it’s may the 2nd if i read the date right saturday may 2nd 11 35 a.m

um it’s not been a good week

i’m releasing this one out early sequence this is actually going up on the days recorded i hope anyway as long as i can get the internet working which is another problem i’ve had hardly any internet all week because i’m waiting for a sim card from vodafone because they think i’ve got a corrupted sim

i’m beginning to think i’m not too sure that their diagnosis is right now because at certain points this morning i was getting 32 meg down instead of one or two so i’m wondering if they’ve actually been doing maintenance and they just haven’t advertised the fact anyway well wait dpd they ordered another sim yesterday because the one that was delivered wasn’t delivered

uh i’m supposed to be getting a 24-hour delivery so i’m supposed to be getting a sim today but i haven’t received a text message with the tracking number and they said i’d get one within one to two hours and that was 15 hours ago now 16 hours



i am confused

how certain departments of waltham forest council can just ignore me in fact i’m even more confused that one of their chairmen has managed to put me on a block list for the emails without responding to my emails at all or even checking then this is the i think the chair of the health committee

and there were reasons i don’t just copy people in randomly it’s not just i’m emailing everyone i’m emailing the people that are either directly concerned or indirectly concerned with either my housing or my health hoping that someone along the line would actually take notice and maybe chase someone up why am i getting these emails internally at least no i don’t see any of that

so because waltham forest some departments of authenticity council don’t seem to know what customer service is i’ve had to do what barking and dagnam council never drove me to i’ve had to start doing free information

requests to get a copy of all my data i housing records and whatever records they’ve got actual copies of the files plus any communications with me electronic or otherwise

sorted by department and officer

plus any records that have been removed or deleted plus reasons why they’ve been removed or deleted that will take a time because they will need to go through the archives on that one so i’m not expecting that one anytime soon but i’m expecting it a response within the normal 28 days

plus any modifications or amendments they’ve made to their service or other buildings including my flat to allow for my mental health state and autism which i already know is nothing but let’s see what they put down and i’ve asked them to supply a list of any amendments that were proposed and marked as completed even if they weren’t actioned and who authorized or sanctioned all those actions

hoping that might trace

i mean i’m probably gonna get replies back from one from forest council saying oh no this doesn’t fall within the roommate of the freedom information act because that’s what barker and dagdam did

and they did section 14 me i used treated me as vexatious even though they hadn’t told me i was being treated as vexatious but i did get an internal memo from bark and dagnam which they then denied saying mr gibbons is um vexatious and he’s no longer being dealt with

so i’m not going to go through 25 years of that again so friday i started ringing around i might see if i can get a list of emails for local solicitors and see if someone would take my case on

which seems pathetic this is why i’ve not done it before it seems pathetic because all i want is someone to answer me

they don’t even answer me when they do do something and when they do well strike that do do when they do something because

if they don’t tell me because of my autism i don’t know whether they’ve done something or something has happened external to my request

so they need to tell me because otherwise it just gives me more anxiety about what’s happened and why has it happened and regardless of my autism like i keep saying i’ve even offered to volunteer my services to train the housing department it won’t take half a day

the rest of the departments i don’t want to blame everyone housing and adult social services they’re the two i’m supposed to have contact with because this is what i’ve been told

and yet they don’t know customer is a touch of the ass from their elbow sort of thing independent living fine the only problem with independent living is the council recently put them in the middle they basically sent me an email recently

