hello march the 22nd 2020 this is tabs the time is coming up to seven o’clock in the evening well

i’ve discovered some food food frozen mints and an oxo cube

um so i’ve eaten for the first time in five days properly

i’ve still not gone out the ass in five days apart from friday when the cleaner came round and i could take a bag of rubbish out and i’m still waiting for well i’ve run out of most daily basics i’ve got a little bit of bleach left but that’s going to go next couple of days um milk gone

cat litter got one bag yesterday can’t get any more so good knows what’s gonna happen with that i’ve got about five days of cat food left yes i’m more worried about the cats that are myself thank you very much everyone um i found that day from karen bellamy oh this is a good one

the counselor who was here three years ago supporting a stewart who at the time was stoned off his face and there’s a video i’ve downloaded it and i’ve reposted it on to the counselor’s website because she came onto my um post about not getting any support and i’m being attacked by my neighbors et cetera et cetera

and she just happened to put her penis in and i said aren’t you the one that was condoning drug use a few years ago and she said no that wasn’t me so went onto a facebook page downloaded the video off her page and reposted it on my post and said so this isn’t you and he actually mentions her by name and visually she’s in the video

so how many people are gonna lie to me it’s like the staircase still blocked still got tat outside it should be absolutely clear because it’s a fireworks scope the council do nothing i’m only supported by the actual services police fire ambulance they’re the only ones that support me the council doesn’t get any assessment for social services i’m too well to be taken care of but i’m too ill to take care of myself

and all i get is attitude from people people that are supposed to be helping you for instance

in passing when i called karen bellamy today i said you know it’s more than just what’s going on it goes back for years goes back to the day i moved in and i was told you know people weren’t allowed dogs and there’s dozens of dogs on the estate and karen’s attitude was how does that affect you

not oh i’m sorry we’ll have a look into that oh how does that affect you as though yeah there might be dogs on the estate but there’s not much we can do about it and yet for 18 months the woman who came up to me within two hours of me moving in and said she weren’t entitled to a dog had a dog for 18 months in pain with a cancer on its back leg or at least it looked like i can’t say great big bobas and he couldn’t walk to me that looked like a cancer didn’t see him going for any treatments didn’t see him being taken to the vets didn’t see him resting up because he couldn’t walk properly no she would take him for a walk regardless every day he was hobbling along suffering no one did a thing dog on the estate barking for months and months and it only got sorted out in january when the police came to take it away after it bit someone and yet we’ve all been complaining about that dog not about the dog about the owners look the dog’s fault it’s stuck out on a balcony 24 7 with nothing but a bowl out there in the summer a bowl of water i imagine i hope if it’s dog biscuits then the poor dog was even worse

so having worked with this karen bellamy she said that martin isam the chief exec has passed it to someone in assets i think she’s above housing which isn’t the section i need it to be investigated by because housing is the problem i need it to go to another direction oh it doesn’t work like that mr gibbons i was told so if there’s a fault in a directorate that’s affecting my mental health i have to keep going back to that directorate to have my complaint dealt with how stupid does that sound yes normally a complaint goes to the director to which you’re complaining but if you’re complaining constantly about that directorate surely a neutral directorate or the chief execs office as the head of complaints in most councils i haven’t really looked through the tree of seniority and where complaints is but normally the complaint is dealt with by the chief execs office it’s a sub-direct sub-department of the chief execs and so if a complaint is about a directorate it should be dealt with directly by the chief exec in my book no according to everyone and i think they’re talking out their ass if pardoned french you have to go to the directorate to which you’re complaining but i’m not complaining to housing i’m complaining about housing it’s a bit like when i complain about my housing officer can you imagine what would happen if my complaint had to go to my housing officer to be investigated that is stupid that is not logical and i don’t think it’s right so we’ll see but the name sort of rings a bell as well because the name of the person that’s calling me tomorrow apparently sounds like the same woman that wouldn’t give me a direct answer in a question in a public meeting in september just across the road about dogs on the estate she spent four and a half minutes i timed her four and a half minutes not giving me an answer to our dogs allowed on the estate and after four and a half minutes i said you still haven’t answered the question are dogs allowed on the estate and she wouldn’t answer it so it’s not looking like a good meeting lined up for tomorrow

