good afternoon it’s sunday the 25th of may oh sorry monday 25th may see days of the week

2020 17 12. if five par twelve months past five pm


all rather quiet dominic cummings is on tv giving his statement so the actual statement for the kovic 19 thing is delayed it looks like the figure for this week or to yesterday is possibly under a hundred going by the figures of the bpc of just player

which everyone will celebrate as a triumph i wonder if they’ll be celebrated as a triumph in august about when this video gets published i’m just publishing two more i think i’ve got two more to do and this one so three so about thirty seven thousand have died so far on code nineteen as of 25th of may well twenty-fourth almost

um if i am right in what i’m thinking i think in the next week or so things will start hitting the fan again in a big way most people in this estate have been mingling for weeks now but i think nationally

a lot of people are ignoring the strict rules of the lockdown no social contact etc etc

especially with people on the tubes and the buses now i’m expecting the figures to suddenly shoot up again probably over a thousand i reckon a day by the time it gets to well publication day sometime in august because it only takes one person to give it to a handful and then you’ve got a pandemic again and it’s very little strain virus this little thing it’s not going away anytime soon

so i really don’t know

we’ll go into lockdown again just before this video gets published i reckon the schools will be back people go back to work in community and all this sort of stuff there’ll be guidelines on social distance in which most people ignore they’ll put you know

barriers up and things partitioning people often think and stickers on the floor but when it comes to business business wants to profit they don’t really give a monkey about your health they want to be seen to be caring about you but not affecting the end line you know the profit so

we shall see um

i’m not optimistic about getting this right there’s more rubbish in there i think i put two bags in since yesterday because it starts thinking quite a lot in the kitchen so i have to and the thinner bag that’s what i’ve got

so i think there’s two more bags in there so it’s virtually one bag every day and day and a half

so i’ve got an air freshener in there with the window shut so i can just about there to wash clean my teeth and use the toilet


i don’t think anything’s going to get done about my conditions of living my neighbor went out again today now the current social distance in regulations are you can meet up with someone as long one other person this is current regulations as long as you keep two meters apart well my neighbor met up with two other persons and remember she’s got a minor with her she’s got a child with her and she’s putting that child at risk

um and they’re all sitting in the same car and i don’t know many cars but most cars i know you can’t sit two minutes away from someone not when it’s a crowded car

and they look like they were going on a picnic or something i was taking games and toys and stuff and they were dressed like the games at the beach so

i mean if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve got social distancing good luck to them but there’s no need to threaten and intimidate me is there i’ve done nothing wrong i mean i literally have done nothing wrong and people find that intimidating so they have a gun at me they pick on me and bully me and no one does anything excuse me

so i’m not gonna email or call the council my phone is still off i put it on occasionally at night to see if there’s any i had to send a message last night so i put it on then forgot to turn it on but it’s off now and unless i have to

um call someone or i’ve got an iceland delivery on wednesday uh-huh i managed to get a slot in iceland and i’ve got a few bits and pieces that covered my ingredient delivery bread for instance ice cream beer and coke you know things to drink other than coffee

well that’s going to be a challenge finding storage for that i’m gradually going through some of the frozen stuff so i’ve got room to put ice cream at that

but i don’t know i’m not expecting anything to happen until wednesday at the earliest so this place is going to be minging by the time someone pulls their finger around

because i’m determined to dig my heels in this time i’m not going to take crisis management all that does is enables people to just get things done don’t want that i don’t want things just to get done i want things to get done properly without me having to go through this all the time i’m not the only one as i keep saying but i’m the one that’s well hopefully i’m the one that’s shouting the loudest for all of us

it’s not enough that people have rules and regulations that no one seems to enforce around here

it’s not enough that good people exist it’s that bad people get away with things and it’s about time all that changed

i don’t know plenty of police around here we had a force down here yesterday in mass i don’t know what that was all about they didn’t seem to pick anyone up or anything