in reply to my complaint which i didn’t actually raise they raised internally because they didn’t want to talk to me in reply to my complaint they said oh we’re dealing with independent living now he’s going to be the go to go between without any authorization from myself without any sanctioning via sectioning or a court order they’ve taken my rights away and they’ve disposed of them via the independent living team which is also contrary to my rights not only have they not made any adjustments from my mental health because i have ma i’ve told them what i need and they refuse to action it so many officers rent called me from their personal mobiles because i notified them that i don’t take private calls there was no complaints with rents mr singh from rents was charming even when i spoke to the independent living officer duncan angus even knew of mr singh and if everyone was like people because i got someone out i didn’t get his name but someone else from rents called me about 40 minutes afterwards because they’re working remotely there wasn’t enough time to update the records so before mr singh had actually updated the records and it you know passed through to the system another colleague called with exactly the same level of professionalism so it’s not the entire council it’s just housing and adult services at the moment i’ve not really spoken to everyone else housing and adult services i can guarantee no customer service from the ones i’ve had contact with and you know joonad is one of the managers and these customer service skills are zero

the best conversation i’ve had with june had was a few weeks ago when he called me when i was trying to get in touch with the chief exec who refused to talk to me and michelle maloney who said she was going to talk to me on the monday and didn’t and i’ve emailed her directly and she still hasn’t responded although it was only two days ago

if i email people directly you’d at least expect them to say why are you emailing me this is more proper to such and such no i don’t get that from anyone and they think i’m spamming their email system because i have to email so many people to try and get one of them to respond to me if i had one person talking to me then i wouldn’t email 15 people but i email all the counsellors for my world karen bellamy who’s not in my board but she has helped me so that’s four people i email me mp five i email the housing manager six already six people

then there’s the chair of the housing the economic growth and the adult social services and the health committees 10 because as a cover if i don’t get a response from the ones i email i would at least hope that someone on that list of 10 would actually why is this bloke you know ask internally why is this person emailing me rather than one of them contacts i.t to have it blocked by a spam which is you know against my rights putting me at risk and there’s no reason why he’s blocked me i’ve sent an awful lot of emails but that’s because there’s an awful lot of stuff i’m not sending spam emails every email is chasing a previous email to which no one replies the more replies i get the less people i email if people spoke to me correctly had good customer service

and just did what they were paid to as mr singh from rent yes that he said i thanked him so much for the way he treated me and how patient he was with me and he said no don’t worry about it mr gibbons i’m paid to do this and i said to him i wish people in housing would have the same attitude because they don’t the attitude that comes across from waltham forest housing is will do what we want to do it doesn’t matter what you ask us doesn’t matter what our duties in laura are i need to provide a safe and healthy environment for their tenants doesn’t matter about that they said we’ll do what we want

and that’s not the attitude they’re public servants public because they’re funded by our money servants because they’re there to serve simple and they don’t get it and it is effect i’m suicidal if it weren’t for the three cats i’d have opened a vein

if i if merlin hadn’t adopted me four years ago i’d be on the floor in the kitchen bleeding i wouldn’t be making this video

but no one talks to me and all they want to do waltham forest council is push me off onto a group that i have nothing to do with my health or well-being they’re just there for guidance i’m not their most severe case and that’s what worries me it’s not because the way they treat me it’s the way they’re treating me and other people that are worse than me i am conscious i’m coherent at the moment but it’s getting to the stage where i’m getting very angry and i’m not getting anyone even to the fact that stuart threatened me last year no one in 16 months has responded to me

they haven’t said we’re going to take this up with the law the police they haven’t said we’re going to get a call order to restrain him they haven’t said anything to protect me

i want it in writing i don’t want someone doing something in the back without telling me i’m not asking for the impossible if they’re going if they’ve read an email and they’re going to take action you click on reply and you just say thank you mr gibbons for your email not the contents have been noted because that means i’ve ignored it in most situations thank you mr gibbons for your email we will look into this and get back to you that is what i want that is good customer service or if it’s a simple matter of i’ll contact xyz department thank you mr gibbons for your email i have passed it on to x1z department and they will contact you shortly

and as a housing officer should if they are involved with it they should be the key point of contact and they should put a note in their diary and after three days or whatever it is not something silly like two months after three days for instance they should contact the other department and see if the email has been actioned and if it has been actioned they need to know what’s been done and then contact the customer come on this is simple contact the customer to confirm they can close their case whatever record system they use to track the calls just contact the customer via the same method they contacted you on