so not only do i have asperger’s and anxiety and i’ve got fear of that endangerment from being in the flat because the place has a blocked fire escape or at least an endangered fire escape should be clear fire escape fire danger escape route out the building not fire escape means oh let’s use it as storage because no one’s really using it and this bit outside my flat no one should be walking past apart from everyone below me because i’m on the top floor so i’ve got to walk past all them

and the only one that has taken the stuff out is the bloke i’ve been complaining about with the drugs on the bottom he took his shoe straight in as soon as the letter landed that same day

so i’m beginning to you know warm to stuart i mean he’s been behaving himself the last few months as well so you know as long as he’s keeping himself to himself which he is i haven’t got a problem with him

it’s only when it over spills into the public area that’s the only time we’ve got a problem with him if he’s doing drugs fine do it in his own place don’t do it around children don’t do it in public areas and certainly don’t run groups if you’re on drugs that is just daft

very much like people nowadays playground behind me full today with children and families in groups of like two or three families at a time and all the kids are mixing

that’s what i mean people around here some people around here don’t give a monkeys about to say they just worry about themselves and it’s not good enough what this curfew which i think is coming in tomorrow is going to prove is that there’s a lot of people out here that will not be told what to do and i can see the police being really busy when the curfew comes in and i don’t think we’re far off it now i reckon mundy boris johnson is going to issue some sort of restricted hours they should have brought a curfew in ages ago should have brought a curfew in and locked all the businesses down all businesses so that everyone stayed home there was no excuse to go in anywhere we’ve still got construction sites with people on buses and trains construction isn’t an essential service you might feel it is because you’ve got family to feed don’t worry about it the government will take care of you if you’re here legally

you see that is the thing if you’re not here legally no one knows anything about you you can’t claim any state benefit so what are you gonna do why work in a country illegally and then you’re gonna have to suffer you the illegal people in this country the illegal workers

all the brazilians and filipinos that are here doing child care and things like that illegally people overstaying their visas working they’re gonna when eventually it gets around to them because at the moment they’re normally in fairly secure jobs but eventually when the money starts running out and they can’t afford to pay you you’re going to be on your ear you’ll have no compensation you won’t be able to claim any of this handout that we’ve been issued yesterday i think it was yeah no friday

yeah friday i think measures were so you won’t be able to claim all that so you won’t be able to live unless you’ve been stockpiling money which you should have been anyway but most people been sending it wherever it is so that’s another issue that you know people are going to need to have resolved do we just i mean you can’t even pay for people to go back anymore because a lot of airlines are now cancelling flights so we are going to be stuck with people in this country that aren’t here legally but they can’t do anything about it now so what do we do about that do we have an outright moratorium and say right everyone in the country now is entitled to stay get your passport stamped if you’re here now to now would if you’re going to have a moratorium that would be the best time to do it because with the airline shutting down and the port chain down you can’t get an influx of more people

so if you are going to have a moratorium do it now let everyone stay i’m not in total agreement of everyone staying only because of the infrastructure problem but they’re going to need support as much as you know someone that’s entitled to stay here if you’re here it’s like i was speaking to someone the other day that’s here looking after like

elderly people they’re in care most of these people they’re not just nannies and child minders they’re in care and they’re looking after us normally

so if they are looking after us then surely we should take care of them let them study simplify brexit and just stamp everyone’s passport who’s in the ca passport in country now let them stay let them be entitled to benefits not entitled to bring everyone else in their family over as well but let them have the right to remain and then we don’t have to worry about all this brexit nonsense and we don’t have to worry about you know all these people that are not entitled to benefits but they’re going to be starving in a few weeks time they’ll all be british they’ll all appreciate the fact that you’ve entitled them to stay

it might not be the british thing to do but it’s the social thing to do

and only a proper racist would say no don’t let them stay let them starve we’re gonna have to do something this is britain after all we don’t let people start not normally if there’s a need out there we help them

self-employed people maybe an average of the last 12 months and give them eight of that excluding expenses because i’ve done contracting i’ve known contractors and some of the expense claims are a bit bogus from others i was always claiming the least amount at all i was always getting the umbrella company saying do you want to put some more expenses in and it’s like no not really this is all i’ve actually bought

so let’s do away with all this stay in the country everyone here entire state if you want to if not you’re not going to get forced but the opportunity is there i would say that would resolve an awful lot of problems overnight

self-employed people take care of the average of their last 12 months

um we do need a curfew not 24 hours but in effect 24 hours i think we’re going to need a curfew

sort of restricting when people can go out which sounds daft because that sounds like what curfew is but a curfew normally work normally tells you when you have to stay home

