hello it’s thursday may the 21st

2020 25 past two in the afternoon

12 weeks of false imprisonment by walking for his council and all i get are two emails yesterday evening saying lots of people were talking about you behind your back mr gibbons but nothing’s getting done we’re just going to talk about it

so after hearing this for most of my life and nothing gets done i replied back to the two people one from social prescribing and one from the council that has been helping me and i basically said the time for talking is over nothing’s get done talking is a way of delaying things i’ve got rubbish piling up in the kitchen i’m living off hand out from the local cove igniting group i’m too scared sweeping open my front door

i’ve got neighbors attacking me left right and center

and the laughable thing is i’ve made waltham forest council aware at all stages that i’ve got autism and anxiety and depression

and the one big thing i said to the housing people when i signed a tenancy is oh at least there’s not many people not many families in the block there’s only one family and they’ve since moved out and waltham forest has moved two families in and knowing that someone with anxiety had autism in the block why did they do that

it’s that simple there is a solution get rid of all the troublemakers because i have done nothing wrong i am a bloody good tenant and a decent person and all walks and forest council seem to want to do is to support the law breakers and support them in as much as they let them carry on breaking the law and abusing people with disabilities and they do nothing to stop it pieces of paper and little chat are one thing but it’s action that counts especially on estates i just witnessed this local police come down this morning getting abused by the tenants i emailed karen and ian duncan smith to try and get them to get housing to come down here because it should be housing support in the police in fact the police should be supporting housing at the end of the day these are housing tenants they should not be allowed to abuse the police and that is a breach of their tenancy so housing should be on this estate all the states where there’s problems i don’t care about i haven’t got the funding or i haven’t got the staff well shut down the estates if you can’t manage them then simple if you haven’t got the staff to manage the estate close your estates and then see what government thinks don’t hide the figures if you haven’t got enough people to manage the estate only keep the estates open that you can manage i mean quite frankly wolf and freud’s housing could probably manage these estate correctly if housing was sufficiently trained in correct customer service

and in public service code of conduct they are making work for themselves by actually not doing it correctly the first time instead of thanking tenants and ignoring them they just ignore them

i am at my final i’m at the end literally at the end of my tether

i feel like no one is listening to me no one in 12 weeks has contacted me only duncan from the independent living office has contacted me all other calls i’ve received are because i’ve left a message for them to call me back only duncan calls me on a regular basis and checks up on me without me chasing him

and i’m not saying that’s what i think housing should be doing no housing should just be doing their job managing the estate we’ve got repairs on the estate that have been outstanding since last year i’ve tried to mention them to the housing officer and he just walked away from me he ignored me in a public meeting and no action has been taken about it at least no action that i’ve been told of which means waltham forest council are condoning rude bad behavior by its housing staff no way on this planet should a member of the public service be allowed to ignore a member of the public and yet he gets away with it every time

i do keep asking for him to be retrained i believe he could be a bloody good housing officer if only he had some customer service training you can’t go into that job without proper training and i do believe i mean he’s lasted over a year before our housing officer came along in the first year i went through three housing offices in fact in the first six months from may to december there was three housing officers and he’s been in there since december 2018. so a good long time i just think he deserves a little bit of customer service training and maybe smart enough because he does appear like a workman on the estate he doesn’t look like a hat council officer it just looks like someone that’s digging up the water lanes and there used to be a code of conduct for people in public in civil and public service and i’m sure this still is now because a lot of the other councils though i don’t see dressing like my housing officer

anyway i constantly keep checking me inbounds add me phone in case there’s any missed calls and no one is actually if i don’t hear anything from anyone i believe i’m being ignored it may be incorrect but unless there’s decent customer service and they update me i don’t want people talking about me behind the back and getting things done i want to resolve the issues i want to be discussed in resolving the issues not everyone runs around get to let us out outside and vulnerable and oh well we’ve managed to do that now then what about complaints what about actual repairs what about estate management what about the bad behavior on the estate what about drug use and knife on the estate

what about fire escapes being blocked this is all housing

and yet i’ve mentioned it to housing over 18 months now and nothing gets done the only time housing have actually got something done is when there was a meeting in january and i went over to them and housing and one of the surveyors was there and because the surveyor was there i got the repair done that afternoon so that makes me wonder that housing are sitting on stuff or ignoring what i’m saying i’m not saying everything i say has to be done but most of what i say should be done without me saying anything i keep mentioning to the council you’ve got caretakers on all the estates they should be raising these repair issues that’s tabs playing with a mouse toy mouse shaking the camera hence the reason why i needed a tripod stand because he would have not get over by now no i’m not saying caretakers should do the repairs but they should be like i keep saying the eyes and ears of the council that on the estate anything they notice that needs actioning they should report to housing and housing should action it