and just let them know our records show or i have contacted the other department and they have stated that this matter has been resolved

please can you confirm hello caspy it is not difficult this is like first year training and yet housing oh were very busy too bad you knew you’re gonna be busy when you took the job on you’ve only got to work out how many housing officers are to the amount people in the states

if you can’t cope with the pressure give it up and let someone else do it

i have no sympathy for people that find it too difficult to do their jobs professionally you either do it professionally or you’re incompetent that’s all it is in my book there is no halfway house there’s no only sort of professional it’s like being sort of pregnant

and it casper here comes my little baby again

so now i’ve gotta waste my time or as i put it to well on one of my emails i’ve got to waste my life trying to find a pro bono solicitor

because my rights not only as a citizen but also as someone with disabilities has been breached big time for two years by waltham forest council despite the fact every communication i have i tell them i’ve got autism and depression and anxiety and on the tenancy signing i told them the same and requested that all departments were made aware and was assured that this will be flagged up on their system even though what they didn’t say is they’ve got multiple systems that don’t talk with each other because waltham forest haven’t paid the money to actually integrate all their systems with each other

surely that is putting people at risk if there’s multiple systems that don’t interoperate like with me where one system may have been updated but other systems repairs or ado social care or whatever

just don’t have the same details

i mean i know it means spending money oh i know it means spending money but it’s for the safety of the public they have let’s face it the recent kovid 19 thing has shown us that where safety is involved they can find money and this is for general safety i mean they’re so incompetent waltham forest council that they send people to clean the stairwell to remove all items that was their instructions no they didn’t do it they started knocking on the doors excuse me we’re supposed to be taking all this do you want to take it in

that’s not what they were told don’t knock on the doors remove the stuff some people will only learn by cost money finance

if you’re told to do a job and you’re authorized by your manager you do what you’re told we’re not talking nuremberg or nazi war crimes you’re removing stuff from a fire escape that shouldn’t be there what is there to knock on the door about and to this day they still haven’t cleaned the fire escape there is still personal items in the fire escape so do not send people around to enforce what your responsibilities are that think for themselves and get their thinking wrong because they’re not trained in health and safety or fire regulations they’re people picking up rubbish unless there’s someone there that’s trained in fire regulations they should do just what they’re instructed to do

even if there is someone there training fire regulations they should still do what they’ve instructed to do remove all items not leave some because oh well it’s not really important every item in the fire escape is a potential hazard when that place is filled with smoke and fire especially because some tenants have tampered with their fire doors

and there’s no guarantee the fire safety is actually each unit is supposed to be self-contained at the door at the front door the front doors have been tampered with seals have been removed return arms have been removed all sorts of things have been tampered with those front doors i’ve asked for

a general inspection of all the fire doors in the block including mine because i don’t know what the previous 10 i’ve done to my door i don’t know whether it’s safe i don’t know whether they’ve changed it i’ve got no idea and because the council refused to give me the inspection sheet when i turned up oh you have to get that from the previous tenant who didn’t have one because i checked with her they refuse to give me the inspection sheet so i don’t know what is up to spec and i’m not really too you know proud of the inspections anyway because when number 11 moved in i had to give him my old um door spy tour viewer because their one wasn’t fitted and that was before they you know got there

but they’ve also you know they’ve done various things throughout this block

but housing don’t want to know and i’m not going to ask the snt to carry out jobs which are basically housing first mainly managing their tenants if housing don’t want to manage their tenants then please let me know what housing do because i thought their primal responsibility was managing tenants and managing the buildings well obviously they’re not managing the buildings

just by my experience in this one block and obviously they’re not managing tenants because they allow tenants to abuse me and threaten me and they don’t do anything

