27 May 2020 – The One With The Iceland Delivery!

good afternoon it’s the 27th of may at 3 20 p.m

and i’ve had an iceland delivery woohoo

me and caspy showed a magnum earlier he didn’t see that and he doesn’t like iceland he just likes ice cream

i’ve spent two hours blanching the veg in the fridge and putting it in the freezer i’ve taken a pack of frozen mints and two packs of frozen mash carrot and sweet mash bessie thought out cooked mixed with a jar of um shepherd’s pie salts mix and that’s in the oven now so in about 10 minutes i’ll have to go and check it

um so i’ve got a freezer full of potatoes carrots parsnip

and something else i’ve still got the fennel i don’t know what to do with

oh cabbage i’ve launched some cabbage and put that in the freezer as well it’s all fast frozen so it’s all gonna stay fresh


i should have i mean shepard’s probably done in about 10-15 minutes i’ll leave in the oven to set like i do with um lasagna and then i can slice it up and put it into little plastic tubs and put that in the freezer and i might do

a lasagna tomorrow to clear some space in the cupboard and to clear the mints out so there’s more space in the freezer i say more space it’s going to take up you know space because the lasagna goes into three tubs i’ve portioned that day and then

three tubs go into the freezer so i need to clear the space so i can fill it up again sort of but it will clear two jars out of the cupboard as well so they’ve been in there for a couple of weeks or so

what’s happened today oh i ordered some stuff on ebay from china um electronics kit i’ve blown an led up already that was fun but i sort of half expected it to go i just wanted to see what it would go like um what else did i get a yahoo um soldering iron it’s an all-in-one digital soldering iron and it actually works quite well i’ve tin the i’ll put a chisel tip on because not only is what big clive uses but it’s also what i’m used to an angled circular angled chisel tip basically rounded and it’s narrow enough that i mean it’s easy i’ve tested it as well big clark would be proud of me i tested the first thing i did was test the ground connection and it is grounded to the tip so esd safe whatever they call it

i’ve got what else have i got left oh i’ve ordered a kit as well that should be arriving any time now then go based on the previous because they were all at the same time so i’ve got two kits today and i’ve got a digital clock kit coming tomorrow i’ve ordered a box to store it all in from amazon and a short usb to usb cable so i can actually there’s a little project board a power board and it does strike three volts or five volts and you can just might get some more brick but this is actually quite fun

and now i’ve got digs and soldering iron i can actually you know do things i’ve had two soldering irons since i’ve been here and i can’t get tips for them whereas the chinese ones i can just order a pack of tips for like a pound and it comes the next day or two days later and it comes with five tips anyway but i’ve automatically changed it and tinned it

about 300 degrees seems to be my decent working temperature but i think it

it’s actually quite i’ll show you when i’ll get it all out again um it’s actually quite a nice one it has the controller all in the base where the soldering iron sits and it’s just a simple dial up dial down and then press to set and it remembers devoted the power you set last time um it came a bit loose so i tighten it all up but that’s just been putting on the battery and you just they expect to change the tip anyway i suppose

but it does work and it feels nice and comfortable it’s not a silicon lead it’s a pvc lead which i know big clive don’t like i mean they’re okay for like you wouldn’t be able to use it as a sort of like a working thing it would get on your nerves after a while but on short kits and things like that i suppose after you’ve worn it in and it’s set into your own little how you’re working then it probably will be all right but it’s not as flexible as a silicon lead


no communication with the council as of yet

there’s always time it’s 3 25 i mean anything can happen in the next half hour as they used to say on fireball xl5 i think it was

what was it stingray no stingray i think

um what else so i’ve got food cooking i’ve got lots of food i’ve got from iceland this morning so that’s in the cupboard my next plan is to sort the cables out finally in the bedroom take the tv off the wall put the power supply and all the cables up there and then once that’s out the way trunked in

i’ll get the keyboard out finally

i need to order a cover for it because i know the first thing that will happen is casper will jump on it so i need to get a cover for it i’ve seen one on amazon just want to make sure it’s going to be big enough hence the reason i need to get it out um about a tenner so i’ll get that and i’ve got a music book around here somewhere

