The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

3 Jan 2018

hello another diary entry so what’s happened so far today but i say so far it’s 1700 hours so there shouldn’t be much happening later on um i had me surveyor come around he was here for about two hours very nice only lives down man road as well he found quite a lot wrong including the bits i reported he’s also got like the carpet lifting the tripping hazard which i’ve known about for years but why report they don’t repair major things so why repair mine i think um the fencing’s 40 which i

knew about but the camps always said that they don’t do fences but it’s curing the boundary it’s not offense anyway he agreed me on that he agreed with me on most things um he checked for dampness no dampness apparently these buildings are double constructed they’ve got like concrete bricks interlocking bricks he described them as like triangular on the outside walls the inside walls of brick which explains what’s been happening over the years when i’ve been drilling into walls the outside balls come out gray and i thought that’s funny color for brick and the inside balls come out red which is brick so they got concrete in almost like an early version of breathe block that’s how we described it anyway so i’ve had that i caught up on some sleep because i barely slept anything last night um had a visitor finally and i’ve done a few youtube videos a few more than just this diary i’ve started another channel about ideas and beliefs i thought i’d copy what my layout and my website is i’ve always had an ideas and beliefs section on there since i’ve basically created the first website i had i think back in 98 that’s how far back it goes so 20 years of websites almost in fact 20 years this year um so they’ve been uploaded i’m not going to release them all at the same time i’m going to trip them out i’ll get a little pile going so because they’re not in not like this diary they’re not like something happens put it on diary they’re just like ideas on politics and the way things are so i’m gonna upload those and release them in sequence over a period of time

i’ve had no contact from anyone regarding any benefits housing benefit having contacted me i refuse to go through their unlock the barking diagonal online system again because twice i’ve done it now and twice it’s just lost everything i put in it’s not recognized it one bit so there’s definitely a fault with the online system either the system is faulty or it’s not clear enough that i need to do something to register the um form that i’ve just filled out online because something’s going wrong i’m not this bad that i can’t film online for me i mean it does take motivation i mean i was motivated because basically i’m gonna get evicted and someone told me i could fill it in with no income and that’s the other thing why isn’t adult social care team i know they’re not benefit advisors but if they’re not benefit advisors why are they taking over the sa case and if they are taking the air over the sa case which they have then

why didn’t they tell me i could actually claim for housing benefit

i don’t know i don’t know the benefit system so i’m relying on what people tell me i wouldn’t know where to go without having one or two people to talk to that know about the benefit system i wouldn’t have a clue it’s as much as i know to sign on in between contracts so

not much else happening i’ve had a bowl of cereal and that was for breakfast and a bowl of lamb stew i think it was with some smash and that’s it i’m out of butter

i’ve saved a little bit of a scrape because i’ve got some bread in there still so there’s a thin bit of butter right around the corners that i might be able to get out if i do want some bread i’ve got no money no food i’m living off basically cup of soup and frozen stew that i’ve created over new year and i don’t know where the next penny is coming from i’m trapped inside because i can’t afford to go out even when i could afford to go out i didn’t go out because one woman can go out with it’s a bit boring going out by yourself you just end up doing a bit of shopping and coming back two i still get anxious going out even though no one believes me i had my pip assessment come through and it read like a farce all this oh mandatory reconsideration it’s nonsense

so i don’t know gonna have to go to appeal but i’m gonna need someone to help me because i don’t know what as it appears i don’t seem to know what i’m doing

i think i’ll keep this one short if something happens between now and bed which is seven hours away i’ll do an update but until then i’ll speak to you later thank you for watching don’t forget like and subscribe pass the news on share the videos i want as many people in on this as possible together we can change the system the system is broken why sort of like not share the news that is broken anyway thank you for watching you