it shouldn’t wait for someone to put complaint in before they do something

fire escapes should be cleared every time the caretaker cleans them they’re not supposed to have stuff in there so the caretaker takes anything when he’s cleaning the staircase and then you would have the problem sorted if they’re really worried blanket letters you know just letter everyone it’s all part of the tendency they know they’re not renting the space in the stairwell or the fire escape so they shouldn’t be putting stuff there it’s not their land they’re not paying rent on it they know they shouldn’t be doing it but okay write letters to everyone remind them once no more once and then give them two weeks like they did in my block and they still haven’t done it and then every time the caretaker goes around and does his bits he either takes the little bits and pieces himself where he calls the guys over from the estate cleaners and they come and clear the staircase every time and that way all fire escapes are compliant easy what’s so difficult with that wolf and forest housing

i mean if they’re just cleaners and they’re supposed to just go around with their eyes shut and their ears shut pay them and call them cleaners don’t pay them as a caretaker reduce their income and pay them minimum wage because that’s all cleaners get mostly

and then we’ll see how bad the estates get when you’ve just got cleaners on yesterday because no one want to do that on estates for the price of a cleaner

there’s no joined up thinking by waltham forest council from what i can see

it’s like housing are responsible for the estates but they don’t get involved they don’t physically come to the estate and get involved they are too afraid of knocking on residence doors and pointing out absolutely obvious things stuff outside their door that shouldn’t be there or people wandering around doing you know against lockdown rules even just people on the estates in the evening making any social behavior it should be someone from housing on a 24-hour duty cycle so that if the if there is anti-social behavior housing and the police come down wolfenforest should not leave it just to the poor police they run off their hands and feet and they do so much that the council should be doing i mean give them a chance the police will get there and will do things but they are run off their feet in this borough whereas it should be we call the council and social behavior call them not email them and then get a response back saying we’ll contact you within three days when there’s a party going on and you’ve got no one to call because they took that number away two years ago we should be able to contact the council any social behavior contacts police and then both of them come down

led by housing someone from housing needs to come down and if there’s tenants making a nuisance housing takes a note of the name and address and then marks it up on their record anti-social behavior tick infringement of your tenancy

three strikes you’re out bam half of my block should be out already they’ve already got two or three strikes against them

if housing was doing their job

and that’s where i am at the moment it’s just under 30 degrees i’ve got the fan on the bedroom and the bedroom smells like a swimming pool now which is nice because it’s got bleachy watering because it’s the first time i’ve turned the fan on in six months so the first load has bleach in it cleans it so it’s not chuck it i’ve wiped it all out inside as well but just to clean all the cloth and things like that so the bedroom’s been cooled down for the cats they’re actually ones out here on the floor they’re sleeping on the floor mostly in the kitchen and in the hallway um hopefully by the time this goes to air sometime in july which is six weeks away something like that

then this issue would be result because if i if for 18 weeks i’m still locked in relying on food parcels and i’ve got cat litter bags piling up in the kitchen which will be in the hallway by then because i’ve already got three bags all the council seems to do or want to do is little patchy repairs we’ll get someone i had an email from karen yesterday we’ll get someone around and take the rubbish away no one came

no one and i’ve already said to karen and the council i don’t want the people that should be on disciplinary the same people that refused to carry out instructions from their superiors by clearing the fire escape they refused to do it they took one prayer and i think that was broken anyway

so it’s not an easy life it is a struggle i’m making sure the cats are healthy at least no one gives a monkeys about me

apart from mary pritis she’s the only other one duncan and mary the only ones that actually look after me and yet mary i don’t like putting on because i’m out of her way now and it isn’t really her responsibility it is the council i’ve made the council aware from the get-go and they’re just not upholding my rights as a tenant or as a disabled person

and i really don’t know where to turn the ombudsman is still shot not taking any new cases and i’m not sure it would do any good because the ombudsman can’t enforce anything they can investigate complaints that haven’t been actioned etc etc and they can come up with findings and recommendations but that is it there is no compulsion for the council to do anything even if they get an ombudsman saying you’ve done this totally wrong i’ve had it before where they’ve been told off for not actually doing things correctly and they carried on not doing things correctly and the ombudsman just writes to me saying well we have found in your favor but we can’t do anything we’ve got no powers or enforcement great idea whoever set that one up

so there we are um i’ve managed to do the power socket i’ve put the extension on so that’s all wide and i just need to put the trunk in i tested it this morning the wiring’s perf well not perfect but the wiring safe i just need to put the trunk in order to stop caspi chewing it it should be all right it’s um twin and earth it’s quite thick cable so even caspi’s tea can’t get through that but i’ll put the trunk in on late tonight and that will make that safe i’ve got the wi-fi and the camera plugged into the one i’ve just put on and the wi-fi is now getting 50 meg down and about 25 30 up which is the best i’ve ever had even when i was on broadband for those few weeks i was on broadband i wasn’t getting anywhere near that not in this place and it’s approximately the same speed i was getting i mean the upload is a lot faster than i was getting in dagnan on bt i think he was only getting like eight meg up on the bt broadband but i was getting constantly 52 down 24 7. never had a problem with bt it’s just i can’t get decent signal or decent cabling here from bt because the previous tenants had just like bell cable extensions on and the cable that’s running to the flat from bt that doesn’t seem to be the right cable either and it’s just not getting the signal and i was only get capable of getting four meg at best they could only guarantee one rick and that’s not good enough i need at least five down and at least five up i’m getting anything over 10 is a bonus to me because i use one drive and i sync my phones to the clouds so they need a good upload speed otherwise the sinkhole breaks and i get errors all over the place but at the moment it seems to be working fine