down there somewhere

and it teaches you to read music and you know play music from notation

so once i’ve got my keyboard cover i will start doing that on a regular basis as well i should have done this just a long time ago but i just never got around to it i’ve had this keyboard for five years and it’s a pretty good one um so that’s the plan

i brushed merlin yesterday last night and he feels like a new cat today after taking all the dead fur of him i only did that because well he likes it anyway but i don’t do it very often but i did it because he was coughing up furballs a lot around here lately so hopefully i’ll do that you know every few days and kick the fur balls down i’m trying to do it with the other two as well they’re okay with it but they don’t like it as much as merlin likes it but i will try and keep the third down with them as well but it feels all silky smooth it’s amazing how much dead fur he had on him it’s like three little brush loads i had to clear it out three times

so that was amazing what else i might take the camera off the door and see if i can repair it because it’s not taking power

now i’ve got a soldering iron that works and it’s comfortable to hold it’s not a big clunky heavy thing like other ones about it’s a nice light chinese thing the same sort of soldering irons they use in the factories apparently

anyway i think that’ll do for now i won’t end it because i haven’t done the they think it’s all over a bit yet i what’s going on with um the deaths in the country i mean it’s wednesday so that means it’ll be the first high figure after the bank holiday

so i’m expecting about 350 again it was about 129 or something yesterday so i reckon it will shoot back up to about 300 400 because that’s what the normal run of the mill is um i’m not expecting very much else to happen but i’ll have a little chat to you later tonight and i’ll get the ice cream out and show you casper eating ice cream anyway thank you very much i’ll speak to you later

hello again caspy

waiting at the bathroom door because there’s flies in there because that’s where the rubbish is called 1736 on wednesday the 27th of may still

the current total caravan’s deaths in this country is 412. they think it’s all over and yet it’s going up and i reckon by next tuesday because the weekend always has a bit of a funny period between friday and monday so by next tuesday i reckon we’ll be hitting

650 700

and we’ll probably end up being 800 by the following sunday

and that’ll be funny because that’ll be just before well after the schools have gone back and before the lockdown gets lifted allegedly because they still haven’t said anything yet and at this time of day we still haven’t because boris has gone on for so long in the liaison committee

um we still haven’t had today’s coronavirus update

anyway um shepherd’s pie cooked tasty i had a half till the beans on it so that was nice

i must have only ordered one in there

was that from the kovid 19 group i can’t remember i’ve been playing about with i’ve got me electronic stuff through and i’ve got been playing about with some of the um bits and making little kits up

i want to try and make the flip-flop the a-stable might be um flip-flop that i made in the electronics calls capacity uh

it’s one capacitor two resistors a transistor and back then it was a light but it’s a led now

but i just need to work out what the circuit diagram was because it was something like there’s no point telling you i’d have to show you anyway um i’m going to take tv off the wall in the moment in the bedroom do the cabling on that and then i’m going to get my keyboard out and set that up underneath the telly but the only thing i’m afraid of is casper is going to use it as a you know like a table let’s jump on there to get onto the deli so i’ll have to look at that and maybe do something different but definitely

sorting out the cabling because that shouldn’t take 10 minutes i’ve had my dinner i’ve had no contact with the council i should be getting a meeting tomorrow i’ve been told possibly thursday but the thing is i don’t understand why they need a meeting why can’t they just talk to me why do they need a crowd of people to talk to me am i that dangerous you know

but there we are anyway i probably won’t do another update i just wanted to quickly update you on this uh caspy’s gone i’m not having any ice cream at the moment when i have some ice cream i’ll record it for you guys and show you what caspy does it is comical anyway thank you for watching like subscribe leave your comments and i’ve just noticed boris johnson’s got the most raggedy teeth when he smiles you think with his money sort his teeth out oh very strange anyway like subscribe leave your comments and i’ll speak to you later thank you goodbye you