hello now i’ve got to stop looking at the microphone

hello good afternoon it’s may the 22nd 2020. oh five past one in the afternoon

it has been a struggle since last time i spoke to you um my health is rapidly going downhill mentally and physically i’ve got three bags of rubbish and flies in the kitchen caspi is loving it he’s chasing the flies like he’s going he’s in 7th heaven casper

um i had the police round on what i call suicide watch last night because rebecca morehouse bless contact them worried about my health and i pointed out um it’s more my physical health than my mental health i was concerned about because of the rubbish building up in the kitchen i also happened to mention i’ve blurted everything out to the police you know i’ve got no one else to talk to so talk to anyone that comes to the door um i even miss the christians coming around every three months and debating the bible with me i enjoy a nice little debate over the bible especially when the christians never answer the questions you put to them but coffee yes it’s going to be a long one i think today

um yeah the police came i told them about what’s been going on with wolfenforest council how they’ve been imprisoned me for 12 weeks how i’m afraid to go to the door etc etc etc

they were very professional very nice i was so apologetic to them being involved again i explained to them last night i’m fed up with mental health and the police clearing up after the mess that the council have made i just want the council wolf and forest to clear their own mess up

and no one i feel no one actually believes me i’ve got plenty of people understanding and i’ve got plenty of people we made in me saying other people senior officers i’ve got duncan this morning on the phone duncan angus bless i feel sorry for his team because they’ve been lumbered with it they had no choice they just got complaints to tell them you’re aliasing not fair shouldn’t be independent living liaising that basically is an insult to me because basically the chief exec and housing see me as a mental health case and they i can only assume by their inference

that everything is fine and dandy with housing

possibly because all the people above housing are looking at the complaints and if housing aren’t logging all their complaints

or they’re only looking complaints they can immediately resolve because it makes them look good who’s checking that they’re locking all complaints anyone no one i’ve tried raising out to the chief exec martin neeson i’ve emailed him directly this morning and karen because karen has been i have wasted so much of character time she’s not even my counselor bless her and duncan have been keeping me on track during all these 12 weeks and even karen i believe is getting lighter

she’s asking for things to get done and she’s getting promised things will get done but nothing’s actually getting done and for a government that relies on trust

otherwise nothing gets done for a government that relies on trust and that’s what the civil war public service relies on

it only works if you have people you can trust

if people realize they’re not being oversight or checked up in layman’s terms then people will do what they can get away with and if that means infringement of gdpr regulations i know r means regulations but you know what it means

it’s a bit like saying pin number it’s just a pin and everyone calls it a number but it is actually number number um not only is there a breach of data protection and gdpr because my confidential information has been disclosed to the residents either knowingly or unwittingly by housing i have various issues around one of my counselors having a private facebook account with one of my antagonists as a personal friend tony bell i’ll mention you by name you know who you are

but not only does one of the tenants have close connections to people inside the council

is i believe getting information from the council

i’ve sent um an email to duncan this morning he called me and had a chat with me for half an hour so and i sent him an email he basically fooled in the email that i sent mine and just highlighting a few points that are the bare bones of the issue and it all comes down mainly to poor customer service in housing lack of respect for the disabled by housing and a lack of respect for the disabled by waltham forest council particularly regarding their phone system that uses private numbers people with anxiety do not pick up private calls to us it is the same as someone wearing a mask knocking on your front door you would ask them to take the mask off before you open the door

so i’m asking them to disclose their number before i answer the call it’s the same thing banks before lockdown used to ask motorcycle couriers to take their helmets off i’m just asking for all public bodies to disclose their number it isn’t a big ask it’s an obligation under the equalities act 2010 under the disablement section people with anxiety do not generally answer phone calls unless they’ve got a record of who’s calling like i say a private number to people like me is the same as coming to the door wearing a mask

in fact it’s worse than that it’s the same as coming to the door in a box that only you inside the box can see out would you open the door to someone you couldn’t see

neither would i

ah bless so so far this morning i’ve sent a couple of emails off basically one to karen because she asked about and i was half asleep half awake at the time i’d only been awake about 10 minutes and i read karen’s email

and she queried about who said you weren’t going to get your rubbish picked up until next week

