here we are i’ve known post these things on video on youtube but tonight i really don’t give a [ __ ]

i’ve got two cats called caspy who’s eight months old and merlin who’s somewhere between 12 and 13 years old

please people know my address on here please take care of them i’m currently walking down selwyn avenue totally [ __ ] up me ed

and i don’t give a [ __ ] anymore i’ve been ignored by dar bark and dagnan council for 40 odd years i’ve been ignored by waltham forest now for five months i’ve got no friends no one visits me

i’ve got no girlfriend no one even asks where i live

of the few friends that i do have

i just want to make sure that if you don’t make it through the night someone takes care of casper or caspi who’s eight months old black and white and merlin my black 13 year old baby thank you here we are as i said in the last video

laying on the floor outside of homes park station i’ve still got a bottle of red wine and two bottles of beer to go i’ve had two of white and two beer i don’t give a [ __ ] anymore

just make sure someone takes care of my cat in case something goes wrong tonight because five months i’ve been here and social services at waltham forest care as much as about dag barking and dagnam carrot bark and dagnan

so i’m just waiting for a friend from badou who have only met once to come and stay with me

and it’s taken 20 minutes to get here it’s a 10 minute journey maybe 30 minutes i don’t know i’m so pissed i don’t know how the [ __ ] time’s gone

i’m live on my mobile outside holmes park station and i’ve got no one watching me

which says everything

no one gives a [ __ ] i’ve got a few friends

but no one actually knows where i live because i never ask i’m laying on the pavement outside harm’s park station after two bottles of white wine and two bottles of beer and i’m looking forward to get back to finishing a bottle of red wine and a bottle of beer and see if i can kill myself tonight

because i’m not happy

life is not good for me i can’t work it out i can’t motivate myself to do anything

and no one gives a [ __ ] all i’ve got are my two boys merlin who’s 12 years old and he’s a black cat

and caspy who’s eight months old and is a white and black cat and they love me endlessly


as much love as they give me is not enough i need someone to talk to

but there is no one so [ __ ] you all no one cares

i don’t give a [ __ ] about you lot anymore

[ _ ] off get on with your own life like you’ve always done and leave me a [ _ ] loan if you don’t like what i’m saying unfriend me because i don’t give a [ _ ] [ _ ] anymore

and i’m partially passed out outside heim’s park station

waiting for someone i’ve only met once from badoo i really don’t give a [ _ ] anymore just make sure my boys merlin who’s 13 years old and caspy who’s eight months old are taken care of that’s all i care about now please the two cats they don’t need this sort of [ _ ]

thank you whoever take care of