hello december the 21st it’s saturday four days to christmas still no christmas cards i don’t expect any more now anymore listen to me uh dropped by excuse me dropped a mobile phone off in strewed but i’ve just realized it’s 7 45 now in the evening just realized that it still isn’t the same one this is a friend bought one from more from stock market and i realized it’s not the same one because not only did her original one have three gig of memory

but it also had a two plus one sim tray well the one i’ve dropped off has a four gig memory and a hybrid sim tray which means that the bloke at walthamstow market gave me some [ __ ]

and um basically swapped phones thankfully it was the same model

and i think a hybrid sim tray will be fine for her extra memory is better than an extra sim slot

so it actually runs well and it’s all set up there so she seems happy the camera’s fine and it’s got all the updates excuse me it’s been a long day again um after dropping that off went to stratford i had word from katie up in leeds that she’s coming down and she wanted me to find some bed and breakfast prices for her but she’s coming down tomorrow so it’s all going to be a bit you know this close to christmas it’s going to be a bit booked up anyway so i said to you know stay at mine she’s coming down with her kid so they can have me double bed and up the sofa i went out today and i finally got the single duvet for the single duvet cover that i got 18 months ago when i moved in when argus [ __ ] up my order and lost about 1400 pounds worth of kit so i got that from sainsbury’s plus another set of bedding double bedding because i want a new set and i’ve got a flat sheet with the duvet set as well because i want to see how that goes if the flat sheets work then they’ll change all the fitted sheets for flat sheets so i’ll sort that out tomorrow i’ll give the place i’ll give the place a bit of a hoover today i’ll give it a tidy up tomorrow anyway

and um the first time in about nine years i’ll be seeing katie again which is a good thing

i don’t know i don’t mean i don’t know about katie and maya coming down that’d be fine the sofa’s comfortable enough for me and i’ve got a nice you know two-and-a-half top duvet so that’ll keep me warm although the place isn’t exactly cold it’s 21 degrees at the moment so it doesn’t really get cold at night here pardon me oh excuse me um so far my seasonal six monthly flu hasn’t come it should have started about september october time yeah i’ve got a couple of sneezes but that’s just the evening i normally get sneezes about this time of night anyway um

nothing else much happening

oh excuse me

have um got the heat you know i’ve just put the heating on because it has got cold in here

so tomorrow i’ve got mary coming down

she’s getting my old oh my new spare camera that i took off the front door

she’s bringing back the fitbit see if it works any better i doubt it somewhere but i’ve had a version upgrade it’s gone from 9.0 to 9.1 so we’ll see maybe i don’t fit me i went down earlier today because i’ve reinstalled the application and um now see how it goes i suppose um anything else worthy of mention and bc would say

not really i’ve got cake and biscuits for mary i’ve asked katie what she wants for breakfast and strange answer don’t worry about breakfast well she doesn’t know that i don’t keep much food in because i end up eating it i might see if i can thaw out some of the mints and do a lasagna

and um that’ll be a half decent standby if i can get that going

she’s not getting into victoria until 8 30. so i’ve got plenty of time to go out and do a bit of shopping tomorrow anyway so i might have a look see if i’ve got any well single portion of mints 500 grams

i need to go out and get some lasagna salt anyway because i’m not confident making it properly yet

and i might while i’m doing that put a loaf of bread on ah i’ve not cooked um bread in ages so at least this has given me a chance to

cook bread

tomorrow i need to um

change the sheets give the place a bit of a clean and tidy thankfully it’s not that bad i’ve tried to keep it tidy anyway

but maya coming down as well she’s about what five six five i think she’s i’ve not seen her for a couple of years and she was tiny then she was only what three

so with any luck things all right i got on well with maya and katie anyway last time i saw her

um not much to do tomorrow thankfully i’ve got mostly shopping if i get a chance i’ll pop out to tesco’s and get some fresh mints

and i’ll do a lasagna

and while that’s cooking i put a loaf of bread in as well

i’ll try and think so what do children eat

maya especially

don’t know but i shall have a think

and see what happens

well that’s me december the 21st all done it’s just waiting for casualty and then i’ll go to bed the cats have had their man half hour running around me and merlin have been avoiding them and now they’ve all gone

in the other room by looks of it so that be one in the kitchen and one on the bed and one on the bedroom window probably

