good afternoon it’s the 23rd of my may saturday


um after 12 weeks oh just gone midday after 12 weeks of complaining to the council about various things and not getting any response whatsoever from the council

i’ve got half a bathroom full of rotten cat waste otherwise known as domestic rubbish because i’ve got three cats as regular viewers will know that you would receive most of them

um i have turned my mobile off now so it’s no more than the internet device now because i don’t see the point

of trying to get help

and i’m not one to actually i don’t want people to help me if i’m able to do things myself i want to try and do themselves i don’t want food deliveries i don’t want people to clear my rubbish i want to be able to do it myself and this is what the council are getting i sent one last email to martin eason and karen and ian and i think rebecca from the mental health team final email i think it was full of sarcasm at least i hope it was

it started off it was just abstract so long and thanks for all the fish was that something i used to put down on retirement cards and people leaving cards at work when i where i used to work because i could never think of what to write and so long and thanks for all the fish from douglas adams hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy seem to sum it up totally

um and on that email i sent a photograph of the rubbish piling up in the bathroom it smells like someone’s running a hairdresser’s in there ammonia all over the place i’ve just bought the floors and i’ll get the steamer out later today and steam the floors because i’m afraid the cats might be picking up diseases off the floor and if they pick it up i’ll pick it up

but they’re the important ones around here they can’t clean the floors themselves they just walk where they walk so i have to try and keep it clean for their sake

i’ve thanked duncan andy’s team and karen i won’t bother karen anymore she’s not my counselor it’s about time my counsellors explain themselves

why are they not contacting me why are they saying why have they said on several occasions to karen they are going to call me and they don’t

why does no one seem to take into account the equalities act 2010 when it comes to disabled rights

they seem to apply if you’re gay or you have a physical impairment or some sort of

thing preserved right or something that the equality act considers but when it comes to mental disability they think you’re putting it on well here we go then boys no telephone all i’ve got is contact by whatsapp and email

pretty soon i’ll try and work out how to stop the email because there’s no point

this ain’t going to go out to august as well so i don’t know if i’ll be alive or ill by then because nothing’s gonna happen i have no confidence in anyone doing anything i’ve got plenty of people volunteering to come and help me i don’t want help this is what people are not getting i do not want help i want the council to do what they are paid to do not to blatantly ignore people whether they’ve got disabilities or not they are not supposed to ignore anyone unless someone can show me in the code of conduct where it says oh yes we can ignore you mr gibbons it says it here i’d like to explain themselves michelle maloney

martinison my counselors tony bell rosdoro who replied to my email replied 11 weeks ago and 10 weeks ago i think it was now without even reading it so i told her to piss off i consider that blatantly rude to reply to someone without even reading the email she’s the same counselor i’ve chased for over a year and a quarter now to ask about what’s going on with the disabled parking on this estate and every time i’ve asked her i’ve had to remind her the whole story oh yes she goes remind me what’s going on with the sacred parking so useless maybe i’m not rich enough or posh enough for these people but it doesn’t say in my tenancy agreement that i will only get noticed of service if i speak with an upper class accident or i take in more than forty five thousand pounds a year doesn’t say on my tenants agreement poor unemployed sick people are not going to be respected doesn’t say that so

if it did i wouldn’t have been complaining if it was a fair system and i was told in writing that oh mr gibbons we’re ignoring you because well we don’t like you put it in writing put your money where your mouth is you can’t just ignore people you can’t mark me up as vexatious for instance and not actually send me the letter by recorded delivery so you’ve got a record of it you can’t just write a letter and put it on the system and say oh well it must have been lost in the post no you have to have you have to prove that it has been delivered and where if you mark me up as fixatious and if you send me a letter you have to justify why bearing in mind i’ve got spurges which is a form of autism and unless i understand something i will ask questions you really better justify yourself because under the equalities act you can’t just mark me section 14 vexatious i’m not a troublemaker i’m one of the better tenants you have waltham forest council

and all you want to do is support the people that attack me you are therefore abusing me and assaulting me under the mental health act and the equalities act and also under the human rights act now i i’ve been in prison for 12 weeks you’re infringing my human rights