ah what else is there

i’ve mentioned about i’m still waiting for someone to contact me from the council after those two emails are sent yesterday and one of them actually had the chief exec martinison copied him i thought you’re taking the mick so i’ve replied back to her the counsellor and i said excuse me i don’t mind anything anywhere near this he’s caused this problem i tried alleviating these issues back in february and he ignored me he didn’t even read me email and he just passed it on to corporate complaints even though i said in the email please don’t rate this as a corporate complaint so martin neeson is part of the problem all i want from mike neeson is he’s signature on relevant documents when it’s decided what is going to happen that is the only involvement i need from martin if he wasn’t bothered 12 weeks ago then i can’t be bothered talking to him now frankly and the same with michelle maloney she’s supposed to have called me 11 weeks ago still haven’t had a call no apology i mean apologies would be good oh i’m sorry mr gibbons i did pass it on to corporate complaints because one of my staff did this or one of my staff did that

but i’ve copied martin in on virtually every email

and it’s too late now i don’t want to talk to the chief executive he didn’t want to talk to me 12 weeks ago why should i talk to him there remember i’ve got a spur just i don’t hold a grudge but i don’t see the point of talking someone that doesn’t want to talk to me i’m not begging for mercy i’m asking the council to respect myself and to treat all residents with respect unless well even if they are doing something wrong still respect them

not ignore them and the other thing the one thing i want from florex to do which would alleviate a lot of the problems i believe is for there to be a corporate complaint email and all complaints get forwarded to that email box so they automatically get locked not complain to the department you complain to complaints they log it and then pass it back to the department complaining about because if you complain to the department complaints have not got a record and if that department

doesn’t forward your stuff up it goes nowhere

and if they have deleted your email or your letter and it hasn’t been recorded etc etc you can complain all you want to corporate complaints but if there’s no record of the complaint then you will lose the complaint whereas if all complaints are sent directly to a corporate complaint email box and acknowledged automatically so it’s locked then you can get a true realization of how many complaints each department are receiving you cannot trust departments to handle complaints fairly and responsibly not after what i’ve seen it has to be taken out departments and all complaints need to go to the complaint team to one get logged and two get forwarded

i mean really complaints things should manage all complaints it shouldn’t go to the department for instance if i complain about housing the procedure is i complain to housing i write to my housing manager and he does an investigation into the complaint even if the complaint is about my housing manager he investigates himself basically whereas it should go to complaints and if it’s the housing manager complaints investigate the housing manager if it’s someone below the housing manager then it goes to the housing manager for instance or the department head or whatever they are tried making the header of ours out of the waltham forest divisions and i don’t know where the middle management layers are or where it all stops there’s directors and there’s sort of like area managers and all that sort of stuff if it was more like mcdonald’s i’d be able to get my head around it but there’s so many people that are hidden from you and they’re not exactly the most open borough on the planet their website does not give you many details you can’t contact people you don’t know who people are

and i’m sorry these are public servants hiding their names you should be able to see who is in charge have an email address for corporate complaints on the website it would make it so much easier if you’ve got any complaints email corporate complaints so you don’t have to complain to email and address the corporate complaints and maybe even a fax number damn there must be some people out there with fax machines if they want to send you a fax then send the fax but at least email and a postal address anything else that i’ve missed um

no not at the moment i suppose it’s all a bit frustrating because i’m here by myself and i’ve got no support apart from mary keeps offering but i really don’t want her to come down it’s nice to have someone to talk to with that but it’s not going to help me because at the end of the day the council needs to do things they’re supposed to be doing and it’s not like i’ve not tried to help them all the way along the line i’ve not stood in their way i’ve actually i don’t like raising complaints it’s time consuming to get nothing done and the only reason i raise complaints is so there’s a look that there’s something that’s actually been wrong and i still i’m not a hundred percent confident that all my complaints have actually been forwarded to complaints i’m sure people think i complain to get things done no you do things the way you wanted to them but i complained to change the system to improve the system so that it doesn’t keep happening that’s the only reason i complain

anyway i’ve rambled on too long

even though i think it’s only what 15 20 minutes i don’t know

thank you for watching like and subscribe and share and let me know if there’s anything not working or you can’t see certain bits of the videos i’ll have a look into it i’ve been setting them up all sort of like quickly over the last week or so so i’m taking a bit more time on these videos i’m trying to edit them so they look a bit more slick like the earlier ones you see

um let’s say i welcome comments mental health status before i go is i would say minus three

going on to minus four but definitely minus three so it’s getting worse it’s getting on the verge of suicidal again except because i can’t get out i can’t get anything to harm myself with

normally vodka that’s the best thing and kfc doesn’t deliver vodka they’ll deliver coke and things like that but they won’t deliver vodka

i have run out of options you know i’m sitting here imprisoned and my head is just spinning i couldn’t even get asleep to about three o’clock this morning

anyway thank you for watching sorry for rambling i’ll speak to you soon