um i don’t know my sleep is all over the place i mean poor boys i’ve just fed them i feel so sorry they actually missed the bathroom because they used to tabs used to sit on one window in the bathroom window for instance and casper used to sit on the kitchen window and because they’re looking out at each other they used to poke their little heads out and purr and meow people um each other and talk to each other through the outside they can’t do that now i mean they can sort of well they can’t really do it in the um living room because the windows are too far apart and both the windows in the living room are open so if they stand on one i’ve tried it myself if you have a look at one all you can see is the edge of the other one you can’t see the bedroom

but so far i think we’ve gone a week now with this or two weeks with decent in there so i’m living the dream as they say

i don’t think i’ll make this one as long as normal because there’s not much going on on the monday normally

especially a bankology one where i’m locked up i really do want to get out of here

i miss my six mile walks just for the exercise admittedly i probably wouldn’t go six miles in this sort of heat because it’s currently 27 in the living room it has got up to 30 over the last few days not gone over 30 yet as far as i remember just hit 30 the other day

i don’t know such is life as they say

anyway unless something serious happens thank you for watching no change on the metaphor front by the way minus four still hanging at minus four as i described to um duncan a few days ago on the phone um i tried self-harming about a week ago but i’m no good at it i just got minor scratches on me arm i don’t i mean i’ll repair so quickly i don’t think you’d even see it there so i just noticed that one of my previous videos was in three bits and it was out of focus for most of it so i’m gonna have this quick check and if it’s out of focus again i’ll re-shoot it i’m not sure why it was out of focus i think because i kept moving all the time

and maybe because the camera zoomed oh it might have focused it on something behind me and i was all the blur yeah that’s probably it i need to lock the focus on me i think there’s a way of doing on this phone as well anyway so far so good i’ll speak to you tomorrow thank you and



hello it’s the 26th of may 2020 and it’s just gone 8 p.m i still have several bags of rubbish seven eight maybe i think there might be another one coming tomorrow morning because the kitchen’s thinking oh excuse me sir the kitchen’s thinking

i did try turning the phone off over the weekend but it appears that most to do with anything logged in requires to send you a text message so it was on off on so i’ve left it on the only one that’s called me so far is duncan as usual karen sent the police round suicide watch again

once again i had to apologize to the police getting involved because it’s a waste of public funds waste the resources etc etc they were really good as they often are

this time i actually took the police into my toilet which sounds weird but i needed someone to actually witness what i’m going through not just the photograph the smell and how i’m living because with the toilet basically out of bounds because i can’t stay in there for very long so i can just wash my hands and flick some water on my face occasionally clean my teeth i can’t even clean my teeth properly it’s that bad in there and i can’t have a shower or bath so oh excuse me so my hygiene has gone down the pan

i’m holding at -4 mentally i’m determined not to let it get any worse because i’ve got to see this through now

i’ve replied back to an email i missed from karen earlier today about a couple of hours ago oh sure

as you can imagine i’m not getting much sleep lately either um i basically explained to karen in the email that you know she might think i’m angry but i’m not angry with her i’m more angry with the people that have you know been paid to be public servants and refused to actually be public servant i might be just an ordinary person

but i’m not a typical person


i mean my asperger’s does mean that i need dancers you can’t just brush me aside anymore i’ve had you know 27 years of that

i am sorry about the only um and i’m not asking difficult questions to which people won’t have the answers i just need someone to answer me martin neeson needs to explain why he sent my email as a complaint and not giving me meaning michelle maloney needs to explain why i got promised a call from her and she didn’t call

tony bell rosalindor my two councillors i don’t include the third one because i hadn’t seen him in two years and you know apart from one call where he wouldn’t explain himself i’ve not seen him since so tony bell and rosalyn doray

both need to explain themselves

one for not getting involved two for not respecting myself in the case of rosalind dorae3 for ignoring disabled people and you know what i don’t need to go into this on here do i ruslin dorae i would give you your title but you don’t deserve your title neither of you do and tony a facebook private facebook account with one main protagonists as one of your friends really

