The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

2 Jan 2018

hello happy new year

the saga continues straight in the new year um christmas new year was pretty quiet just me and merlin for most of the time um january 2nd 194 pound of arrears on the rent still got low income been turned down for pip again and the reconsideration seems to be a waste of public money in my opinion because the reconsideration didn’t take into account anything i said on the form that i submitted

i mean i actually said that i didn’t get out the ass very much and i was actually i confronted them about the nervousness and anxiety at the interview because i was because of the noise and that wasn’t even reconsidered it they might as well just said well mr gibbons we don’t believe you we believe our assessor we’re not having you what’s the point and the mandatory reconsideration if they don’t believe a word i say my word against theirs they carry 99 of the way so how do you beat the assessor if they don’t believe you they believe them what’s the point of mandatory reconsideration so no food no money

i’ve emailed cop anyway i’ll i’ll leave it with them initially oh and to top it off the housing benefit system has let me down again i put an online claim in as advised by um antonella at cabley just before christmas and i’ve just gone back on to check the status of the claim and how far it is and it hasn’t even been processed so london borough barking dagnam their online systems have found me again it took two years to get my account sorted a year and a half ago which i wouldn’t mind but when i kept telling them what the problem was they kept ignoring me and resetting me a password

and it was only thanks to some kind woman down at london borough park beyond daggum job center job the daggum library

that um she said oh sit down and talk to someone and i spoke to someone online and they said oh it should be working and went back three hours later still wasn’t working went back the next day to dagnam library and got it sorted out and by the way they had to do what i told them manually link the rent and housing benefit accounts or rent accounts tax accounts so that i could actually do anything because it wasn’t linking with the information i gave them well so yeah you don’t leave a customer for two years just because you’ve got one backstage’s policy that’s stalking dagnam’s answer for everything oh if they ask too many questions put them on a vaccinations policy i could be asking questions because i don’t understand what they’re saying have they thought about this no if you don’t understand it’s your fault mr gibbons

always my fault

the fact i’ve got arrears of ring for the first time properly ever and i’ve been paying rent for 24 years and apart from the occasional mishap with banking and stuff like that or i’ve miscalculated what the monthly or a rent should be because they don’t tell you what the monthly rent should be they tell you what the weekly rent should be and the difference between four times the weekly and the monthly is about point three

or at least point three of a week which is enough to throw their systems off because it works out about four point three weeks to a month on average but if you only do four times the weekly then you miscalculate your rent so when they send your rent statement out for the beginning of the year when they change the rent why is it the only i’d give you the weekly figure and not this would be the equivalent of a monthly figure of so you haven’t got to work anything out you’ve got in black and white from them because they want their week they want their rent weekly i remember when i said i was going on i’m standing older and doing it on a monthly basis buckle and dagnam were the most unhelpful unfriendly not focused on the end customer at all organization i’ve ever had to deal with this is why

i refuse to do direct debit with parking bagging council because initially when i took over the rent i thought oh yeah it’s going to be nice and easy i’ll set a direct debit and i did do a direct debit for two months first month they took the right amount of money out second month they took two months worth of money out so i’ve counted direct debit straight away and had an argument bark and dagon council to get started in all the details i know we don’t do standing order miss gibbons

really and they don’t stand in all the details i said you can either understand longer and i tell you how much you’re taking or i will permanently pay in arrears by one week and it’s not enough for them to take you to cook for but it’s enough for them to trigger all this extra admin and paperwork i mean by the time they send you the call what are they going to do they take it to go and say well why are you constantly one week in a row of misgivings and you turn around to the court and say well they refused to give me details for a standing order because they bullsed up the direct debit system and they didn’t even apologize for it then i don’t think many cooks in the land will you know evict you because hey you’re awake in the wreath because they’re being the most unhelpful and unfriendly i don’t know anyway i mean amir is basically because the adult social care team for london borough barking bagnum are incompetent fools steve and mina take note and mr merchant is no better in my opinion in fact he’s more liable than steven mina

apologizing for me contacting people and advising he will get my number and put it on a block list that’s really helpful for someone with autism to hearing it

fools the sooner someone takes you to call barking pagan council for incompetence and neglect and hey i wish i could call the police and say you’ve been assaulting me for four years but they won’t see mental abuse as assault so you’re lucky you’re getting away with it at the moment

but there are other grounds i can get you on and i am working on it as best as i can so be warned i’m not going to take any more of this and the irony is bark and dagnan council have approved my move to a new flat on mental health grounds and because of the mental health team i’m now in rental rates thanks guys talk about sticking it where it hurts it’s like oh we’ll let him go but we won’t let him go it’s just constant more constant abuse

anyway i’ve emailed his advice because they were the ones that knew what they were talking about so i’ve emailed some advice i’ll see what they say i’ve also copied in or sent it to rent and benefits as well because after i spoke to the nice man at the rent section this morning he said well we will need evidence and this is the bit i don’t understand if i had a claim for housing benefit and he was terminated by dwp and they are aware of it was terminated you effectively have zero income and if you’re entitled to housing benefit on zero income why was the house and benefits stopped why do you have to make another claim for housing benefit if your claim was terminated by dwp and not cancelled by you really don’t understand that way someone needs to explain how the system works to me so i can understand it i mean i know the local authorities get notified from dwp by central communication of people receiving benefits i know they do have i used to work in land for 10 years you know before it became hmrc and we used to get the same information from the banks so i don’t know anyway i’ve changed the look of the site i’ve made it a bit more colorful i’ve changed the titles and the credits on this vlog

um new icons new animations i’ve tried to standardize the format

hopefully this has improved things i’m going to try and do a more regular one as well because it’s been a few weeks now since my last vlog i did do a few over christmas but i never really got one was over 30 minutes long and that didn’t go to air so i’ll try and keep them short this time and with any luck more frequent so watch this space we’ll see what happens thank you for watching you