um hello

it’s 9 20 p.m on monday the 27th for january

i’m reshooting this video i just made it but i’ve played it back and because i didn’t use the microphone and the room hasn’t got wallpaper on it was all echoing so i’m redoing it anyway because it was a bit rambly

ah it’s been another few days since i made an update

not much happen over the weekend um i haven’t seen anyone haven’t had any visitors

unless i make the effort then um i see no one anyway

uh the louisa front is a bit

up in the air to say the least maybe things will settle down in a few weeks but

whether i can wait a few weeks for

i don’t know it’s all a bit weird there’s no hand holding no kissing no touching because we’re always meeting around her area and she’s very nervous about people seeing her because she’s going through a divorce apparently she’s near the end of it but it makes me wonder why would you get you know you getting divorced why would you not wait until you are divorced to go on the dating site it’s all a bit confusing really um what else is happening the squeal on me brakes on the bike is grease i’ve put degreaser on and the back ones are clear now there’s no noise coming from them at all the front ones are getting quiet i’ll probably need to take the brake pads off and spray them properly so there’s no wax i think it’s wax from the shampoo i was using um what else maybe i need to get that reminds me maybe i need to get proper because i think i’ve used car shampoo maybe i need to get bike shampoo so it doesn’t have the wax in he’s going to sleep next to me merlin’s on the move burning coming up come on merlin you might not be able to see him because he’s on the sofa proper um so the bike with any luck if it stops raining we’ll get sorted tomorrow

here’s merlin yeah you can’t see

um basically i need to need it to be dry because i have to get outside to do the bike

and otherwise i’m going to be kneeling in puddles so i’ll wait for it to stop raining i’m still going out for me walks i’ve worked out that i need to walk

about one and a half miles three times a day spread about two hours apart so i need to do it over a period of like four or five hours so if i start at 10 i do me hour and a half which takes about is it an hour and a half

mile and a half takes about an hour

no an hour is about four miles three and a half miles a mile and a half is about 30 minutes so it works out better so i start at 10 mi walk does by 10 30 which means by 12 o’clock i go out again that’s done by 12 30 so 2 o’clock and then that’s done by 2 30. so 10 to 2 30 and i’m back and i’ve done all the exercises for the day the heart rate is improving i need to go to my gp i might do that from a mile and a half tomorrow go down there in the morning book an appointment to get my blood pressure tested because they say i need to go into the surgery speak to reception right i’ll speak to reception they’d probably just get me appointment for the nurse but my resting heart rate according to fitbit if i’m really clever i might put the graph up to show you from fitbit itself um the resting heart rate has gone down from 66 a month ago to 53 now which is a good thing but it’s only where it was a few months back the rest of the heart rate has gone up and then down

it was down then it went up now it’s gone down again

try working that one out um

i’ve broken one cat bones so i’m gonna have to replace that tomorrow mainly because i was going around checking the 4g signal because i found an app that does it now and i found a new spot for the 4g in the kitchen which gives me about 15 to 20 more

but i think there should be more signal yet to find even if it’s like sticking it outside so i need to work out what’s going on there

because i’ve measured it at the mast literally at the mast down chinford mountain road and that was providing about 53 meg i’m getting 22 so i’m losing half the signal i’m not expecting much more than about 40. at this distance but i should be able to achieve 40. so i’ll have a look maybe vodafone and put another mast up round here and we might have to all connect over to the one in chingford mountain road

okay baby he’s gonna sleep next to me on the sofa can you believe it this is how he sleeps normally

he’s gone well off there and merlin’s sitting on the other side staring at me watching this video anyway so with any like vodafone put another mask in round here and that will sort the speed issues out because i mean i was only getting 30 meg from virgin normally before they doubled it and then doubled the price

that’s the other thing beware of free upgrades from virgin because it’s only free for a period of time then they start charging you for it

it’s almost it’s almost snoring i couldn’t even breathe in there

anyway so i’ll do a survey around here tomorrow of 4g and see where the strongest signal is

and if needs be i’ll re-route everything i’ve got a 5g extender that i’m using currently everything is going through me repeater apart from the cameras which are direct to the router because they’re only 2.4 g anyway so i’ve got that on the router directly so they haven’t got to busy out the um extender they just go directly to the router and i think it not only keeps the router cool because they’re doing quite a lot of communication with the route all the time it also frees up two devices because i think it’s almost reaching its limit the router i’ve got the repeater i’ve got so if i put a couple of devices on the router some of the in fact some of the echoes are on there as well they’re on the camera one and that helps with keeping the router not busy what else is there tabs anything else