which was something that married emailed her and i had to i’d spoke to mary and i replied back to karen and i had to point out to her that it’s friday now i was promised two days ago that the rubbish was going to be picked up and it hasn’t we haven’t been called here we are back again 1 30 on the 22nd of may um while i was making my diary entry i had a call from a mobile number i panicked and pressed the wrong button like i often do

and disconnected the call i then tried calling back and whoever it was wouldn’t pick my caller and i’ve sent a text message

saying i panicked and pressed the wrong button but often what happens with the council is if if it is the council often what i found happens with the council is if i hang up or if they go through the voicemail and they don’t leave the voicemail i’ve turned voicemail off anyway because it seems pointless now that was using voicemail as an excuse not to disclose their number so i’ve turned that off but what normally happens with the council i found out is if they can’t get through they mark it up as we’ve called mr gibbons and he hung up on us not we called from a private number and he refused to take the call

and i didn’t refuse to take call i just panicked because i’m not used to people calling especially when i’m not expecting them to call most people normally tell me i’m going to give you a call because i’ve got anxiety do i need to keep telling people this


caspi’s going mad because there’s flies around the kitchen because i’ve got bags of cattleya used cat litter in the kitchen i’ve tried put them in the hallway but they get in the way so they have to go in the kitchen

no other place for them not putting them in their bedroom and they’re definitely not coming in the living room because it’s stinking in there now double bagged as well it’s thinking

i don’t measure my blood pressure i know it’s going up to the roof just by the frustration bless her karen i’m sorry karen i know you’ve done blinding and i’ve just emailed her because she’s getting inundated with people emailing her

and i would rather have my own counselor explain why they’ve not taken any action any relevant action i told one council 11 weeks ago to piss off and read the email before you respond that possibly could be a reason why she’s not responding but at the end of the day i would have expected her to apologize for not reading the email first she’s supposed to be professional and a counselor

whereas tony bell

multiple assurances he will call me from karen

and multiple times he hasn’t

or maybe he’s infringing my rights under he quite exact 2010 as well well maybe it’s just because he’s too close to one of my neighbors i is friends with him on facebook private facebook account i’ll have you know

which seems a bit dubious to say the least mr bell

ah i’ve already told you about police coming around last night i’ve had a call from mental health this morning and i’ve explained to them what’s going on and i simply apologizing to everyone because it is a council issue at the end of the day but mental health are trying to help duncan’s trying to help the police are trying to help but they can only do reports to the council it’s the council at the end of the day that need to do what they’re supposed to do i’m not asking them for anything they’re not supposed to be doing

and yet stonewalled every time

i’ve written directly to martin nixon so has my mp i believe sighs karen bellamy the councillor that isn’t in my world but has been good as gold for the last 12 weeks i am so sorry she’s involved she shouldn’t be she’s only involved because she was or still is a member of the crime awareness thing on facebook for this area and i put a plea in there for someone to help me and she contacted me via that because after i made the same plea to the director and ceo of waltham foreign council and got ignored and to me i see being ignored as not correctly responding appropriate to the communication that i sent that’s been ignored

might not be the legal definition or the dictionary definition but it’s my definition and quite frankly if i ask for help don’t ask for help very often only when it’s essential i don’t try and get people involved i try and leave people out of it because i want a quiet life i don’t have to explain myself to all all in sundry i’ve got a funny feeling this is going to be in three parts because i can hear people outside my front door and i’m expecting

and i’m expecting a return call from someone eventually so i might just end this because i’m getting a bit of a panic mode again because of the noise that coming here outside

and there it goes again and i’ll try and finish this off late this afternoon i’m sorry for doing this in two or three parts but i’ll try and finish it off later

thank you right

well here we are again it’s pi o’clock on the 22nd of may 2020 still

that phone call that i missed because i was doing my diary and i panicked about what button to press never returned my or never returned the call and i left a message a text message saying i panicked and pressed the wrong button i don’t know who it wasn’t mobile number but at least it was a mobile number because i’m not even panicking about who it was as much as i would have if it was a probe number at least eventually i can track that number back to someone but just a moment ago i just had an idea and i called the helpers and safety executive but they only deal with workplace measures so anything to do with council i have to complain to the council about i think i’ve done that

