i know i’m not exaggerating


hello it’s 5 p.m

on tuesday the 28th of january 2020. where should i start i’ve had to go at the bike this morning it was too cold my hands were freezing within about 10 minutes but i’ve worked out that the squeal is in one direction only so i’m going to take the brake pads off swap them over and see if that results it otherwise i’ll read of a video i’ll watch a video on youtube

and it could be the toe in adjustment which basically involves putting an angle on so the front of the brake pad hits the wheel first just slightly and then it breaks gradually the back’s working fine but i just need to get the front reserved so when it warms up a little the next warm morning or warm afternoon i’ll get out there and do it it just means taking a couple of cable ties and setting it basically and if that don’t work i’ll switch the brake pads around


the um ish i went out and got some bacon and some rowings because i’m a bit fed up two weeks without a reply from any of my emails to me mp well me mp has is that i’ve got the auto reply of him but nothing from the council nothing from the councillors about repairs again i’m having problems with the council and doing repairs they won’t even tell me if they’re investigating why the i was getting disconnected for those two days

so i’ve tweeted martinism

because nothing else seems to work so i’ve sent him a tweet that was a few hours ago now not had

anything i’m assuming my emails getting through because i’m getting auto responds back from some of them so it’s leaving me and getting to some of them now whether the council’s got an email problem i don’t know and quite frankly i don’t care because i’ve worked in enough councils where there is email problems and they normally let people know that there’s an email

problem so i want to know why no one’s replying to me i’ve got outstanding repairs and no one’s telling me i have an appointment with a reference number for january 31st but they won’t tell me what the reference number is relation to

my housing officer again he’s not contacting me

i’ve emailed i’ve even emailed duncan the independent living officer and he hasn’t come back to me

i don’t know i haven’t i’ve done here’s a quick check quietly two miles today i’ve not been out for me walks in big plan of a mile and a half every two and two and a bit hours i’m just not motivated not got the drive i can’t get repairs done again i can’t get the council to reply to me again

what is it about me

i’ve given up on louisa because it’s a waste of time it really is

what’s the point in having a girlfriend if when she’s got two weeks off you barely see her she’s been around here once for about three hours i think it was

and then when i went round to hers on monday yesterday as soon as i got in there she made me feel uncomfortable and nervous because she kept looking out the window and all quiet there’s a knock on the door

not exactly the best environment from someone who’s got mental wealth problems

i’ve got the drill on charge i’ve managed to sort that out so tomorrow i’ll put these i’ll go around and do the trunking where the glues come away i’ll just screw it into the wall i mean really i should have screwed it in anyway the glue on the back of it is a temporary thing anyway because it dries out it’s just to hold it so you put a screw in so i put a few screws in get the trunk in sorted because it does need sorting although having said that the trunking on the big trunking on the wall has that’s only on glue and that stayed pretty well but i think that had two strips as opposed to the smaller trunk which only has one strip so that probably explains why that stayed there um i’ve had a quick look around the kitchen for lte signal and it is more or less in the right spot at the moment i need to test whether it needs to go up a little but i can do that later on it’s consistently 20 meg i know it’s not fast but i remember when you know a 50.6k modem was blisteringly fast

so 20 makes fine it does streaming fine it sucked at all the issues i was having on

um freesat with

horror bites and some other streaming bits on there they was looking up but it seems to be working perfectly there i’ve also turned off

the traffic monitoring because apparently it could have been that that was causing me phone to disconnect from the internet everything else was working but sometimes it just dropped off at the moment like four hours after i’ve done it now it seems to be fine so it might have been the track traffic modeling being turned on

ah mentally

not good place after the last couple of weeks of improvement all it takes is the council again to throw me over the edge all i want is to get some repairs done but i can’t get anyone to reply to me

don’t know what to do i have contacted people as much as i can short of hanging on the phone for 40 50 minutes and trying to get through to someone that doesn’t care like housing don’t

i mean you get through to someone in housing it’s just a bud on the end of the phone you can’t get i can’t get through to my housing officer if i try although he gives his number his mobile number to some of the residents but he doesn’t give it to me funny that

um mentally on a minus five to plus five

i don’t know i’m going down again

i think i’ve been zero maybe a one up until the last couple of days where i’ve been trying to get the council to reply to me and nothing it’s gradually going down i’d say a minus two at the moment because when you’ve got

a girlfriend that doesn’t seem to be interested in talking to you

i’ve got online people that talk to me but i still don’t get anyone knocking on the door

why is it people are knocking my door when they’re after something


not in a good place i’ve got i’m testing the bread machine i brought bread machine a couple of weeks ago for 10 pound out of a charity shop and i’m just testing it i’ve put a loaf in

and it’s got about an hour and a bit left on it so that should be done shortly and currently the most i can do is um excuse me fueling the most i can do is sit down and watch travels by narrowboat with kevin and aslan

it’s a shame because me exercising and me walking and my heart rate and everything was improving

and just because i can’t get any repairs done

i feel like i might as well have stayed in dagner

the only difference between here and magnum is i’ve got a nigerian spitting at me all the time

my neighbor in case you didn’t know was nigerian duck and she spat me all the time

and the police didn’t do anything over and back then even with witnesses they still didn’t do anything

so to say i’ve given up it’s a bit of an understatement

i think i’m about to go into the overdraft again i’ve saved a little bit of money out but it’s not enough to live off for another week

but thankfully santander are now doing they’re charging you on the amount of money you use rather than a daily fee so if i can keep that amount down then

i shouldn’t be paying as much on the interest as i was before so that might give me a bit of a leeway but i can’t see a way out of it

short of staying home and not doing anything

don’t think i’m gonna have much of a birthday i’ll tell you i’ve booked the sky garden for me birthday

so i might end up going there by myself

because it’s on a saturday as well so it’ll be quiet just hopefully it’ll be quite and sunny because it is a bit pointless going to the sky garden if the glass is all covered in raindrops you can’t really photograph anything and the whole point of going to the sky garden is getting nice clear shots of everywhere

might even pull the other camera out and see what that does

anyway what else is going on

done the wi-fi got the trunking underway trying to think what else was there that supposed to have done i think i’ve done what i’m supposed to have done

i am getting up at a regular time at the moment two days in a row i’ve got about seven and i’ve stayed up yesterday i managed to get up and forget to have me breakfast so i didn’t have that until later in the afternoon i’ve had two bacon rolls and a bit of pan grilled fish and some veg today

caspi was misbehaving himself this morning for a couple of hours he was running around and properly fighting with tabs tabs was barking and squealing at him well i have heard a cat do that once but that’s when they was getting mating and they make all sorts of funny noises when they’re mating

anyway i think that’s about it if there’s anything else i’ll jump onto the camera again later tonight but i think that’s it so thank you for watching

i’ll try and stay awake till 10 and i’ll go to bed um that’s it i’ll speak to you again soon