i’m not planning on um seeing seeing louisa again i will if she invites me out but i’m just fed up with

not me making all the effort but i seem to be the only one interested in going out she just wants to clean her house at the weekend

so that’s fine if you want to clean the house on the weekend don’t expect to go out because she wants to spend all morning cleaning the house all afternoon cleaning the house and then go out six or seven in the evening but that generally entitles because she has to be home by midnight that generally entails going out to a club or a bar or restaurant and i can’t afford to keep doing that all the time and she’s not spending any money so i’m getting a bit brand off with it as the old man would say doesn’t even buy a coffee she wanted to make me a dinner today for repairing her sink i went around and unblocked it it was only like some soap and some boiling water and then flush it through which was ironic because at the same time outside of the place thames walter was taking fat burgs out this pipes and de-blocking them

so her sink’s working there you come in over merlin here comes my little monster

do you want your cushion back i better speed up because merlin’s down here and he wants this spot with a cushion so he can go to sleep

shall i move out your way merlin come on

sorry i got distracted by little money

anyway so i’ll leave it to her

i’m not getting the vibes from louisa

i know patience is a virtue but you have to have patience of a saint i think with this one oh manny’s going to sleep now they’re all going to sleep next to me i think it signals time for me to go to bed anyway so we’ll see what happens i’ll update you on the louisa front

but there’s no sort of

there’s not much in the way i find communicating with her quite

what’s the word it’s cause i’m tired

ah annoying is probably the closest to the word

because she doesn’t always understand what i’m saying or she doesn’t always listen to what i’m saying i think she understands when she concentrates but it’s like she comes out without a glasses and i tried to show her something and it’s oh i can’t read that i haven’t got my glasses but why didn’t you go out with your glasses

which means if she doesn’t bring her glasses i can’t show her the translation on the phone because she can’t read it

oh dear i don’t know i think i’ve been watching too many eddie’s odds yeah

it’s really annoying that everyone’s going to sleep and i’m still awake anyway tomorrow the plan of action is sort the bike out do the 4g survey i need to get some fresh cattle here because this stuff stinks i think that was partly my fault because i mixed the cat layer it was a bit of the old and bitten new and i think the old has affected the new so i’ll need to clean the catalyter out wash everything put some fresh stuff in

and see how long that lasts i might even have to go to a proper pet shop to get real cat there because all tesco i’ve got is cat sand now i haven’t got any other choices with tesco or they’ve got no teleline they’ve got like four shelves of cat sand and a couple of bags of like new cheap brand for well cheap it’s about 450 for a full five liter bag small bag which isn’t that cheap there are sort of like you can get it for like two pound out of asda but then there’s nothing has to near me

anyway i think i’ll sign off for now i’ll try and do an update sooner i know you’re seeing them weekly because that’s what i’m putting them out at but i’ll try and keep the updates more regular so that’s the other thing i’ve got to try and start putting the updates on i’ve done a few test builds on the laptop i’m not happy with them totally though i’ve also left the thumbnails off as i’m building them so i need to go around and do the thumbnails again or create the videos again and do the thumbnails and edit them properly i’ve just been slapping them up at the moment thankfully i’ve only done two or three so i’ll redo those two or three and then i’ll start uploading them when they’re completed which is probably a better way of doing it it will take it’ll give me a week to get the upload done then now they’re coming out weekly well at least they will be from february the first

which is weird because you’re going to be seeing this a long time after february the first of weekly episodes i think there’s a dozen also already done so you’re going to be finding out i’m showing these from february the 1st somewhere in may it’s a bit bizarre me saying this now then but you i mean at this point in time i’ve not even done the christmas ones were pretty irregular so you’d probably be finding out about christmas sometime around about easter sorry about that boys and girls anyway i’ll cut it short for now because i’ve started rambling if you like this give me the thumbs up if you don’t give me a thumbs down but leave a comment let me know where i’m going wrong i’m trying to do all this unscripted but i might have to start putting scripts on so i can remember what i’m going to be saying even if it’s just done me notes on the um kindle kindle ebook reader

which might be an idea thinking about it using the ebook reader for a note

anyway like subscribe share this with your friends and i’ll try and keep you updated about my mental health as well because that’s what i did all these videos for and i don’t really tell you about mental health very much

so next one i’ll tell you more about mental health thank you and good night