it’s the 18th of may 10 to 6 in the evening or afternoon depending on your classroom

26 used to be the evening because that’s when the ita news used to come on not six o’clock like the bbc it went mighty and today so we all because that was called the early evening news so most people accepted 5 40 as evening but i’m not sure what anyone accepts anymore anyway

i’ve just fed my boys and myself they’re all nicely chilling now they’ve had some meat one meal a day seems to be working they all seem to be getting fitter and thinner one meal a day doesn’t be working for me but then i can’t run around the flat like these boys can i’ve lost count of how many weeks i’ve been imprisoned by auckland forest council i’ve lost count of how many weeks it’s taken before anyone from the council contacts me


i am really running out of

options i’m recording this now on a proper tripod by the way no microphone on this because if you’ve watched my last video the microphone doesn’t go in and i don’t want to damage the case because it’s a nice case so what i’ve done is i’ve ordered a little thin adapter that should go into the phone and i can plug that on the end of the microphone i’ve got the tripod mount on now so it should be steadier not going to be so wobbly so the auto focus should lock on i should have that adapter come in shortly and i’ve got my microphone mount coming as well but i don’t know sent out on the 2nd of may but it still hasn’t been received by the royal man so it must be coming from china despite the adverb saying it was a uk sir um what else is happening

oh i’ve had a gdpr request from my neighbor who’s the one that you know complained to the police about my camera she’s put a gdpr in about it luckily i’m covered by most gdpr legislation i had a quick look and spoke to the ico and they simply think it’s okay as long as i’m not filming other people and it’s only for security purposes and possible crime use she actually has asked me to delete all recordings of her and my child well the camera does that automatically i only saved recordings when it alerts me to something going on that shouldn’t be going on outside for instance about 15 months ago there was kids in the blog i don’t think i’ve got that recording still because i’ve only worked out how to use the camera like the last couple of weeks ah i didn’t know it kept overwriting and overwriting i didn’t know how long it kept the recording tool it’s not very long apparently it’ll keep still images for a little bit and it’ll overwrite those still images as it fills up but actual recordings it’s on like a 24-hour loop i’ve suddenly discovered so you can go back in time about 24 hours and you can get video from that time but it’s not much more than 24 hours i think there’s no instructions in the camera about how long it goes on for it all depends on the memory card and the lighting and all sorts of things so i don’t know but you have to if something happened you have to take a video of it there and then or it gets overwritten before you can actually store it and as it is only being used for my personal safety and crime prevention it’s fine unfortunately

her letter hasn’t actually um complied with legislation because she’s given me 30 days from the date of the letter but the letter is dated the 7th of may it’s the 18th day so it’s taken 11 days for it to get here

there’s no let head on it she named me by my full name which hardly anyone ever uses and she’s quoted the use of sending it to third parties i’d like to know where she got my name from i’ve made sure it’s not on the internet

so where she’s got my name from i don’t know also she hasn’t left me an email address so how she thinks she’s going to get copies of any data i’ve got i don’t know i could always print out charger for it

but there we are um on other news i’m liking this tripod already it’s not only has the case got a black and red case so it makes it easier to look at the camera because it stands out but the tripod itself this is why i wanted the tripod mount it’s a nice salute mount and the camera is so steady and i can have it quite close up now because it’s on a proper tripod i don’t have to film it on tabletops and things like that because the previous mount was only a selfie thing and it only went up to about that far so i had to keep putting it on table tops or coffee table or table over there and it’s not exactly stable when cats are going through thankfully i’ve chosen the right time because as you can see well as you might not be able to see the cats are sleeping

um mental health is down to minus three from minus two on last recall um my sleep has improved but i wouldn’t say it’s improved terribly because i still wake up tired i’m getting broken i’m getting a lot of sleep but broken over two or three sessions so i’m not getting a long deep sleep period thanks to my um honor band he’s actually measuring my sleep quite good was it quite well quite well good’s not appropriate in there uh what else coronavirus or as we’re now saying on youtube the sea word

just under 200 deaths today or yesterday in the last 24 hours anyway um on the face of it it looks good but that’s on the face of it as i know myself it’s easy to manipulate data i’ve worked in it long enough to know what you know figures mean and they are virtually meaningless figures you can make them say whatever you want given the same data i could format it three different ways and you can get positive results negatives results or ambiguous results from the same data set so

i’m not trusting the figures because from what i’m seeing

most people around here haven’t been obeying locked down to begin with

and with the mass increase of people using public transport now i mean it’s all very well said khan saying oh well we’ve got to keep social distancing we’re going to have 10 of our um capacity but that’s only if someone forces people to keep social distance as everyone knows most people do not do anything their tone unless there’s someone telling them at that time to do it pieces of paper and programs on tv it’s the xbox culture i mean it’s all right going around murdering prostitutes and you know crashing cars on the xbox but it’s not in real life but some people can’t distinguish between