but you only get away with it because i’m too poor to instruct a solicitor

or so you think

i’m looking at you martin neeson i sent you direct email yesterday you didn’t respond to it your section didn’t even respond to it i didn’t even get your out of office this time and you’re not due back until the 26th of may so why didn’t i get an automatic response from your section have you put me on a block list am i being filtered so i don’t get a message back because you put me into spam

all this has to be answered the more you ignore me the more questions i ask i need an explanation for everyone’s reaction the lack of response from housing junaid derek the lack of courtesy and respect martin passing my email for a meeting to complaints when i asked you not to you have to explain that you can’t just action something and not have an explanation for it if it says please don’t pass this to complaints and you do you have to explain why not oh he’s a minor person he doesn’t really exist he can’t afford a solicitor we’ll just do what we want

i’m not putting up with this anymore i will if nothing gets done get sick because i’m getting a bathroom full of waste including used cat litter and it stinks like hell when the bathroom overflows i don’t know what i’m going to do probably start filling up the kitchen again which is not going to be healthful

alas this ain’t even going out in real time this is going out like seven weeks later than i’m recording it i’m only releasing two videos a week and i’ve already got up until the end of june i think of july no this might be going out mid july i think i’ve lost track of them all now there’s so many up there that haven’t been released yet but they’re scheduled for publication so i’ve got no phone calls because there’s no phone

the only other friend i had outside of mary i [ __ ] off last night because she called me and she was watching tv at the same time and i asked to turn it off and she said i’ll call you back later and she didn’t she just got grumpy with me and said she don’t want to argue with me well no people don’t want to argue with me because they normally know they’re wrong that’s why they always say they don’t want to argue with me

i’m always up for a challenge if i’m wrong you tell me why i’m wrong don’t just say i’m wrong

is it respectful to talk to someone while you’re watching the telling no is it respectful to talk to someone where you’re looking at the phone no is it respectful to talk to someone while you’re on a call yes i’ve had all this before no if you want to talk to someone you concentrate on talking to that person unless you’re actually talking someone about what’s on the telly or what you’re talking about on the phone and including a third person in it if you’re just one-to-one talking with someone cut everything else off and respect that you’re talking to someone otherwise it’s a waste of time talking because you’re not interested

it’s a bit like the mobile call i had a quarter past one yesterday from a mobile number unknown to me untraceable on the internet truecaller can’t identify it but it’s a downtown number and as i remember waltham forest council uses o2 numbers i called it back no response mary called it back no response i left a text message no response who are you and why did you call and why didn’t you call back i know why because you’re probably from adult social services from wolfenforest or housing from waltham forest and you’re just ticking a book saying mr gibbons hung up on me again when i didn’t hang up on anyone i panicked and pressed the wrong button i’m not used to getting phone calls you see and when i do it’s such a rare treat that i do panic if i’ve got things to turn off first because unlike most people on this planet if i’m watching tv i’ll try and turn the tv off and then i’ll answer the phone i won’t answer the phone until i can concentrate on the phone call that’s just the way i am i’m not you i’m respectful and if you can’t call back you didn’t really want to talk to me in the first place did you

and when i find out who you are and i will and if you are someone that works for the council you will get a complaint you will have to explain yourself as well rather than just ticking boxes because you don’t want to do what you’re paid for this is what it comes down to people in the council are getting away with not doing what they’re paid to do i’ve got rubbish piling up around the estate now chairs scooters just being left out what’s the caretaker doing if it’s outside it should be in a shed or in a flat outside is rubbish should be removed but they don’t want to remove it because oh someone’s probably just left it there yes someone probably has just left it there but has anyone got permission to just leave things outside no does anyone rent space outside to leave things in no does anyone own the land other than the council no does the caretaker come around once a day and ignore it yes do the folk waste collections come round three times a day and ignore it yes it’s their responsibility and their job to keep the estate safe and clean leaving rubbish around the place and i include chairs and scooters and bikes and prams leaving that around the public areas should be removed it’s littering the place up it’s unsightly which is a breach of their tenancy as well and the council does nothing