so legal action now

if i can find a solicitor and the only reason we’re going to the solicitor is because the local government and social care investment are not accepting new cases which is i don’t know why because if they’re doing everything remotely why aren’t they accepting new cases this is just giving councils a remit to do whatever they want it’s almost like as soon as we went into lockdown the local government and social care ombudsman thought or maybe someone outside the lg seo well if they can’t write escalate any complaints to the lg seo then the councils can do whatever they want at least while we’re locked down because there was a message on there i’m not sure if it’s still there but there was a message on the lg seo website

assuring people that councils were expected to behave responsibly during this time when the lg seo weren’t accepting new calls that’s almost the same as what boris johnson did before the lockdown asking people not to do this asking people not to do that and then he had to enforce it with a lock down on the police act

hmm and people still ignored it

so i don’t know i’m gonna have to try and find solutions because my health is

fragile at the best of times

but even more so now

um i don’t know what to do i really don’t

i can’t go shopping i have to wait until it rains to go shopping and even then there’s still people in the streets blocking me just standing around having a chit chat refusing to move i’m sick of asking people to get out the way and then most of the time they turn around to me and say well really it’s up to you to move why they’re just standing there chatting when they’re supposed to be staying home

i am fed up walking in the road and walking around people i’m running out of food again

i’ve got no regular pattern to shop in because i don’t know when i’m going to be able to go out i used to go out every other day just to get little bits and pieces i can’t do that i can’t even guarantee i’m going to get out once a month

i’ve got most of the cats sorted that’s all coming via amazon

it’s me i can’t get food for i’m not vulnerable enough to be on the government list even if i were it wouldn’t help because i can’t get i’ve been i’ve given up checking for slots and even then it doesn’t help because i still have to go down two flights of stairs to pick the food up because they won’t come in the building now so what’s the point in getting a delivery if half the point in delivery is you don’t have to carry the shopping upstairs when you do now so basically i’m paying for someone to go to the shop pick up the food drop it at me doorstep and then i’ve got to carry it upstairs well i could do with a walk backwards and forwards to the supermarket if i could get in the supermarket if people were behaving themselves which they’re not i need a carer as simple as that and i’m fed up of you know ringing around and asking people i shouldn’t have to ask anyone people know what condition i’m in they should be ringing me and saying mr gibbons do want this mr gibbons are you okay mr gibbons no no one

to this day i don’t know who called me this linda don’t know her last name don’t know what department she was in so no one’s gonna look complain against customer service for this linda and if they are they haven’t told me

i am going mad

and i’m getting very angry because of the way i’m treated it’s almost like waltham forest don’t want me to get well because then they’ve got an excuse to put me on a vexatious list or to maltreat me or test respect my rights and i don’t know who to turn to because i’ve got no support i have no one i’m doing all this slowly because i’ve got no one to help me

and it’s like if i’ve got no one to help me

and i’m doing things very slowly what about the people that are worse than me that have no one to help them because i guarantee there’s a lot of people out there that are worse than me in the same boat with no support

if all that wolf and foreign social services care about is can you make a sandwich and can you put your shoes on

then there’s going to be an awful lot of people worse than me that can make a sandwich and can put a shoe on

that aren’t getting support

dwp just don’t i mean their assessments are okay but it’s a snapshot of how you are at that point in time in with people it’s not how you are 99 of the time when you’re on your own with no support and being treated like [ __ ] from your local authority they don’t see none of that and i can’t pretend how i am i am how i am i’m not like 90 of the people that go to the wp tribunals with brand new walking sticks and pretending they can’t stand i am how i’m autistic what you see is what you get i’ve always been like that so they assess me on a good day it’s always a good day when i get assessed

because i’ve got people to talk to

so i’m already a little bit happier than i would have been without going out to an assessment

but it’s a mixed feeling when you go to a dwp assessment because i’ve got someone to talk to so i’m a bit more communicative and because i’ve not got anyone to talk to most of the time which is why i’m doing these diaries because normally i’d be talking to someone but because there is no one i have to talk to a camera i just wish dwp could assess me on these videos when they can see what state i’m in normally at home