still don’t know what’s going on about christmas or new year

looks like we’re going to be on my own again

last two years have been a bit weird with christmas because last year i had ganker stay i think she stayed for two days three days i think i can’t remember what christmas was she was here for two days or two nights and we were getting on all right at the beginning of the year and then she said she’d do something special my birthday and then stop talking to me like two days before my birthday so i don’t know what happened there last december took ogre out she came from ukraine visiting london and i met up with her every day for five days nothing going on just sort of like we took each other out so she was going around london doing a sightseeing tour and i was going with her because she showed me bits of london that i hadn’t even noticed before and i’ve brought past it dozens of times this is a year ago right things were going all right until about february march

and then she suddenly stopped talking as well my life is full of confusing confusion with people suddenly stop talking for no reason

i was talking to a cypriot recently

and we started going out after about five weeks we started going out a couple of times and then she suddenly start stopped talking and yet she hasn’t blocked me this is the confusing one she hasn’t blocked me she’s still reading the messages just not responding to them

i’ve sent christmas cards to all my neighbors

including two or three that are on the estate that i’ve been talking with two i think elderly people so you’d think they’d have a bit more respect or consideration and yet none of them that’s seven cards locally none of them have sent a reply and you’d think you’d get one i’ve had lita who i’ve known for about six months now she said she put one in the post about three days ago and she’s told me what dress she sent you to and the address is right

so maybe there’s a black hole a christmas black hole around me well maybe it’s because people leave it to the last [ __ ] minute because they don’t realize they i’ve not had any cards and so they suddenly feel guilty that they’ve not sent me one it’s like tomorrow mary’s coming down i’ll guarantee she’s probably gonna have one or two cards with her

not the point really it would be nice to have a card in the post

my life really nothing to look forward to people don’t realize how important that is just to have something to look forward to over the last year the only time i’ve really been out has been on last minute plans no one says oh next weekend let’s do this or friday night let’s do that it’s like friday afternoon oh are you free tonight

or saturday lunch time oh do you want to meet up at five it’s like with nice inviting me out on there but it would be nice to actually want to be out with me rather than oh i’m not doing anything do you want to join me because that’s what it feels like all the time

just someone sticking to a plan or planning like katie she’s been the most reliable person i’ve known apart from mary

and probably dawn who both have put up with quite a lot of [ __ ] from me over the years but they’re still there talking with me and still they’re looking after me even though dung’s on the on side of the planet katie has actually been she’s been through the meal with me over the last nine years it has been i mean there have been periods where sort of like i’ve not really spoken to her for a long time sometimes because i’ve lost the number and she eventually contacts me or i eventually contact her when she loses my number sometimes because i just don’t want to talk to anyone anymore or sometimes because i make excuses about well they don’t talk to me so i’m not going to talk to them but katie will always talk to me and from day one she’s always introduced me to her friends and we’ve all been treated as equals and her friends have been really good

especially the elder women in a group very good people it’s just unfortunate that she moved away to leeds about 18 months after i started seeing her

quite a few weeks i would drive down to her after work because she was only in canning town originally so quite a few times i would drive down to earth it was only like 15 20 minutes in the car so i’d go along the a-13 come on foot cannon town come back on myself and five minutes you’re in there and we’d be there all night talking and listening to music and doing more talking and that’s it nothing else and it was just nice and relaxing sitting down a little bit music a little bit of food occasionally and just having someone to talk to and i’ve just noticed the color tone on the camera has changed

i might clean the light bulbs tomorrow they look a bit dusty it might be that cool

anyway that’s enough of my reminiscing let’s see if 2020 will be any different you probably won’t see these until 2020 because i’m no intention of putting these up online until at least 10 days which means january the earliest i’m trying to do over christmas a daily vlog

so between here and new year i should produce 10 or 11 more vlogs which will be an improvement because so far this year i think i’ve done three so that’ll be a vast improvement and because i’m delaying them i can tell people more about what’s happening because then i don’t have to deal with the onslaught of people seeing it and then suddenly messaging me i’d rather people message me or contact me or phone me off their own back without me going online doing my suicidal routine

no i don’t know anyway for now it’s 16 minutes i’ll wind it up i’m sure there’ll be more information tomorrow i’ll probably give you an update before i go to pick katie up she’s not due in london until 8 30 in victoria coach station so i’ll probably give you an update about 18 30 hours i’ll leave you about 1900 so we’ll do that okay thank you for listening dare i say share subscribe thumbs up all that normal stuff that most other youtubers tell you but hey it doesn’t really matter it’s a personal vlog so if you want to subscribe that would be good if you want to share this and let other people know that’ll be even better thank you for watching i’ll speak to you tomorrow