what is the point of a tenancy agreement or a housing department to enforce the tenancy agreement if they don’t you might as well just say well pay us so much a week and we won’t put any restrictions on yet you can do what you want gun running drug running you know anything you want knives guns drugs abusing disabled people park where you like and we’ll just take the money off you and basically we’re living off immoral warnings that’s what the council’s doing if they’re not actively working against crime on the estate then they are passively working to condone crime and to live off immoral earnings you can’t have it both ways you can’t condone crime and do nothing to stop it or to prevent it or to solve it can’t have it if you don’t condone crime and you don’t actively work to prevent crime then you are condoning crime supporting crime and supporting abuse of disabled persons you are supporting drugs you are supporting knives and guns and all sorts of malpractice on this estate unless you are actively seen to be doing something to stop it and i mean all the time not just when people complain people should not have to complain for you to do what you’re paid to do

derek mclean came round here i think january doing an estate inspection and he mentioned my housing officer is very clean by the way and he mentioned to me when he knocked on my door about the stuff in the stairwell is this like this all the time and he did nothing until i put a complaint in and then i had to complain two or three times for anything to happen and then he wrote a letter then they started attacking me my neighbors then he wrote another letter and then he sent the people down to clean the estate and they didn’t even do that i’ve had no response from the council to say that that team are undergoing disciplinary procedures for gross misconduct i.e not carrying out the instructions of a senior officer that is gross misconduct um

nothing the council aren’t they’ve got too much power and they’re getting away with lit almost i wouldn’t say they are getting away with murder although we don’t know what is happening on this state the housing officers don’t know we shouldn’t have the police down here all the time doing the council work the tenants are the housing tenants the police should be called in by housing we shouldn’t have to call the police in

i don’t care you’ve not got enough housing officers i realize you haven’t got enough housing officers but you know hello tabs here comes my little baby i realize you haven’t got enough hours in offices but that’s not my fault i have a contract with you it’s called a tenancy agreement it’s a contract between two parties you and me i keep my side of the contract you have to keep your side there’s no point threatening me and treating me like a troublemaker when waltham forest council are not upholding their side of the contract

thankfully i don’t need many repairs but i’m afraid to get people to come in and repair hold on

the coffee’s gone because

it’s a mixed bag normally the repairs are quite good but the bloke that came in to put when i moved in here the previous tenant had taken the light fan in the living room when the bloke came here after me complaining about the light fitting not being there and i had to raise it as a complaint because i was a home uh exchange and i wasn’t allowed to get repairs for six months well that would be fine and dandy if wolf and forrest would have given me the inspection sheet like i asked like they’re supposed to do when people move out it’s supposed to have a house inspection

they refused to give me an inspection sheet so i couldn’t find out who inspected the property and class the property is fine so i couldn’t put complaining about them and i don’t think they’re allowed to refuse me the inspection see they said you have to get that off the previous tenant i paid 130 pounds to get into the shed because the council wouldn’t open the shed because the previous didn’t have a key i’ve told the council this no one’s even offered to pay me 130 back because i’m not supposed to be open in your shed it’s your shed if your tenants lost the key you should make them pay for the key not make me paid to have the lot broken and replaced but no no one does anything about that my counselors know about that my housing officer knows about it the engagement officer knew about it nothing gets done

and the same with the bathroom the bath kept leaking into the flat below must have been an ongoing problem because i wasn’t doing anything that was abnormal and every time i was having a shower she was ringing the council and repairs were coming well one occasion the repairs got so fed up of being called out like for the fifth time that they started hacking the bathroom apart and the case in around the pipe work the first thing they want to do not take the side of the bath off and have a look see where the water’s coming from oh no let’s trace the pipe work and they started hacking the casing off so they left that in a bad condition two years ago no one’s come around and done a check on it though

no it’s just like well it’s a saturday i just want to get the job done nice thank you but most of the repair people have been fine but you know standing on me so to repair a light thing what too far for anyone to carry a ladder i you know i’m on the second floor because i wanted not quite life away from everyone but all i get is oh can you come down and pick that up or can i stand on your sofa

