good afternoon 28th of may 2020 1740

well my estimate of between 10 and 11 o’clock this morning for contact from the council was wrong apparently um

karen councillor bellamy was quite shocked this morning when she read my email from yesterday and she’s coming across as quite angry

and yet despite her anger still no contact has been made it’s all right i’m quite laid back about having rubbish in yes i’m getting on with some little projects around here i’ve got the cables tied in the bedroom i’ve got the keyboard out started using that need to find the thing for the mag the um keyboard the music sheet i’ll order another um thing for the cable to cover for it so it doesn’t get too dirty

still sounds absolutely wonderful i think it is polyphonic but i think it’s four or five keys it’s not like a full range but four or five keys should be more enough for someone like me you think in most blockchains then use two or three notes at the most any one time most of them are just like ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding but you know what me i’m thinking of groups in the 70s and 80s mostly they had really basic piano tracks that’s the one i want harry potter and the piano man don’t mean blend them together and see what comes out i did actually manage when i first got the keyboard to play the harry potter thing but i sat down on the floor in the living room and worked out the keys i can’t remember what life for me it wasn’t there but i managed

so i just need to practice a bit more um

mental health holding at -4 i might appear better and happier be it’s getting nice and bushy but you try living in the flat with piles of rubbish building up because you’re afraid to go out and then see what your mental health goes like but it’s holding at minus four i’ve got some kit on order um electronics kits mates like i’m looking into getting maybe a an oscilloscope kit and maybe a little signal generator

just enough to do 450 megahertz or kilohertz so i can test the iaf on a radio

i think it’s 10.1 megahertz for fm but 455 seems to be the normal one for the uk


yeah so looking down the line i’ll probably get into my electronics finally now i’ve got a working soldering iron it’s motivating me so let’s see how good i am when i get my first kick through in a week or two by then i should have had the other bits and pieces to go around it so i’ve ordered the little case to put the soldering iron and all the electronic bits in so it’s easy to grab um things like side snips and a soldering mat you know those sort of things they can all go in one box and me voltmeter because that will come in handy um

i need to get i’ve got them here somewhere side um really odd screws on the charger because that’s one thing i wanted for repair my charger has like a double forked screw in it and i know i’ve got a set of screw bits around here that’ll do that i need to i’ve opened it up before and i didn’t have a soldering iron so yeah but i need to clean the contacts on the charger clamps the battery clamp and then test see if i’ve got a dry joint somewhere because somewhere along the line it keeps coming up as a bad battery and i’ve thrown quite a lot of the older batteries away in there so you shouldn’t have bad batteries left i mean some of the batteries were like 10 years old so you know lucky they lasted this long really

so that’s on the way um i’ve started looking at legislation regarding local authorities and what laws their obligations are assigned from i suppose that be my weekend i haven’t heard anything back from civil legal advice yeah that was over a week ago they spoke to me

i’ve mocked the floors and hoovered today so the place is clean again although out there it does need a bit more of a mop i think i need to do it twice a week but at the moment it’s only the fact that i want to keep the boys healthy they’re mopping the floors i’m not really motivated to do any of it but i don’t want the boys getting in

friday again so i’m not expecting anything to be done about the council until next week now because the council don’t like holding meetings on fridays no councils do none of the public sector they try to if they’re going to have a friday meeting it’s normally down the pub or over a coffee it’s a general affair so i don’t want to have a meeting with me on a friday i feel sorry for duncan and karen

they’re both getting stonewalled i can imagine what duncan’s going through and karen is just i think she’s getting stonewalled because she’s nothing to do with me really so it’s like well you’re not his counselor so i’ll ignore you because these counsellors are ignoring you so chief exec strike michelle maloney strike senior executives strike my own council is strike oh well such is life i’ve just watched the coronavirus briefing it’s still going on but basically

we still got 300 people dying 379 i think they said today

um and they’re releasing the lockdown

between june the first june 8th and june the 15th doing a gradual release june the first schools go back june 8th you get some shops opening june 15th you can start i think june 8th is also for the social distancing thing you can meet a group of up to six people now but people from different families need to keep two meters apart