i mean there was a time i was thinking about becoming a counselor and then i realized you don’t get paid you get expenses and i thought oh council is doing good job and they’re not getting paid i wouldn’t be able to do that because you know it would have to be a full-time job with me and it is really a full-time job and all you get is expenses

um but that doesn’t excuse i mean if you go to become counsellor then you have to do the job and for instance if i raise something i don’t expect it to be re-raised every two or three months and every time i have to explain everything about the issue that i’m trying to write there should be an update there should be a follow-up you should be chasing these things up i shouldn’t have to be chasing you you should be chasing people for me if i raise an issue it’s not good enough to i’ve sent an email you need to send an email copy me in

easy then the customer can see what you’ve done and who you’ve done it with no there’s lots of people like in general now not just my two counselors there’s lots of people from multiple agencies talking about you mr gibbons really well to me it doesn’t feel like anyone is doing anything apart from talking and even then i don’t believe you

someone should be managing this situation someone senior not just the one above june at you know housing it’s gone beyond housing it needs someone senior one of the directors to explain their self or themselves i really don’t get it

to me it is so simple and yet all the council wants to do is waste time discuss things hold meetings hold more meetings discuss what was discussed at the meeting at another mean

just takes three people me a senior director and someone senior in housing hopefully a director of housing if they’ve got such a direct because they change their title so many times it’s so blurry now but it would need to be martin after he’s explained why he’s ignored me

michelle maloney after she’s explained why she’s ignored me


someone related to

disabled services because that is at the end of the day what this is all about and information technology they need to be there also

and information technology purely for information about the systems

and telephone systems in particular because without changing the phone systems not just in waltham forest but across the board because of the equalities act they should have done this in 2010

without someone from i.t nothing will happen at the meeting we need a senior person 90 that can answer simple questions

and then we can move on

but at the moment minus four and holding

having spoken duncan this morning he’s i mean he was going to come around himself i had the police officer to take the rubbish and i’ve had duncan offered to contact housing to get someone from housing to come and take rubbish and there’s so many provisos on it now because of the way i’ve been mistreated by housing and the way that housing have made my life hell

should we do that again how was that

yes there’s been so many issues that it needs to be specific not the estate management to clean my rubbish the rubbish doesn’t go until there’s an agreement partial agreement will do we can talk about the big stuff the disability stuff and all that afterwards we can even talk about all the housing issues afterwards we need to have a partial agreement as a preliminary to the talks and then they can come and take my rubbish

and then we can discuss what happens going on because estates cannot be managed the way that walton forests are currently managing their estates

good people are being surrounded on islands of crime and that cannot be tolerated it’s easy for the council to manage the tenants they have a contract they have a contractual obligation both parties it’s not just the counselling forces the contract on the tenant the tenant also has a right of enforcement on the council but because the council i believe thank you i believe the council are getting a bit overconfident in the fact that most people in the states can’t afford to lose it and those that can don’t live on the states very long i believe that council were taking liberties not only with the closure of the ombudsman i’ve had no reply from t-pass by the way replied back to pass because they said the ombudsman are taking calls and yet their website still says they’re not i’ve had no reply back from t-pass

um this has become have you noticed that this is becoming a full-time career for me just trying to get things sorted i thought they were sorted when i moved here two years ago but then you can’t really look up stats on councils not reliable stats because like i keep saying the way that the complaints procedure of northern forest is organized means that it only becomes a complaint if the department you complain to look is a complaint not all emails not all phone calls not all letters get treated as complaints i can guarantee that

i could test it and put an foi in but i don’t want to become vexatious so at the moment