but i would do it the other way around i would say you’re staying home unless it’s between one and three in the afternoon when you can go within a mile or half a mile just to the local shops

and if you haven’t got local shops within a mile then you go on to some sort of government website register that you can’t get out for food and it will be taken care of somehow i mean at the moment people will be running out of money within the next few weeks especially the employed and it’s going to take a few weeks for the government to get this package in

so i think it’s about time that the grocery chain was taken over by the government in a wartime like basis so basically they take over the supply of food you can’t buy food anymore and it’s all you can buy food online via a government website and it’s supplied for by your nearest shop whatever it is everyone in the land and we’re talking like corner shops national retailers the lot all on by the government this is the only way it’s going to work because otherwise people going to hold people are holding we already know this and the only way to cut down the panic is to cut down the anxiety people are anxious they’ve not got enough nappies not got enough milk not got enough toilet roll all first world countries i don’t see them worrying about toilet roll in africa

i mean they’re more more worried about their lives because they’ve got quite a few people at risk in africa but it needs to be nationalized at least for the foreseeable future the retail chain grocery retail chain needs to be nationalized and then you are rationed food and clothing and toiletries and all that sort of stuff it’s rationed out people can’t afford to pay for it anyway now not until the government starts doing that so for the next month it should be restricted access to food for key workers they can go into the supermarkets and do what they want because they are there 24 7. we have to work around the key workers not around people crying out and got none of this or none of that you know tin tuner isn’t important when you’ve got half a lung full of fluid so you know let the key workers hospital workers medics firefighters police ambulance delivery drivers because without delivery drivers we’re not going to get anything and that includes hgv drivers a lot

let them have the first bite of the cherry i think this country has bought enough food in the last few weeks whether it’s been shared out equally or not i think it’s about time the key workers had a chance because i can imagine a lot of key workers are now doing their job 24 7 on really long shifts and they’re hungry they don’t know where they’re gonna get fed because the shelves are empty keep everyone away key workers only even if only in certain stores

in fact i would go so far as to say the key workers should be getting the food first delivered to their places of work so hospitals etc big places like hospitals medical centers and that they get food parcels delivered enough to keep the staff running at least and the key workers should be getting the parcels first until the supply chain is worked out i mean you can’t trust a lot of people in britain to do the right thing boris johnson realizes that and you can see by his reaction on the news conferences he’s giving he’s

he’s fed up with it all and i don’t blame him i think boris is doing a cracking job

but some people aren’t making it easy for everyone and they’re the people we need to weed out if they’re holding they should be anti-holding laws like there was in the first and second world wars if they’re holding and they’re not going to share the food out then some action needs to be taken

unfortunately some people a lot of people will not do anything unless action is taken people having last minute binge drinks on friday before the pub chat people going out to the park on saturday and sunday or to the beach or to the seaside or going out in family groups posted all over facebook you know oh we’re cycling you know 15 miles and we’re having a picnic well cycling 15 miles technically maybe keeping two meters distance but do you realize if you’re cycling behind people you’re still breathing their breath in at 15 miles an hour that two meters get shortened to probably about two foot so just because you’re on a bike traveling at 50 mile an hour over two meters apart does not make you safe and furthermore if you think about all you’re doing is spreading the infection further around instead of being isolated your own little area you’re going outside your area and spreading the infection you’ve only got go past someone’s garden and they’re sort of like in their garden and they’ll get infected if you’re infected they’ll get infected so no cycling journeys please no picnics no play days over the park councils please lock all your parks down i’ve had it with my council they won’t even lock children’s playgrounds down when they say they’re going to lock children’s playgrounds down before there’s a virus outbreak and so people are using it as a dog dog litter training colony for children’s play area waltham forest you should be ashamed of yourself i mean i like the borough and i like the council and they’re really helpful

except for the vulnerable children people like me people with autism people with disabilities because i’ve been trying to champion the calls of people like me since i’ve been here fighting for disabled access fighting for disabled parking base trying to get children’s play areas locked when they’re supposed to be locked trying to get dogs kept out of children’s play areas but waltham forest time and time again have turned me away they’ve said no and they’ve ignored my requests and in one stage in one week i went from yes we are looking the play area to oh no they’re old at their old signs and we’re not enforcing them and they can’t afford to take the signs down

hmm we shall see what wolf and forest council have to say after boris johnson’s speech tomorrow because i think things will change quickly now there’s been people over the park behind me and it’s only a small park there’s been people over there all day there’s been kids out all day with each other do parents not actually want their children around

