hello and a belated merry christmas december the 24th 2019.

just call me the youtube milk boy um christmas me and three cats

i’ve had three presents mary gave me a sort of a christmas hamper with shampoo and bits and pieces in including my fitbit back which now confusionally after three days seems to be working and keeping time almost to the second so very odd there still feels like a software issue i had three months ago with it um the other was katie’s slippers which are lovely all be a little bit too big

but two bigs better than too small i hear you say um and the last one oh and don’t forget the box of sweets um biscuits that katie left as well and the last one was a david beckham perfume box with a where is it hold on i’ll get it because it is weird

there you go sorry about that gap i’ll edit that out oh maybe now the perfume box is fine normal perfume one of my favorites it’s not expensive but it does fine it smells nice and it lasts long um the shower gel and this i’ve never seen this in a gift box before a david beckham card holder

did people really use these or was it just a spare bit of material we had lying around very odd i mean is that in place of a wallet and is it rfi there’s nothing with it is it rfid tagging there’s room for one two three cards which is about all i use anyway so maybe it will come in handy who knows that’s the most presents i’ve had for a while normally i have to end up buying my own i could paid on christmas eve which has stopped me going into my overdraft for the first time in about a month so with any luck i might stay out of my overdraft from this point on

and things might start looking up on the money side i still have the pamphlet to do with me counseling for a third i’ll have to sit down and read that it was confusing when she gave it to me um i gave the cats new scratching boards with some catnip merlin loved it straight away because they’re bigger and wider and deeper and as soon as i put it down he just stood on it and laid down which he can’t really do one he can do on one of them but it’s not as big as he’s used to and he loves the new scratching blocks he just sits on it all the time though don’t know where the boys have gone they were all in here a moment ago um wasn’t really into all the santa tracking stuff this year it’s more or less the same videos that norad put out year after year with a little bit of voice over that’s different but it is worthwhile if you haven’t seen it before it’s worth going on to norad sat a tracking doing a search for it and watch the videos as it flies around the taj mahal and tower of london and all that it is nice google did a i think this is the second or third year that google have done santa tracking and it’s a bit cartoony compared to the norad one

um what else

oh the cats had um some dreamy stockings as well so they’re going through that slowly i’ve rearranged the cupboard now so the coffee is in a cupboard rather than on the windowsill so that looks a bit tiny i still need to get a cupboard or something for the kitchen it’s just it needs a little bit more storage to declutter it

um what else had frozen meals for food today i had an all-day breakfast which was all right you know half an hour in the oven cooked and not really anything to write home about and the same with the beef dinner roast beef dinner it’s not the same you follow the instructions and the yorkshire pudding doesn’t come out chris but the potatoes don’t come out chris but it’s all sort of like hot and soggy sort of thing the only thing that does come out all right is the peas and the gravy the roast beef you could tell was processed roast beef it wasn’t beef beef it was something reconstituted and shaped as beef but it was all right um what else been watching tv a little bit of um youtube my diary as you’re seeing oh done all the laundry again finally cleared four three sets of bedding and me clothes so there’s nothing else to launder now it’s been sitting in there for weeks and all of a sudden one day done it i tried the steam wash for the first time because i finally worked out how to get the steam wash on and it comes out all right i’m you know it’s okay it’s only available under the baby cycle it’s a 40 degree wash and it does a steam wash as well so it sterilizes stuff i imagine and it is good he’s done the bedding all right although it does make the dye run so we need to be careful thankfully it was only like you know bathroom mats that went in with the red bedding um what else is there december the 25th unusually i’ve watched the coin speech only lasted seven minutes this year i think it normally lasts about 12 so and i noticed something odd about the queen she’s got a chipped tooth well at least a gap because she’s i’ve not heard the queen talk for a long time but she’s whistling and if you have a look at her mouth there’s a like a little bit of tooth missing there you’d think she’d be able to get a cap wouldn’t you just so she didn’t wish all the sign like our old um technical drawing teacher mr donald donoghues

um so add a watch of the queen’s beach no bond again you know what happened to the tradition of christmas bond okay malcolm wise haven’t been on tv for years but the bbc still used to repeat their shows but it used to be the queen then a bond movie then the news and then another movie a family movie

because bond really isn’t a family movie you wouldn’t sit down and watch it with sort of like toddlers

but they put like a disney one on and i don’t know it’s all a bit and there’s no doctor who on christmas day when was the last time that happened since the new run of doctor who

um 2005 it started every christmas day there was a doctor who normally sometime in the evening five six seven o’clock and it would be an extended addition normally an hour to an hour and a half rather than the 45-50 minutes it normally is

but no doctor who jody whittaker where is she playing that we’ve had no doctor who all year and the only doctor who that’s going to happen is the start of the next season which is i think new year’s day i believe so 2019 absolutely no doctor who whatsoever

does that really count continue i mean this is like was it sylvester mccoy one of them had a sort of like a strike and they only did like 35 episodes no i think he was calling baker he only did like 35 episodes but it was over three years because there was a strike or a break of doctor who in the middle so really he only lasted like two seasons but he counts as three and is that going to go towards jodie whittaker actually now done a second year because she did like eight episodes in the first year which wasn’t many i think he was only

none in 2019 and she’s doing 10 next year i think i mean i was looking forward jodi but you could be in doctor who but i think they changed too much at the same time it was like oh we’ll have a female doctor who which isn’t impossible according to canon

i mean he’s he met him the doctor metamorphosis when there’s a damage to the body so he could just metamorphose into anything so being a female doctor isn’t impossible but they seem to change the doctor who and the scriptwriters all at the same time which has ruined it in my opinion the stories are okay don’t get me wrong

the plot’s just

i don’t know it was more believable before peter capaldi marvelous doctor who in my opinion are really especially after his first half a dozen episodes when he got into the bit a bit more

but jody whittaker i’m not impressed so far she needs to put more in i mean 18 episodes in basically three years six episodes a year and you call yourself doctor who she needs to do like two seasons next year one at the beginning of the year and one sort of like september to christmas but i’m not sure that’s on the off in for doctor who anyway this is my diary not a doctor who moan but regardless i will sit down avidly and watch the doctor who episodes that come up um what else i’ve got their favorite biscuits back the boys and they’re all having a little bunch of them caspi lately doesn’t leave me alone since i’ve changed the cover on the sofa he’s always with me when he’s not sleeping on the arm on the chairs under the table he’s next to me and he does the same thing in the bedroom a lot of time he sleeps next to me he kicks merlin off to sleep next to me which is a shame for murdering but even don’t mind he’s sleeping by the radiator because i’ve got the laundry on i’ve got the heat you know currently 24 degrees middle of winter it’s 24 degrees um the flat sheet experiment seems to be fine it seems to be a lot better than the fitted sheets because i used to wake up virtually every morning and me fitted sheets would be popping off and i’d have to redo the bottom bit of the bed i’ve had that flat sheet on there for four days and it’s not come out once so it’s a lot more comfortable and it keeps the bed tidier it’s a bit looser which i think is a bit more comfortable as well that was tabs going by

what else is there i don’t think there’s anything else to add to this one

and it’s running into a bit of a wonder as well about 30 minutes at the moment so i love you and leave you hope you had a good one today as i keep saying on the diary entries they’re all going up in the new year so you’re not going to get any real-time diary entries anymore i think it’s easier for me that way i haven’t got to cope with your actions so i’m a bit more open with my diary entries

and these are all still continuously in one take i’m trying to do the other entries with no editing just titles and end titles and that’s it

um yeah i think that’s it so thank you for watching i’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day and i shall give you another entry tomorrow with any luck good night