i’m fed up

i’m living i can’t even repeat myself to like health and safety executive i tried those yesterday only workplace environmental health not taking calls i had a letter from t an email from t-pads yesterday because i complained to them that i couldn’t get anything done by the council and they said oh i’ve spoken because i told them that the ombudsman’s shot

and they said oh i’ve spoken to the ombudsman they are taking um cases so i sent them a screenshot of the ombudsman’s website from yesterday saying they’re not taking new cases so the ombudsman is either lying to tpas

or they’re just not updating their website so they don’t get any new cases but either way someone’s lying i don’t believe it’s t-pose i trust t-pass they’ve got nothing

for me not to trust them but when the ombudsman says to them that they’re taking cases

it’s too late for the ombudsman now anyway i’ve got rubbish building up no one cares i’ve got cats getting ill merlin has got brown stuff coming out of his eye he’s had stuff coming out of his eye before he’s got a weepy eye and it was clear brown today i’ve wiped it off his face and i’ve cleaned the floors and i’ll get the steam cleaner out at the moment to finish it all off so it’s all nice and sterile but i will go ape [ __ ] if my cats get ill because the council are useless

and it’s too far for crisis management now i keep saying this to everyone for the last few days it’s too late for crisis management i’ve had enough of crisis management i’ve had enough of people talking about me behind me back and not telling me they’re talking about me that’s rude and disrespectful if you’re trying to manage me you have to talk to me to explain why you’re trying to manage me if how’s he using the excuse oh he’s not a well person that’s why we’re not responding to him you have to prove that the only reason you’re not responding to me is because i’m not a well person and i’m not justified in writing to you you can’t just put me down as vexatious or mad or demented you have to justify it

that’s what people don’t get okay solicitors are getting involved now i finally started finding people that will talk to me and hopefully by the time you see this it will all be over

unfortunately by the time you see it it might be over something more serious

my nerves are on a knife edge

i have no motivation to eat

i’ve tried self-harming i can’t even do that successfully

and all i’ve got left now is youtube and me cats i have no one to talk to i’ve got dating apps and i’m giving up on those as well i can’t find anyone that i can actually talk to


apart from mary you can all take a running jump

if mary needs anything i’ll help her as much as i can i will help her

and hopefully when this is all over i will take her to dinner at cosbos i think it is in romford lovely restaurant if it reopens if i get out of here if i survive if i don’t get some disease off the rubbish piling up in the bathroom i’ve told wolf and forrest annie and duncan smith and kierstarma now this morning via twitter and if nothing gets done now lord help us

i thought it might be an email or tweet so there we are that’s gone on for i think about 25 minutes now

i won’t say goodbye because i’ll probably do an update later tonight just before i go to bed so i’m gonna do job cuts

it’s 6 30 23rd of may 2020

um we’re into a panic again today this time caused by a ring on the door by the covert 19 volunteer

nice to bring food around but if it’s tuesday thursday and sunday don’t bring around on saturday because it panics me


not to update you on i’m getting a cough now i think thanks to all the ammonia coming out the bathroom even with the door shut you can still smell it

um i’m still trying to get someone to do something i’ve tweeted

i think waltham forest and in duncan smith today a picture of the bathroom

just in case they haven’t read me email

i don’t know

i’m going slightly mad i’m reminiscent of a polar bear i saw in bristol zoo when i was a kid and it had an area no bigger than the size of my flat and it was just walking backwards and forwards

and that’s what i’ve been doing all day walking backwards and forwards

i’ve tried to watch movies and programs i just can’t concentrate

i don’t think anyone’s going to be happy until that

so not so much a hunger strike this time as just

a living strike because this isn’t living

waiting for someone to offer help on a permanent basis i.e the council

they got to stop treating me like a

madman i really don’t know by the time this goes to publish because i’m doing two a week this is sometime july august time this is going out like six weeks from now by the time this goes out