tv and real life and they see the news conferences and the broadcasts about how many deaths there are and how many people have been vaccinated or not vaccinated tested they see that as another program like an xbox or a playstation game and it’s not real and it’s not happening to them and it’s all a bit pathetic really because

some countries like india

i think the figure for india was 3 000 cases and only 500 deaths or something in southern india kerala province i think it was like 500 cases and nine deaths so

if most of the world can manage this virus quite well

what has gone wrong with britain

i mean look at the last year we voted to leave the eu which i did vote to leave but not on the grounds they put on tv i just didn’t like the bureaucracy of what the eu had become and was becoming um

i mean if david cameron had actually managed to persuade the eu to reform then i would have probably voted to remain because it’s a good idea i think there should be one overall government but there wasn’t one overall government there was an overall bureaucracy with the eu if it was one government with one set of policies and health service and that and everything was the same across europe then i wouldn’t have a problem with remaining in europe but every country had their own little thing and i’m talking different health services different defense systems different police systems you know all these things centralize them fine i haven’t got a problem if you pick out what’s commonly known as the best of everyone and everyone gets improved

but having different benefits and different health services in different countries applied to different people and different reasons

it was asking for trouble people had the freedom to go anywhere so they would go upon me they would go wherever they it would be a benefit to them if they’re going to travel in europe they’re going to travel to benefit them not for the best of society to benefit them it’s not it’s new normal humans will go where there’s more money where there’s more benefits where there’s a free health care whatever is you know more appropriate to them at the time would there have been so much freedom of movement if there was no need to move anywhere

if everyone had the same currency the same healthcare the same benefits the same police the same laws if you could not get away from what situation you were currently in there would be no need to move apart from for work and i support that but having different multiple systems in multiple member states they’re not learning from their lesson it’s all just been brushed under the carpet what britain was doing was highlighting the differences what brussels wants to do is highlight the uniqueness and similarities and it’s like they’re burying their heads in the sand because at the end of the day all they’ve done is not getting rid of us

and it’s not going to be long before

europe realizes that freedom of movement is costing countries more than it would without the freedom because people are countries are losing people to more prosperous countries so there’s a slow gradual migration from poor to rich as you would see i’m not sure how slow or how gradual it is it doesn’t feel like it’s slow or gradual but we keep getting told it’s not very many people and you’ve only got a look around and you skip quite a lot of europeans and hey i’ve got a problem with europeans at one point my class myself is european but rather than british

and i won’t say i’m proud to be european

i am british whatever that means anymore because everyone in the rest of the isles wants to break up and go their own way scotland for one island should never been part of britain in the first place northern ireland we gave ireland back its independence and kept a few counties for ourselves what was that about i’ve looked it up as people watching this program has probably seen past

many programs i’ve watched and you know i’ve read all the websites relating to the irish handover and the irish free state and all this and it doesn’t make sense to me okay we had a lot of people in ireland that wanted to remain british

but it’s like splitting britain into the remains and the leaves and keeping the leaves as part of britain and the remains to stay independent of the rest of britain the rest of the independent britain so it’s bizarre when you put it like that

what else i’ve got my arm bits and pieces to put the extension socket out there the internet is fairly stable now it had a bit of a dip for about half an hour last night but as long as it’s not more than about half an hour but even then i straight away i looked up to see if there was maintenance going on and there’s still no maintenance on the vodafone website it is a bit annoying if they’ve got issues in the area they should put it down on the website just to let people know but i think they’re just trying to

hide the fact that there seems to be an awful lot of maintenance going on at the moment but thankfully it’s all getting result and that’s all settled down um still no one from the council has contacted me i’ve actually contacted a couple of people and asked them to call me back and they still haven’t called me back that was a few hours ago i mean it’s six o’clock now so

it’s not gonna happen today um

apart from that i don’t think there’s much going on it’s fairly quiet so far around here but it is a summer’s day well a sunny day i wouldn’t say it’s a summer’s day it’s only may

um what am i waiting for now i’ve got cat bits to come next week i think i’ve got my little adapter for the microphone for up here but the microphone on board in this case doesn’t sound too bad i don’t think as long as i project a little but the external microphone just takes all the echo off so the sooner i’ll get that back better um what else is there i keep looking at merlin because he helps me sometimes but he’s fast asleep as well so you can’t even stare into my eyes what else is there nothing as far as i’m aware i’ve got three videos now to update oh big bonus i’ve had two new subscribers whoa that’s something like an eight percent increase i think two new subscribers thank you very much for subscribing um drop me a comment um like and subscribe share i don’t mind you sharing this post it on anywhere if you can i’m not sure you can but let me know if you can or you can’t i don’t know if there’s anything wrong with the video or if it’s too dark i haven’t even seen where the lighting conditions are right normally i have to light one up there but i thought i’d give it a go as it is anyway thank you for watching and i shall speak to you next time you