it’s instinct based on my experience of councils and my experience of wolf and forest council and their complaints and what they’ve done to me in the last three months yes they’re not logging on complaints and they’re not following their own complaint procedures correctly or fully because they certainly haven’t done that with me and if they have an internal note stating for some reason they are authorizing not to treat my complaints as serious because they think i’m mad they’ve classed me as mental health that does not negate my normal rights as a normal person because i am a normal person too i just have a few disabled things and all the council seems to be doing is negating my rights by classing me as mentally deficient or mentally handicapped or something because it’s all secret and i can’t get anyone to help me on the council side i mean duncan’s great but he hasn’t got the access that i require i re this is why i went to the senior directors they have access across the board it needs to be someone from the top who actually believes me first and then gives me a proper internal investigation that can be ratified not just oh i’ve made a phone call and they say they’re doing everything by the book no test it secret shoppers test it you can’t trust managers they are looking after their own job it means to be a secret shopper pretend to be a customer try and log a repair try and get something logged to your housing officer try and talk to a housing officer

make up a few fictitious people that have fictitious addresses on the system contact i.t they can do that for you

it’s all above board as long as it’s all signed off and authorized and legal

it’s fine just become one of these bogus residents and then try contacting repairs or waste disposal or reporting a bin locker broken etc etc go to one of these meetings

you know go to one of the public meetings and see see what happens because i tell you until you do you won’t believe a bloody word i say and quite frankly i wouldn’t blame you but you need to test your system it isn’t working the way it is just have a wander around the estates during lockdown just wander around the estates and then see how many people on the estates are breaking lockdown you’re policing the parks when it should be the estates you need to police if you police the estates the streets were safe the parks would be safe most of the breaking of kovitz 19 laws are on the estates and the reason it is is because no one manages the estate my neighbors they come and go as they please they’ve done they’ve not followed block down at all

we’ve got people sitting out the back for four hours when they should be at home not near home it says stay home we’ve got people standing outside having a smoke at the front door blocking people coming in now that’s not their home

the legislation says stay home standing around smoking is not exercise it’s not shopping either

and it’s not a social distancing two people side by side a meter apart not social distancing that’s what i’ve been saying to austin forest council for the last two months they need to forget the parks and police the estates and then you can police the streets if you police the saints in the streets you don’t need to worry about the parks because you know who’s going to the park they’re coming from the streets and the estates

i mean by the time they’ve got to the park what are you gonna do oh please turn around and go home whereas really if you police the estates i know i sound like a broken record if you police the estates

then you could stop them and ask them where they’re going and if they say they’re only going for a walk what where challenge these people make it look like you’re gonna do something if they’re doing something wrong it’s appearance that matters it’s not what you actually do it what it it’s what it looks like you’re doing it’s all right getting police down here every two days more banded chasing after someone or trying to raid someone

but there’s no threat they always seem to be running after an individual or going for an individual it’s not people being stopped in the street they’re going after someone police never come down here and challenge anyone in the two months we’ve had lockdown i’ve only seen one person challenged and i don’t know what that was for maybe covey maybe not but i haven’t seen anyone challenge down here from a couple of coppers for instance just wondering yesterday

you can’t just come down here five minutes and then that’s it for two days and then come back here five minutes later no you need to be down here literally on the estate for a few hours on and off throughout the day so you’re doing this estate then you’re doing the next estate then you’re doing another estate and that’s all you’re doing a few hours around each state making sure people know you’re there but not a regular pattern so that people know when you’re going to be there

because that’s the other problem you see the council stops at 5 or 4 30 as most people know well what do people do they wait until five o’clock and then they start doing whatever they want smoking cannabis running drugs making loud noises you name it it happens after five o’clock right here because people aren’t as stupid as you think they are they wait until the council’s closed and then you can’t do anything until the next working day which on a friday and a bankruptcy monday is four days away

any social behavior team only have an email address still and the automatic response after you’ve gone through the ribbon row of trying to log in and anti-social thing on their website because not all antisocial is listed so you have to look at the nearest thing and think well is that going to work and then they tell you to keep a log does it happen all the time so basically waltham forest and social policy is if it’s not happening all the time you’re allowed to do whatever you want

if you can’t repeat it if it’s a one-off and it’s partly going on to four o’clock in the morning nothing they can do and if you complain to walton for his council they tell you you should call the police and if you call the police at four o’clock on a saturday morning they will say oh we’re very busy on a saturday we’ll log it but we won’t send the unit out