so i don’t know maybe it’s all right to mistreat people worse than you would treat animals i don’t know anymore

i’ve done nothing wrong and i’m imprisoned by waltham through his council and yet those that break the law are breaking the law even to this moment

and they’re allowed freedom of movement the world is [ __ ] upside down

it’s like good people were locked in and all the prisoners are released

oh well looks like i’m gonna have a crap weekend that’s gonna be full of flies and smelly rubbish

i’ve lost my will to live my appetite i’m losing my family

i just want my freedom back

until you haven’t got it you don’t realize how lucky you are

i know these people’s over as long as they can just tick the box saying we called mr gibbons but he hung up they don’t care why i hung up they just want to take the box to pass it on to their superiors say we contacted mr gibbons and he refused to take the call and it was a mobile number not worrying about good customer service and maybe i’ll call him back in five minutes no no one’s worried enough to actually knock on the door only the police

police can manage to come around and make sure i’m all right no one else can

mary will but i won’t have mary come down here she’s not well anyway

and it’s not mary’s problem or the policies problem or even mental health problem and yet when it gets to the council they have ultimate superior powers no one oversights the council the internal structures of the council they are supposed to be there for scrutiny and for safety purposes are not being implemented

if complaints aren’t processed correctly and the ombudsman’s shut who can you talk to if complaints aren’t being processed correctly and the ombudsman’s not shut and they find in your favor and the council ignores what the opponent says who can you turn to because the ombudsman has no power of enforcement none of the opponents but as far as i remember have they’re just guidance they’re arbitrators basically

so i’m stuck with at least three bags it will be four in a moment of used cat litter until at least tuesday it’s friday now bank holiday monday remember so by then i’ll have five bags of rubbish in the kitchen

who says it’s gonna be next week

well no one contacted me to have them removed or to make any plans and seeing as it’s friday before bankruptcy monday and i’ve worked in various councils everyone will be knocking off in about well between 10 minutes and 40 minutes about half three to four o’clock they start knocking off on a bank quality friday

no one will help no communication from anyone in 12 weeks

surely that’s not supposed to happen

all because martin neeson wouldn’t have a meeting with me

what are you afraid of martin well won’t you have a meeting with one of your residents you wouldn’t even give an excuse if i was chief exec of some building firm you’d have me with me there wouldn’t ya yeah but because i’m just the resident you treat me as complain that’s so


i don’t even know what’s going to happen with me from day to day now or moment at the moment my nerves are on a knife edge my sanity is questionable

my head is spinning with all these things going on

and all i have to look forward to is a visit on sunday from the copic 19 group to give me a bag of stuff that i don’t really need or don’t really want

i’ve got cuppa soups galore in there thanks to mary

so i’m not going to go hungry i’ll just make cup soup i’ve got a freezer full of potatoes and carrots

but well i could keep saying to people it’s all right having the food it’s having the motivation to actually do anything with it

and just for the last few weeks i’ve not been motivated to do very much nice there though

but i i’ll just sit here and cry all weekend again because i’m ignored and people just want the box to get me out of their way

well i suppose

unless something happens in the next 40 minutes this will probably be my last update

if it is thank you for watching if it isn’t it’ll probably just be a jump cut let’s hope someone learns from all this because all councils seem to want to do is push people around and take money off them they’ve forgotten the principles of public service

some people in the councils haven’t forgotten what the public service is but overall they just want to take money and sit on their ass and do as little as they can go with

and it’s not fair that people like me have to go through hell

just to get a decent service

i wouldn’t mind if they emailed back with an excuse we ain’t got the staff again got the money but no response at all i mean we ain’t got the staff we ain’t got money isn’t acceptable there’s certain legal obligations they have to carry out making the place safe is one of them

and looking after your residents of tenants as a social landlord they’re supposed to be looking after people like me

i wonder how you get social landlord status removed from the council where the just the landlord is not very social

maybe no one’s ever thought about that one before oh careful caspy spotted one of the flies from the kitchen there’s going to be a few of those over the weekend

that’s why i need the um tripod casper’s just around i really haven’t bumped one bit right okay that be the end of this day unless i get a major update thank you for watching and i’ll speak to you soon