the sign of the checks funding is funded via the councillors councillors have a budget as well this is a little thing that people don’t realize counsellors have their own budget as well and they can use that for special projects apparently the building work started up last week so it’s all a bit bang bang bang


i finally forced myself to do some laundry today so that’s is it three loads i’ve done today

two loads yeah

so that should be the gray and white sheets are coming clean now i’ll put bleaching with them this morning to try and because i’ve put something red in with them it’s gone it went all over the gray and white it’s come almost clear now so if you put bleach in and wash it on a hot wash it does come out eventually as to the third one there to try and clear it out um i don’t think excuse me i don’t think this is going to be a long one um move the speakers i finally moved speakers velcroed onto the wall i bought velcro yesterday it came today and the whole length of the speaker about that much velcro on this on the left hand side it went easy bang bang bang done first go this one for some strange reason i don’t know if it’s i’m looking at it a bit funny it took three attempts so that’s three bits of velcro i’d throw away because it took the paint off on two of them so i’ve had to is it yeah i’ve had to repaint down the side you can’t see that but i can see it from here but it’s better than it was because before it was all black gray with great big white back but now once you see him down you don’t see it it is actually behind the speaker it’s only when you’re here you can see it

excuse me that’s not windows xp by the way that’s kubuntu it’s a windows xp lock screen but i use kubuntu to um edit these videos i’ve just uploaded it is so much quicker than it is under windows with vs dc or wherever i was you vdse um so much quicker i can edit a video in 10 minutes now whereas on the other system under windows it would take half an hour to 40 minutes just seemed more clunky i’ve got your dual booting into windows 10.

the video running in windows 10 it’s horrible it crashes it doesn’t it feel as responsive so i’ve put kde ubuntu on it works so much better i’m in ubuntu most of the time now i only go into windows when i need to use office more than anything else um if i can get wine to run office then that would be good but it’s the latest version of office and it’s not quite up there yet so i’ve just waited it’s been a tiring week because i’ve had screaming kids outside my window all day which puts me nerves on edge i don’t mind kids playing but they’re not even from my block and they’re sitting outside my windows i finally got through to them yesterday i had to work with them twice there i’ve said you’re not from my block why are you sitting outside my window but it seems to have moved them admittedly it was raining this morning and suddenly just cleared up now but i’ve not had any kids since i told him yesterday

building work you know has to be done i can put up with it it can be a bit blooming annoying but not as annoying as screaming high-pitched children’s voices it’s that squeaky sort of nails on the blackball thing for me and to think i was sad like it was last christmas dear the young he sat or i called myself

anyway um i’m gonna chill for a bit

um we’ve got the coronavirus thing coming up in about an hour we had 200 and

we had 2 and 40 dead ish yesterday i keep watching for that curve at the end of the line because it’s funny how they don’t as the coronavirus progresses they just keep adding to the graph they don’t move the graph along so you’re getting so the end a bit is scaled down in effect so to see a rise in numbers

if you don’t scale it up it could be like two three four hundred before you even start seeing a rise at the moment the politicians are avoiding saying well it’s still a downward trend i don’t think it’s a downward trend on a seven day rolling average i don’t think it’s a seven i don’t think it’s downward trend

but it’s weird having the living room changing the subject totally sorry about this it’s weird having a living room with a gap in the middle and small side tables but the boys seem to like it they’ve got room

they’ve got room to play which was my intentions because they were running around and they had to stop because it was a big table in the middle now they can run to their hearts content and they get all the exercise they want hello caspy that’s the only drawback we’ve been here you don’t see the cats they’re just muddling around my feet merlin’s over there on me chair casper’s just flopped down in front of me and tabs he’s sitting behind the bedroom door strange child anyway mcclock’s working self-built sobering skills are pretty good now they were pretty good before but it’s just i’ve not practiced in 35 odd years

and it does yeah i can see the point of why you have different soldering points sticks system and soldering tips i’ve got a set of five and i’m constantly changing them depending on like i’ve got um surface mount smd surface mount something rather