which seems pointless saying call the police because at the end of the day the council might say it’s a police issue but really it isn’t it is a council issue and when i first moved here it was a council issue and then two months after i moved in they decided we’re going to close the social behavior line and put it over to the police i bet the police weren’t discussed i just said oh police it’s going to be yours now all right we won’t do anything okay then

so wonder how that meeting went in the town hall any social behavior lines going oh well done well good idea that will save ten thousand pounds might make the residence life hell but hey we’re not here to support the residents oh yes you are waltham forest borough council yes you are here to support residents that is all you’re here for you’re not there to pick up fat paycheck or sit on your ass or develop piles you’re not there for that you’re there purely to support the residents and in housing terms you’re there to support your tenants but hey what do i know

apart from a lot more than you probably do i’ve got a background in law i’ve got a background in politics i’ve been supporting myself with local authorities for 25 years i’ve been supporting my father before that for a good 10 or 15 years so i’ve got a good 30 years experience on what councils do and what they don’t do and what they’re supposed to do

the system needs to change and it needs to change quick fast across the ball this needs to be centralized not only is there no oversight of the abuse of power that a lot of government a lot of councils have

but there’s no oversight of if they carry out their basic dues housing safety health environmental health are closed they’re not taking calls two months of lockdown and if there’s a problem with you know environmental health you’re on your own

or in other news

if we leave the council alone for a second

um the daily coronavirus total deaths is about 120 something i think they said earlier

hmm 1966 comes to mind you know when the fourth goal went in for england and everyone started running on the pitch they think it’s all over mark my words 37 000 nearly dead and that’s as of the 26th of may this is going out in about six weeks time let’s see if it hangs under 40 000 because i don’t think it will i think by the time this goes out we would have at least doubled the number of deaths and i see that we will go on to a second lockdown just before this goes to air because what with the people not really keeping lockdown i think one of my name one of my neighbors said i haven’t got coronavirus so i haven’t got coronavirus hmm it’s a bit like saying i’m not dead so i’m not dead

right and yet the majority of people with coronavirus are asymptomatic if you’re lucky you get the symptoms so you know you’re real some people don’t really get ill and they just spread the virus around so what if that idiot who said i haven’t got coronavirus i haven’t got coronavirus actually did have coronavirus and he was going out spreading it he was putting a minor in danger if he had coronavirus because there was a miner in the car with that bloke

and also my neighbor was put in elderly people and man and her mum at risk as well because they’ve all been visiting no one thinks there’s a problem with coronavirus fingers crossed they don’t get it then shall we is that what we’re doing there oh let’s keep your fingers crossed let’s go and bump into anyone we want yes

well hopefully when this goes to air i’m gonna have to hurry up because the lights go i’m doing this all by daylight because it looks better hopefully when this goes to air no more people have died from coronavirus hopefully i will have a clean house again i’ll clean flat

that’s stewart’s bag you can tell it to this day but i don’t think that’s gonna happen the flat will be cleared later this week there will have to be a plan people have to do something

otherwise i will have to end up paying for someone because there’s no way i’m getting the knobs at the council the people that pointed their finger and laughed at me i’m not having them pick the rubbish up i don’t want to waste people because they’re external but not the people that don’t clear the staircase if they can pick my rubbish up they can clear the staircases

and if they clear the staircases i’d like a report it’s a public body they’re supposed to be open and scrutinized give me a report exactly what’s removed from all the staircases just to make sure that you’re doing your job

everything seems too much now

i seem to be asking for a marble bathroom with gold plated taps and yeah i’m not asking for an old bathroom would go blake taps i’m just asking for all the stairwells on all the blocks and all the estates in waltham forest to be cleared within a week because every week every block gets cleaned once a week part of the contract so every week when the cleaner goes in because i’m not going to call them caretakers anymore not until they can’t start taking care