is it more global hello caspy my little babies say casper tabs merlin’s coming across we’ve been trained really at the moment given what’s happening in the world and sorry that’s caspy turning speaker on so someone needs to sort something out because this is just getting pathetic now i look forward to what waltham forest have got to say tomorrow but if it’s anything like what karen bellamy told me today then i’m just gonna have to escalate this up because a fire escape needs to be kept clear at all times no doormats no shoes no prams no bikes no anything if i can do it why can’t anyone else and furthermore if i’m not getting much joy tomorrow i’ll be putting a request in to have the howling state inspected by the fire brigade because if this block is in breach of fire regulations i’ve been in some of the other blocks they’re in bridge as well i want the whole estate inspected instead of just dealing with one stairwell they’ll be dealing with 40 or 50 of them and checking all the fire doors are secure and safe this is what happens when people ignore me i’ll just carry on i know i’m right okay i told a counselor that she was a [ _ ] idiot you’ve pardoned the french but i’m sorry after three days of chasing to get someone to talk to me and she emails me because she can’t be bothered to pick the phone up she emails me about the corvid 19 outbreak and she thinks that i’m the one panicking about corvid 19. hmm i think the words [ _ ] idiot were appropriate for rosalind dory

even one of the other councillors called a door so where’s this door i come from i don’t know but if you don’t answer the question i put to you you’re an idiot and if you’re constantly doing it you’re a [ __ ] idiot it’s just classification to me

and politicians i had oh this is a good one i had the invisible counselor phoned me today this afternoon about three i think it was 3 30 something like that and my first question to him because i didn’t even think he existed i was about to put complaint in saying someone’s you know doing a blinder with a false person and you know splitting the expenses

and he phones up and my first purse my first question to him was where have you been for two years because i’ve not seen you in the meetings that’s all i said silence for 15 seconds asked him again and he carried on talking over me and i said excuse me just answer the question where have you been for the last two years because i haven’t seen you at the public meetings he was apparently at the christmas party no public meetings but at the christmas party

according to one of the council staff there

and he wouldn’t not to me so unless he can answer a straightforward question there’s no point him giving me platitudes because no one else wants to deal with me because no one wants to read the emails that i send and answer the emails rather than answer what they think i’m asking rosalindoro for example several times in the last 13 months i’ve i’ve complained about disabled parking on the estate we’ve actually got disabled bays on this estate with bollards next to him

every time i chase rosalind about it she asks me to remind her what the actual question is and i’m sorry after four or five times i’m not going to remind you i’m going to call you [ __ ] idiot because you should have a record you shouldn’t have to ask the customer all the time about what you’re supposed to have been doing eight days ago i went to her surgery rosalind dorae went to her surgery i mentioned quite a few things including the fire escape

and she said oh yes a letter went out about that i saw that it’s good that it’s all clear now then she was assuming it was clear without even checking or asking the residents i said what’s clear about it all they’ve done is ignore it the only one that hadn’t ignored it was the one our region complained about 18 months ago who’s now behaving himself

oh so eight days ago i was going to get an email on monday she was going to chase it up you know like this disability conference and housing conference that was coming up i’ll get back to you on that one

she never gets back to you not unless you start chasing and chasing and chasing and this is what i’ve had enough of i’ve have to complain about my housing officer to get anything done i have to chase rosalindoro to get anything done i’m promised things that don’t get delivered letters are written putting my health and safety in danger by the council and nothing gets done i’m treated like an idiot by my housing officer and nothing gets done and now i’m referred back to housing about my housing complaint and people wonder why i’ve got an attitude even the council this afternoon karen bellamy said do you think it’s something to do with your communication attitude

i said you tried doing this for two years and then see if you have an attitude at the end of it

so another day without going out i’m stuck piling rubbish in the hallway because i’ve only even put rubbish in the staircase because i know how dangerous rubbish in the staircase is

but no i’m not supposed to complain about the staircase we’re supposed to just let grenfell tower happen time and time again lessons will be learned they said after each child abuse victim lessons will be learned after each ferry disaster lessons will be learned about every plane crash lessons will be learned after every tower block that’s collapsed or gone up in flames

when will lessons be learned

i think i’ll sign off i don’t want to make it a long one tonight so i’ll sign off for now and i’ll be back probably tomorrow with another supplement good evening