and you need a fine point for that to you know complete it whereas with this project i didn’t really need a conical point i just had a chisel tip and that works fine for me for most times i’m still playing about the temperature though not too sure about the temperature i might have a little play in a moment see if i can get that working then tomorrow i’m not going to do the shoe cabinet thing today tomorrow i’m going to do the shoe cabinet and then try and get that returned

hopefully shakira starmer will reply to me sometime next week fingers crossed because something needs to be done i’m sorry but i haven’t done anything wrong and no one’s saying anything to me i even emailed the chief exec and he’s excuse me he’s ignored me

there i am anyway now i look at this wall poster from over here it looks like it

but i know it isn’t because i say that with a spirit level that’s an idea i need to find that spirit though there goes um

oh god it’s been so long can’t even remember his name derek eric yeah yeah it’s good to see you he’s got gloves and that on i don’t know if he’s going around doing some cleaning or volunteering but good to see him walking around hopefully come saturday i’ll be out there sometime hopefully i’ll get a restful night and i’ll get some sleep tonight i’ve had a shower i’m not gonna show you that i’m gonna soak my rubbish out for tonight i think i put all cardboard in bags and that should be too bad to think

and i’ll put that out tonight since i can’t get out to throw the rubbish away myself i’m not getting in the black so i’ll do that tonight thankfully i’ve only used one actual bag there’s another one coming out so it’s two actual bags of rubbish the rest of it is just cardboard because me and the boys don’t make much mess normally if we are if me and lee are going shopping at the weekend i must remember to get some decent blooming bags because the ones i’ve got as thin as paper they really are and i do have a tendency to overfill stuff i’ve even got boxes on the bottom of the bag on the bottom of the kitchen bin so i don’t fill the bag all the way up so i just have to gently lift it and there should be room at the top to tie it but i overfill it still anyway i think that would do for today’s one there’s not much else going on like i said i’m gonna relax try and catch up on some sleep because i’ve had no sleep virtually for about three weeks now because my nerves have been on edge because of the screaming children sitting outside the wall which no one seems to want to do about it and i emailed mash yesterday they replied back and i emailed him back and they haven’t replied back so like i say the council don’t want to answer questions they just want to tell you what to do they told me to call the police it doesn’t seem right to call the police about kids misbehaving i asked them about creating an innocence which is by problem they are creating a nuisance and they never answered me on that or what regular supervision means regular once a year once a minute what’s regular count to have an answer on that one this is well this is why i get frustrated because when i ask a question i expect the question to be answered not ignored and i get very frustrated when people ignore questions it’s like they’re trying to hide something what are you trying to hide waltham forest borough council anyway mustn’t grumble as a former cleaning land driven used to say to me all the time before she’d stand there 15 minutes having a moment about things mustn’t grumble grace i think her name was oh she was a trooper she had a face like the surface of the moon

about as many teeth as me aunt nils dog poodle about three and she’d stand like that far away from you and talk she’d shout at ya and spit in your face while she’s talking to you and it was blah blah blah blah blah 15 minutes oh mustn’t grumble must move on you must get one

she’ll be dead long time now grace i reckon she was fairly old but i knew and that was 25 years ago i mean she might be alive i don’t know where her last name was best move on i suppose so see 15 minutes that’s not a bad one before i carry on meandering off target

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i’m glad to see i’m closing that i’m glad to see i’m not the only one meandering on these videos because i’ve watched another couple of youtubers boat tubers as they call them because they’re narrowboat troopers xena and sasha i’m waiting for sasha’s live stream she’s supposed to be having a live stream today oh exciting exciting stuff not sure when she holds live streams though and on my youtube some of these boat tubers are coming up as made for children and then you can’t get notifications but i don’t think they believe me because i’ve told them and they say no i didn’t know there’s a problem anyway love you and leave you thank you for watching until later goodbye