when the cleaner goes in it should be on the phone oh i’ve got another stairwell can you come and clear it bang easy peasy i mean it would be easier if the people that were clearing the estate just went into every block and just cleaned it once a week dead simple up and down up and down clear all these staircases and then once people got the message that the staircases were going to be emptied if you left anything out there

then i mean it needs to be so that the person that leaves stuff out there

if it’s rubbish it needs to be opened and inspected and if there’s paper in there with an address on then the person that leaves the rubbish in the stairwell gets fined and it needs to be a substantial fine a hundred pounds or something if it’s just items prams bikes push chairs that sort of thing well probably a push chair so

then just take it away but if they then start taking the mick and leaving furniture outside

then start finding them for that as well if they start leaving rubbish outside start finding them

and if you can’t trace down who’s doing it or put cameras in your own bloody hallways then instead of telling people like me oh well you shouldn’t really be putting cameras up and yet for 18 months the council’s known about this and all of a sudden oh you haven’t got permission you shouldn’t really be installing it can go [ __ ] yourself basically until you start putting your own cameras up and forcing your own estates i’m leaving my camera you’ll have to take me to cool

i’m autistic i have security needs the council were aware of this they were aware of this 18 months ago when i put the camera the police have seen it the council’s seen it the caretakers seen it and no one said a thing the police have said it’s fine

my housing office seen it and he hasn’t said anything so this is what i mean if people aren’t doing their jobs all the time correctly then they shouldn’t be doing their jobs if there is a problem with putting cameras up then you need to sort your doors out and you can only sort the doors out by changing the locks and pulling cameras up anyway it’s your land you’re entitled to put cameras in your communal areas it’s your land waltham forest council

it’s not your land to do anything with because staircases are fire escapes fire escapes have to be clear you have to enforce it and if you can only enforce it by putting cameras up then put the cameras up even if it’s covering the lifts and the entrances at least you can see who’s coming and going

but i would cameras all over the place

cuts down on crime think about it you think you’ve got a problem on crop with crime running estates put cameras all over the place and act on what you find if people are destroying the cameras they’ll be on camera track them down and charge them with damage

and also if they’re miners well no matter who it is with distraction on the property and get the money back get them to pay for the damage

no we ain’t got the funds we ain’t got the people well you ain’t got the right people i’ll tell you that for sure

and quite frankly if there was fines and people being made to pay for the damage eventually it would stop you take the chocolate away from a child that’s being naughty often enough they don’t like it they will stop being naughty

just treat everyone like children at the end of the day we all are children we all behave to external forces

to some degree

has lockdown has shown not everyone behaves the same way but if you use this the right faults then you can get everyone to do anything you want

and it’s a i’ve had enough now i’m not saying wolf and forest council are the worst i think they’re actually quite a good barrier i just think that certain members of staff need retraining i think the systems are totally against a social interpersonal operation you can’t complain about someone that lives in a block of flats because you don’t know the address you need the exact address wrong you can’t answer any phone calls if you’ve got anxiety because they came up as private i’ve got mine automatically blocked

a lot of people just don’t answer it you know a lot of elderly people just don’t pick them up a lot of them pick it up and it makes us anxious they pick it up and they don’t like to we all see it i’ve discussed this with people around here and we all see it the same as knocking on your front door wearing a mask i wouldn’t open the door to you who’s wearing a mask or covered in your face

so why should i answer the phone to you when you’re coming up private

21 years i’ve been asking that question no one’s giving me a reasonable answer you don’t need to tell me what i already know into the same system i already know it’s your phone system i also already know that your phone system can be easily configured it’s not an old enough phone system out there anymore everything’s been digit digitized there’s no analog pbx’s out there anymore and most of them are running some form of gui windows or even in some cases they’re running linux but most of them are running a window system

so administering it is a simple matter variety

i mean at the end of the day they it set all the hunting groups up and things like that so they can configure

what numbers are published what ddis are issued it needs to be more open open government remember sir john major when he was prime minister open government that’s what we want yes open government