yes i wonder how that’s being policed because it isn’t being policed right near

i’ve got neighbors in my blog that haven’t been social distancing from the get-go they’ve had family around they’ve had friends around nearly everyone in this block has had apart from me of course has had family or friends visiting and you still can’t have people around your flat or around your house unless from monday it’s to go through to the garden and yet everyone’s breaking it around here and i’ve asked waltham forest council why are they doing nothing and they still don’t reply to me this is what i mean i’m trying to help warfare forest council i’m trying to be a good upright honest citizen and they just ignore me because people like me make work for the council people that don’t contact the council is the ones the council look after i.e the ones that have got nothing to do with the council don’t get themselves involved in the community because this is guaranteed none of the people that are breaking the lock down on this estate are active in the community because i know everyone that’s active in the community there’s about six of us and three of those are miners under 18.

that’s probably casper hunting the fly he’s been after it for about 40 minutes now um so yeah it goes hand in hand those that follow the law and follow the lockdown follow the rules aren’t the ones that are interacting with the community and yeah it feels like waltham forest council is helping those that don’t help the community those that actually get involved in the community and try to help others get ignored because it involves a lot of hard work for the council and yet it should be the other way around it should be the ones that don’t interact with the community and don’t follow the rules are creating the work of the council not the ones that are actually doing what they’re asked following the tenancy agreement et cetera et cetera et cetera yep that’s definitely casper having a little run run

um so things have got to change but how i don’t know unless i can get some action from sylvester’s fairly soon it’s we’re in a stalemate i’m living off covert 19 in the ord iceland delivery thankfully iceland great company email you when there’s a slot free and then you just book the next available slot and away you go you get your delivery two days later fantastic um i need to go online and can’t i might even have a look in the bank and cancel direct debit for morrison’s because they’re still on a prepaid deliveries thing and i’m never going to shop at morrisons again no matter how nice i think their shop is never shot there again because they threw me out on easter monday for making a fuss about kobe 19. i’ve had no apology for morrisons they haven’t even looked into my case uh what else is happening

not really been a fairly boring day

it’s all been nice and quiet well apart from the kids screaming outside but hey the council don’t care

i’ve got a few ideas about how they can sort the estates out it’s um they’re not going to like it it’s going to involve a lot of work initially but one by one you get each you basically come down to doing estate by state and my idea is to share housing officers for one estate so you have a primary and two secondaries for instance for this estate and they share the workload and maintain their own workload it’s gonna be a lot of work but it’s going to be worth it in the long run and i would say for a month you have three housing officers on one estate and one should be permanently on the estate most estates have got places that the council use for storage in that or community rooms or things like that so there should be even if it means putting a pool cabin down or a caravan or something there should be a housing officer on interstate and that should be for the whole month and that way the housing officer is there when things happen the trouble is i believe the housing officer needs to vary their hours nine to five does not work because everyone knows it’s nine to five it needs to be a little bit in the evening a little bit in the early morning mainly in the evening because the anti-social behavior doesn’t take place during the day

a lot of the lockdown infringements don’t take place during the day they are not that stupid

most of it happens i would say between four o’clock and nine o’clock now i’m not expecting housing housing officers to be on the estate up until nine o’clock but okay not all the time but occasionally if they vary their hours then yes occasionally they should be on the estate until nine o’clock randomly that’s what i mean they shouldn’t be on nine to five it should be like some days eight till four and some days ten to eight hello darling you’re right bye caspy you’ve been doing that all afternoon as well it’s the fact that there’s such rigid hours enforced by the council which is making it impossible for safe to improve we need to have more variability in people’s working hours more there shouldn’t be like a cut off at 4 30 or five and boom you go over to the emergency hours there should be longer hours covered by the council you can’t it’s not a nine to five responsibility in law it’s every hour or every day they have to make the place safe it’s not oh i mean let’s face it let’s have a look at grainfield grenfell happened in the evening when the council was closed right but it’s still the council’s responsibility to maintain a safe building and in safe environment for its residents

