hello and merry christmas if it’s still merry christmas it’s december the 27th so i’ve not done a boxing day video um four o’clock in the afternoon i’m just back i got up really late i had another weird night um got about two hours sleep this morning woke up about six then i had another two and a half hours sleep until about 10 30

then i fed boys


had a chat to kadisha online someone i’ve been talking to for a few days now i’ve just come back she spoke to me on the phone yesterday she spoke me on the phone this morning she called me on the way down to walthamstow because we arranged to meet up and um quite nice i’m very respectful very nice easy to talk with which is the important thing to me and she’s actually we went shopping we went little together we had a coffee

and we’ve arranged to meet up on sunday sometime she’s actually arranging stuff around me which makes a change like i always say i’m the one with only cats if you’ve got kids or other commitments then you make arrangements for me and she does it’s the first time for a long time that someone’s arranged things and advanced around me she’s even planning to meet up for new year which is good for me because i don’t really like being stuck at home especially at new year used to go out quite a lot at new year when i was working in the end revenue we used to meet up at new year for parties and things like that doesn’t really happen anymore hasn’t really happened since the inland revenue although i don’t mind staying at home just every now and then i do like to get out and kadisha is getting me out so looking forward to seeing her again

and now it’s time to i’ll have a little sit down now watch a movie or something then do some laundry wash the new sheets give them a proper cotton wash

and i don’t know put some pasta on for dinner maybe

at least feel like there’s someone there now let’s see how long this lasts she seems nice enough you know kind and considerate it’s whether i can get away with not upsetting anyone again so

let’s see what happens not going to keep this one too long there’s not much going on i’ve only been awake for five six hours the boys are mulling around now i’ve come back here comes caspy

that’s it caspian nothing like phone i don’t know that’s his tail

you’re right caspian he just wants to come up and see what’s going on i’ll go and have a chat to the other two boys as well and see if they’re all right i need to wash their um cat water fountain trough thing he seems to be getting dirty quite a lot lately i think caspy’s walking through it again he seems to have wet paws quite a lot lately so before caspian knocks the camera over i’ll go and have a coffee have a chat to the boys and then sit down and chill for a bit so until the next entry have a good one and i’ll speak to you tomorrow did you see him down in the corner hold on

there is my little monster monster say hi to youtube hi youtube it’s monster there we go so until next time au revoir and i’ll speak to you again