so as i mentioned to duncan today my ultimate goal would be to have ddis for each department anyone calling you from that department publishes that number on their outgoing call it’s simple new technology it’s been around for 15 years i was using it in metropolitan housing trust and that was 2004 and they were only a small housing association so i’m sure local authorities can get the money

so ddis for each department all outgoing calls from that department goes to the ddi for that department


a departmental mailbox so one for housing one for rate sold rent some council tax repairs highways they all have their own individual planning some councils do that quite well waltham forest

are one of the most secretive councils i’ve come across yes they have a nice friendly website but drill into the website and try and find something and you end up being forced back into a certain pattern there’s no okay template is all well and good but there’s no this is housing or rents or repairs or highways it all gives you more or less the same blurb for every department and it tells you about wf direct blah blah blah whereas i would make it more open more usable by people not just this is simple and easy to maintain for it why not have a bit of flair templates across the board that departments can customize but as long as it keeps the same format the same look they can customize their little so that housing looks more friendly and highways looks more highways and planning looks like planning and you can tell from the initial page that you’re on planning site or highway site it’s fairly simple even if it’s excuse me even if it’s just a matter of colors for each section you kick the same template but housing is blue and highways is purple and i don’t know repairs is black or something like that

i’ve built enough websites over the years and i’ve customized so many and i’ve told people to write websites it is not a difficult thing to do look at godaddy and squarespace and all those web building sites out there my god they would be ashamed if one of these councils went to them and said oh what do you think of my website

i wouldn’t even know if they were w3 compliant for instance this certainly i don’t think the wolf and foreign site is accessible as it were they haven’t got an app the web page on your phone looks a bit clunky the menus don’t work properly etc etc cetera it’s just something that it has pushed out and it’s been signed off and no one’s actually looked at it it’s like oh yeah that looks all right on that network don’t try it on your network try and check mobile try on a laptop try not tablet try it with impaired vision you know try it always get someone that’s got impaired vision to test your website how’s that for an idea what does this look like to you you partially blind person no let’s test it with someone that’s young and got perfect vision and see what they think of this funky multi-colored mess let’s try it i think the phrase was made famous by tommy boyd on lbc back in the 80s i think the phrase is get it tested by the bournemouth play group a bunch of eight-year-olds or seven-year-olds and also disabled people people missing an arm although well why not blind can blind people access information on your website is it that accessible and the oral thinking blind website really blind people watch tv well watch tv they use tv as a radio so a lot of blind people can still see

there’s not many people that are purely blind but they have shadows and things like that so they do watch tv and at the end of the day if websites are the young thing and they are mostly especially in lockdown if websites are the only source of information or the easiest and cheapest source of information then they need to be accessible for blind people too has that been tested i doubt it especially guy by blooming colors you know okay i think there is a high contrast option but seriously is it just one of those options that came pre-bundled with the package that built the website i mean have you modified it as much as you have for the visually sighted rather than just visually impaired are you testing these things as you wrote them out on various groups have you tried it with autistic people to see what they think is it accessible to them accessible does not mean just for disabled people in a wheelchair accessible is for all disabilities

and calling a disability is wrong as well but all those people with alternative abilities i think the phrases now get people from various abilities to test things i certainly don’t like many websites many council run websites are awful because there’s too many menus there’s two restrictive on there’s no free text fields for instance if you’re trying to log a noise full and it’s not a particular noise that’s listed on your menu and there is no other on the menu for a free text field to fill in then you shouldn’t be having menus you should be having free text fields i mean a noise complaint is a noise complaint why do you need a menu that just means someone will automatically file it away and ignore it whereas if you have a free text field it goes into an email goes into mailbox someone has to read each one and then categorize it that’s increasing the workload oh yes but it does mean that someone reads the noise complaint rather than it automatically gets logged and filed

hmm there needs to be an awful lot of changes computers are at all and if you let them they make you into a tool alexa living room light on

