hello december the 24th

2019 it’s a couple of days now since i’ve done a video um didn’t have charts when i went to pick kd up two days ago um it was good seeing her again kd and maya i’ve got photographs i’ll try and insert in this video

santa tracker live santa tracker on the background last place he flew was istanbul or no kabul in afghanistan two billion presents delivered still going strong what’s this six housing nearly six hours in

um katie didn’t stay for two nights she only stayed for the one

she basically had to

get her passport application done so she had to bring that forward to get a coach back her ticket she bought was for a seven day ticket so she came down on 22nd and went back on 23rd uh i was tired last night though after you know pulling on a trolley and going around london walked about five miles according to fitbit which i now have back again because i gave it up for dead and mary actually tested it and it weren’t working on her end so she gave it back to me and it all seems to be working so far although the gps is on and i’ve had it turned off before to save battery doesn’t seem to be using much battery so it might actually be that the gps is the time keeper rather than linking to your phone it probably does both but the gps is probably active most of the time hence the reason it’s keeping good time it’s 1746 now and it is actually 1746 which is pretty good

anyway took katie back yesterday we got a passport done took her to the victoria coax station we waited around shoot mega bus wait around the answer from customer services was oh you just have to go up to the driver and see if there’s any spaces luckily the 4 30 she got on straight away it was very busy though we tried getting her on a coach for the 24th today but all the seats will go you know christmas eve is going to be expected she didn’t have a bank card so she couldn’t do anything online so she had to wait in a queue all the time actually she went when i was there um she actually gave me hold on

my first present

don’t know what it is feels like slippers

let’s say she got the right size um

i took the advice of mary today went out and got some frozen meals i’ve got i think a beef frozen beef dinner tomorrow with an all-day breakfast and there’s a frozen

is it liver and bacon i think something i’ve got two frozen meals and an all day breakfast frozen got me pills today while i was over there got a nice yankee candle

i’ve been mean by that yankee candle for christmas listener smells nice i’ve got casper on the table with me watching me record this behaving all nicely which makes a change for you doesn’t it casper the other two are by the radiator in the bedroom i’ve got laundry on finally two sets of bedding on a baby wash because that one uses a steam cycle i’ve not used steam since i had this washing machine it only is operative on a baby cycle which is a 40 degree wash and a steam so i’ll see how they come out that might be the way to do things because it should sanitize stuff and then after they’re dry i’ll put the sheets i’ve got on on tomorrow

and with any luck they’ll come out nice because they need it straight out the packet i didn’t have a chance to watch that’s why i bought new sheets

ah so there we are santa tracker is currently turning away from the camera for a moment boys and girls

north west of afghanistan turkanistan by the looks of it

yeah you know to afghanistan so he’s approaching the eastern shores of europe um oh no caspy leave my milk alone milk

it’s going to be weird saying this because this isn’t going up to the new year but merry christmas we shall have a good christmas because it’s just me and the three cats and a little bit of santa tracker i’ll be keeping an eye on that throughout the evening i won’t be watching it you know 24 7. but it goes on to about 11 30 tomorrow morning

maybe a bit later than that i think there’s a 13 hour time zone why i don’t know you think it’d be 12 hours one way 12 hours but i think there’s a 13 or 13 and a half hour on australia

but there we are so um

ten to six now i shall bid your farewell and hopefully i’ll talk to you tomorrow okay thank you for watching and have a good one tomorrow bye you