will i be in the same situation or will i be dead

that’s what i don’t know

that’s why i’m doing this as a delayed diary because i don’t want people to do things because they’ve seen this on youtube

i want this to go on youtube in case something happens to me then people will know they can’t cover it up forever once it’s on youtube it’s there

that’s why i’m doing

excuse me it’s been a tiring day that’s why i’m doing these diary entries for my memory and for any call action that takes place after my death

because this can’t be allowed to happen again i’m not the only person this has happened to me but i’m determined i’m going to be the last person it does happen to

councils have too much power there’s not enough oversight and the ombudsman has now power or reinforcement the councils aren’t afraid of being taken to the ombudsman because it doesn’t affect their money their budget their status they don’t even have to apologize to the ombudsman

so ombudsman’s needs power at the end of that all

ombudsmen there’s no point i mean without having someone in charge over the council who do you take a complaint to they basically do anything they want unless you’ve got money to go to a solution and then suddenly they do things shouldn’t be like that they should do things anyway not wait until you get legal action started because that’s a waste of public money in my book and council should be fined for that

i don’t know so that’s my unless something suddenly happened that is the end of my entry for today i did a 25 minute one earlier i think it was

so mental health i would say is beyond a minus four it’s getting to a minus five not quite there yet but i do hope everyone’s had a good bank already weekend and someone out there has thought of me sitting here in my ammonia sudden bloody flat not able to take a bath or a shower because that’s where i’m storing me rubbish not able to go out because the couch have allowed my neighbors to threaten and intimidate me imprisoned falsely for 12 weeks for something i haven’t done

i have given up i really have i don’t know who to turn to you know i’ve tried my mp

my counselors

the executive of waltham foreign council

i’ve tried catch protection the rspca health and safety executive


the commissioner for human rights who hasn’t called me back after about four weeks i’ve tried my gp hasn’t called me back after two weeks i’ve tried mental health it didn’t come back on friday

i’ve tried all the autism groups that i can find i’ve tried solicitors

i’ve tried shelter mind

nationalistic society

the list goes on and on and on over 12 weeks i have tried everyone and yes you know if there was a way of doing it i would have reported the council to the ombudsman but as i said to the woman from t-pass that emailed me on friday and who advised me that she spoke to the ombudsman and they are taking new cases i sent her a screenshot of the ombudsman’s website dated may the 21st but it is the current website saying they are not taking new cases

so like i say the problem is everyone wants to pass the buck no one goes oh dear mr gibbons oh that is p it’s not something that we do but let me look into this for you no one they leave it to an autistic person to try his best to try and get

respect i deserve a little respect and in 12 weeks i’ve had none

housing don’t care the police can’t do anything the ombudsman is shut

i’ve asked for a freedom information request to be mp to see what communications is actually done to waltham forest council i want a copy of all his letters and communications and a copy of their responses i think i’m entitled to that i mean i used to have a john cronis in dagenham but at least whenever he sent a letter you got copied of it sent in with a reply i’ve not had anything from me and duncan smith anything like that so despite the fact i keep getting told by goldie mitchell i think the name is that you know he’s doing lots and he sent letters well let me see copies of this stuff reassure me that you’re doing something you’re not just bullshitting me

so there we are the cats are healthy still thankfully merlin’s eye doesn’t seem to be weeping anymore maybe i just caught it in time and moved all the rubbish into the bathroom in time i’ve cleaned and sterilized the floors i’m gonna have to mop them again because they haven’t been cleaned in such a long time it’s brought like dirt up in the wood grain finish so i’m gonna have to mop them again but they’re clean anyway it’s just i think soap residue more than anything else

and i don’t know

every day is disappointing for me lately

i look out the window thinking

i want to go for a walk

i’m on an estate with 400 people in and not one of them gives me the time of day

i would better in solitary in a prison rather than this hell i’ve been better staying off in dagnan

at least neither people that were going to abuse me then and the council weren’t going to do anything now i’ve got so many reassurances that will look after you mr gibbons well you know we’re a good counselor we’ve had no complaints on aldrich wayne really

oh give some [ __ ]