and the light cuts on

what else is there it’s been going on for 40 odd minutes already cannot really keep it up so the council website changes structure too many managers still too many managers it needs to be more flat

i mean yes you need manager but you need a manager that manages i know it sounds a radical idea but the title manager has the word managing

do you can you

i mean i wouldn’t expect a lot of these managers to be able to run a bath and you know without having assistance

so the structure’s wrong the websites are wrong the menus are wrong there’s no accessibility on the council the phone system needs a total overhaul there should not be a delay on getting through to a human it would be oh we ain’t got the staff i can hear it now i can hear it now i mean get a snare if you did away with the menu systems the ivms

and you gave each department its own direct dial

then everyone in that department would become one operator you call the department all the funds in that department ring someone picks up

and if no one picks up it goes up to the manager if the manager doesn’t pick up it goes to the chief exec

and that way lies madness because as soon as it got bypassed and goes to the chief exec i swear they will be down like a shot why has it bypassed your system and the fans would be picked up a lot quicker i know there’s levels between the department manager and chief exec but no staff manager chief exec because no one wants the chief exec to be annoyed by a customer

one of merlin’s heads so it would get picked up within that department easy i’ve set those phone systems up myself so the phone system ibm out ddi for all departments email addresses for all departments so if you don’t know who in the department you could just email someone extensions for housing offices to be published on all estates and that extension should be a mobile extension i.e you can call that person and it either goes to their voicemail or they pick it up and it should only go to their voicemail if they’re on a call or in a meeting or at lunch i’ll allow lunch but at certain times you should be able to contact your house officer you shouldn’t have to

go through the menu system get through to housing only to get towed that you know that’s not there at the moment my house enough say it’s never there at the moment and it’s funny how they always ask for your name before they put you through if you just got a phone number and died you had an officer you could get through

oh yeah i don’t have to explain why they weren’t picking the phone up on you

because it can’t happen all the time

um blocks internal resident thereof all blocks mail phones communications whatsoever that are being blocked needs to comply with the law and if you are blocking someone you need to contact them and tell them they’re going to block you the reasons why and what the appeal is not just keep it quiet just don’t answer mr gibbons

this is why it needs to go to the director i did mention this what else is there what else you know other news um i think that’s all for the council at the moment i’ve done my mental health i’ve talked about the flat i think that’s about it boys and girls i think we’ll find you there i’m hoping by thursday or friday the rubbish will be cleared because if not by saturday i will lose the cats and merlin is my best friend he’s known me for ten years now

even before he liked me he used to run over to me and let me stroke him

and that’s going back a few years now

so i do not want to lose money and the other two like brothers i don’t want to lose those either so it’s either i’ll get the rubbish cleared or pay someone to clear it or i lose the cats

at the end of the day the cat’s more important

but i’ve got two merlins in in my favor

and we’ll shall see tomorrow see what happens another day another dollar as they used to say remember when a dollar used to mean like was it 50p because it was like two dollars to the pound at 25 p because it was four dollars to pound when i was a kid

i think there’s 25 p original dollar

so there we are oh just on the side no does anyone know what anyone’s supposed to do with fennel i’ve got something from the kovid 19 group today looks like a big pointy onion what the hell is fennel for i’m from dagenham man pie mash and you know that sort of stuff i can cook spaghetti bolognese fennel what the hell is

a friend of mine said something about frying fed like an onion

don’t know it’s all a bit meaningless to me anyway sorry it’s been rambling again and it’s gone on for so long i think 40 minutes 50 minutes i think that is so thank you for watching good night and i’ll speak to you maybe not tomorrow depends if anything happens oh exciting edgy you see they think it’s all over

but at least by thursday yes thursday probably because i’m hoping i’ll have another visit from the police and they’ll have me ice cream violin so i’ll be in a better frame of mind in fact i might do one tomorrow when i get my ice cream because then you can see what caspi does with ice cream he’s a weird cap and i’ve got a tub of ice cream so yes i will speak to you again tomorrow even if it’s only to show you caspy thank you and good night you