new year’s eve december the 31st 2019

three four and a half hours left of 2019 which like i said in the video have been a pretty bad year generally for me anyway um i’ve got both my cats over here one on the table one under the table you’re right boys want to come and say hello to the crew no not normally should i but there we are you’ll probably come along and not the camera now

for the first time in i can’t remember when but at least several decades i’m actually going out on new year’s eve someone’s actually changed their plans because they was they normally go around their friend’s place and they changed it because i don’t know i think they just fancy going out and so i’m saying goodbye to me boys and going to meet a friend

and then we’ll see what 20 20 20 brings us um i won’t make this very long i’ll clean today yesterday and today um yesterday the bathroom and the kitchen today i did the living room and the bedroom hoover dusted washed cleaned the windowsills

and what else i’ve just been told by my neighbour about half an hour ago it looks like the communal boilers off thankfully i had enough hot water in there to actually wash and i did all my cleaning earlier so that’s okay i’ll put the immersion on but immersion you might as well just put a candle to the water there’s hardly any heat coming out of the immersion so with only that by tomorrow morning i’ll have hot water and heating it’s currently just under 20 degrees in the flat i looked up earlier and it said about 20 and i thought there was something weird because it doesn’t normally go below 22. and it weren’t only it was only until my neighbor knocked on the door but um i realized there was something going on so i’ve closed all the windows keep the place warm

and um we’ll see what happens tomorrow but there we are i shall wish you a happy new year now

and with any luck i’ll have pictures of big ben central london with someone uh on new new year’s eve i can just imagine the crowd and i’ve put new shoes on and i’ve had to change my socks because me right one as always be right foot slightly bigger than me left one so i’m gonna have to be careful with that at least i cut my toes earlier tell me now it’s not my toes and um well there we are i shall love you and leave you and get moving so until next year have a good one and i shall speak to you later thank you for watching

bye do you