so just because grenfell happened what was it about half midnight one o’clock in the morning i seem to remember it coming across lbc about that because things happen outside normal office hours doesn’t mean it’s not the council’s responsibility but the big gaps at the weekend for our bank holiday weekends especially friday five o’clock to tuesday 8 30 is too long especially when they receive an email at 8 30 on tuesday and they don’t have to respond to it until friday you’re talking over a week or nearly over a week depends what happens on friday but nearly a whole week would have gone by before the council even has to respond to an email and that’s just not on

there should be more of a anti-social behaviour team should be there 24 7 because antisocial behavior happens 24 7. it’s not a nine to five job for example same as housing not a nine-to-five job repairs are on all the time in some form or rather so why isn’t the rest of housing if you’ve got tenants threatening you at 10 30 at night

then what do you want to do just invoke the police all the time the police don’t often come down i’ve reported quite a few things to the police unless it’s the snt the main police don’t come down very often

there’s no reason given they just don’t turn up oh we’ve loved it and we’ve got i’ve got so many cad reference numbers and yet no actions taken are they being reported back to the council if there’s a crime in the area is it being reported back to the council don’t know or is the council getting a report of all cap numbers in local i don’t know this is what happens when scrutiny is taken away from you i can’t ask the council anything because he won’t answer it i can send an foi in or things like that and probably get section 14 i made fixatious and they run after anything else and that means they’ve got responsibility to answer questions within three months rather than as they come in and three months is not enough

for people that know what they’re talking about there should be an exemption you know people like myself background in politics and law if people like me ask questions there’s a reason for it it’s not just asking questions for the sake of it there’s a reason behind it so foi is a good idea but most councils i fear are probably abusing the section 14 status with people i believe it’s section 14 it’s something to do with vexatiousness

um vexatious is basically you’re just asking questions for the sake of wasting their time

and the only reason i feel that i’m wasting their time is because i ask questions that they don’t answer and i keep chasing them but there we are i still haven’t had a response back from the chief exec or michelle maloney or my counselors and it’s getting to the case where i’m gonna have to have a work with my mp and get him to raise a complaint against these people because i can’t raise it with wolf and forest council because they don’t treat my complaint seriously and they’re not processing my complaints my email in february was twitter’s complaint and totally ignored they didn’t deal with it correctly the response was not correct etc etc etc there’s a standard way they’re supposed to respond to questions i know because i got wolf um london murray bark and dagnam told off for the way they responded to one of my freedom information requests and complaints are the same sort of process they have to respond in a certain prescribed manner and their response to me was basically we’re going to talk to duncan and you talk to duncan and then he can give you all the answers no he can’t he’s a great bloke but no he can’t he’s not high enough up this is why i went through the chief exec so what else is happening i think at the moment probably nothing else to report

no no nothing i can think of

i finally got oh i’ve ordered the bits and pieces to put the extension socket in the living room so i should have that up and running in about a week i’ve got enough money saved up thanks to the lockdown to actually get the last few bits for the bike so i might order those next week i think all that’s left is two inner tubes three in the tubes because hey keep one spare just in case you get a puncture um three inner tubes um a set of breaks to replace the ones that are there a new derailleur and i think a mud guard for the back i think

i don’t know two mud guns front oh sorry two mud guards front and back

and then i’ll have a working bike for when i get released from this prison 21 gears 24 gears i think eight on the back three on the front yes it’s got a granny gear i didn’t even realize it was called granny key but yes 24 gears it was lovely riding your back until i fell off because i hit the curb

it felt comfortable oh that’s the other thing i need to work on that i haven’t done yet the back seat doesn’t come off and i know i’ve had it off before so i need to put some wd-40 on it or something sort that one out but apart from that it’s going to be a quick one today so thank you for watching i’ll look forward to talking to you again tomorrow you