i don’t know

they cut me money down a year ago

and because i’ve got no support i couldn’t be bothered trying to get an appeal through

and i’m afraid there’s an awful lot of people like me

where dwp basically chance their hand and they just try to save a bit of money by you know lowering people’s assessment

hoping that they’re not going to have the wherewithal to actually put complaint in or put an appeal in because they’ve just been through an appeal process four months ago because it took that long for my first appeal to go through

and they don’t want to go through that again not that soon

i still think that if they’re going to give you two years or three years or whatever it is it should start from the moment the the whole process has finished not go all the way back to the very first day you put your payment in or you’re claiming because that means

if you take two years if you get two years for instance from the date of appeal from the date you put your claim in and it takes two years to process it including the appeal and all that then on the very first day that you get awarded the appeal you have to put another claim in and get assessed again it could be a week after you get the appeal

i still think that’s wrong yes get the money back dated to when you put claim in but the new claim should start on the day you get the appeal or the decision is made it shouldn’t go from the very first day it should be backdated to the first day but the claim should start when the process was finished so if you get a year you’ll get a year from the process so if it takes two years you get two years back pay plus another two years on that might encourage dwp to process the claims a bit quicker because then they’ve got two years or three years on top of the time they take rather than they take the time out of the time it’s taken


i was hoping to get update but it looks like it’s going to be dry weather so no biscuits for the cats again i’ve just ordered some online but they’re not going to be here for three weeks and that’s on subscription so with any luck i did try calling my friend to see what they think about the food but no one you know she didn’t pick up she’s busy with a cat so i’ve had to all the stuff that i don’t know is gonna be eaten by the cats

because i can’t i’ve got no one to talk to about it so what am i supposed to do

i’m back on the date inside to try and find someone to talk to

it is pathetic seriously if it weren’t for me cats my life would be better off over

because i’m fed up of going through the same repeat all the time i left barking dagnam to get away from them and now the same idiots are here people that don’t know how to deal with customers people that don’t respond to emails people that block emails barking and dagnam even denied putting me on block list until i got that internal email which someone accidentally cc’d me on saying oh no mr gibbons is on a block list we’ve blocked him from the phone calls and we’re blocking him on the email system they said and then as soon as i escalated that up to complaints they denied all knowledge of it

and i’m afraid the same thing is happening here and it’s not my fault because people don’t talk to me i have to try and involve more my mp isn’t saying a thing i’ve emailed him directly and he’s not responded apart from the automatic message he’s not said a word

my counselors have not said anything to me in weeks rosalindoro

emailed me i think about six weeks going there about time this covid19 thing started it was that week

and she responded to my email without even reading it which is a gift you know if she can do that then i’d i’ve heard pick me lottery numbers apart from the fact that she responded to something she assumed and had not read the email so i told her to shove it where the sun don’t shine because i cannot put up with people that can’t be bothered to read what they’re being asked she might will just have a blank email and send it out to everyone saying make up your own content

so my counselors aren’t getting involved my mp isn’t getting involved housing aren’t talking to me adult social services aren’t saying a word the directors of waltham foreign council including chief exec aren’t replying to me

there are no there is no oversight of councils at the moment with the lg seo down so it is only legal i’ve tried citizen advice they can’t do anything i’ve emailed five local mental health charities they haven’t said a word

so it is down to legal action now

i don’t know what to do

and i’m still waiting for my sim card so i can get some sort of internet this is why this might go up late because if my internet is slow again there’s no point trying to upload it it will just break during the upload but i’ll process it for today and as soon as i get my sim card and the internet starts coming back then i’ll upload it but it’s going to be uploaded as soon as i can anyway i don’t know how long this has been going on for

looks like about half an hour

anyway i’m sorry it’s gone on so long um have a good day and i’ll speak to you shortly thank you for watching and stay safe