i can’t bath or shower not that i was anywhere i think it’s been about two and a half weeks since i had a shower and that’s only because i cut me out

i feel like i look like that damned aircraft pilot in iraq during the war where they captured him and showed him on tv

and out of my mind

i put the extractor fan on in the bathroom in kitchen on extract thinking that might help get rid of the um smell of the ammonia nope didn’t do a thing so i’ve turned it off it’s only cost me money anyway

my poor little mind is going right in circles thinking who will listen to him

that in case you can’t hear it is a dog that i’ve been told doesn’t exist on the estate

nice and they want me to sit down and have a chat with this woman from housing

that wouldn’t answer a straightforward question about dogs on the estate that’s going to be a nice one had enough of it

there’s a lot of people that need to explain themselves to me the chief executive michelle maloney start with those two shall we and i keep getting towed but everyone loves the council they won’t listen to you why why am i asking that it’s impossible for them to reply to me don’t think i’m asking for much do your job and manage your tenants

i think that’s too much i’ve got a contract with the council called a tenancy agreement it works both ways even in the agreement itself it tells you these are your responsibilities and these are our responsibilities are they meeting this no can i evict them no if i don’t meet mine can they evict me yes so what is the drawback you know what is the penalty if the council doesn’t fulfill their obligation under the tenancy agreement no one can answer that one

it’s a one-sided contract only higher but i have obligations that they have to make the council have written obligations but they don’t have to make it because hey who’s going to do anything that’s what i mean there’s too much power with the council

the only good thing that’s come out this week really is to finish off the camera mount and the tripod stand and the microphone adapter on this at least i can do diary entries easier and simpler okay they might go on a bit and be in several parts now i think i’ll spend more time editing them than actually filming them

anyway i’m going to call it

at tonight seven in the evening on saturday

thank you for watching like share and subscribe above all share because i could do with the publicity

this is just driving me mad i don’t feel safe in my own flat i certainly don’t feel safe going out my flat

and it’s nothing i’ve done

everyone that knows me says i’m a good citizen you know good upright honest citizen that’s you know helping the community well you tell that to my neighbours

you tell that to drug users that attacked me at christmas when i was dressed up at santa claus and the council was nowhere around it was run by the council and yet they left me all alone down the other end of the promenade what all the council officers was right down the other end i was promised people there with me i was there on my own

if they want to run a christmas thing again this year they better start pulling their finger out and doing it properly otherwise i won’t allow it to happen i will have it shut down on health and safety grounds

no way am i going to allow them to do the same thing to either me or someone

else and all i get back is an email saying oh i did not realize mr gibbons that you felt like that

and yet we went into two meetings discussing what was going on and i only volunteered because they said they was gonna put some elves down there with me that’s the only reason i volunteered i didn’t want to do the bloody job so yes you could class that as another broken promise the council’s full of them

anyway go and then quarter six saturday i’ll probably speak to you either tomorrow or monday although bank all of you monday there won’t be much to write home about on that either so it will be tuesday before anything happens so i’ve got the whole weekend breathing in ammonia basically which i’ve read up is not good for your lungs

so maybe i can claim some compensation as well

what are the counts are going to say they’re not aware of the situation that i’m looking like despite emailing a picture of me bathroom too cardboard boxes bin bags cat litter all in the bathroom and because i can’t get out to the supermarkets i’m having to buy an awful lot from amazon which comes in big boxes because you have to buy stuff from amazon

and to rub salt into the wound oh get this to rub salt into the wound

the food parcel thing i had delivered today came with a shopping list from morrisons for vulnerable people do you really think i’m going to ever shop at morrisons again after they threw me out on bank holiday monday and haven’t even taken my complaining about their manager do you really think i want anything from morrisons in the future i mean it looks like most of my food in this kobit 19 thing is coming from morrison’s i don’t want anything to do with them if all they can do is get free food from morrisons i’d rather starve

i mean considering i throw so much of their food away anyway

and it’s not exactly the food i would pick and i’m not going to be classed as a beggar hence you can’t be a chooser as they say


okay good i’ll speak to you shortly have a good evening bye