that’s better hello

it’s the 31st of january 2020 brexit day it’s 19 minutes to brexit so just shy of 20 to 11 in the evening

i’m just back from probably the worst date i’ve ever had

went out with someone called carol don’t know her number she only called me on private numbers i didn’t know answer i met on badoo we spent five hours together ish four and a half four thirty nine three about five and a half hours and we’ve gone like a house on fire

and then we went from the goose to mcdonald’s to the victoria in wolfenstein we had lemonade she drank about a third of hers and then disappeared she put a coat on put a bag on took a phone with her i thought she was going out to make a call because she’s been on her phone all evening no apparently she didn’t come back so i don’t know what i’ve done to upset her

mark my words i don’t think i’ll bother anymore

i’ve never had anyone walk out on me without telling me you know piss off or anything

so there we are 18 minutes before the big exit of europe

and the end of being in europe

or the the beginning of being out of europe is going to be much like the end of being in europe very crap in other news

i managed to get to me council this morning and she was impressed with the improvement although she won’t be impressed with it 12 hours later

um managed to get home before the people came to inspect windows they don’t know what the thought is

i’m leaving it with them because they can contact their contractors or subcontractors or something i just want the freaking noise to stop every time there’s a breeze

i still have an ending reply back from the rest of the council chief exec downwards

i still haven’t had anything back from the housing officer

i’m going to be in the overdraft anytime soon

for the next five days

what am i doing wrong why does life seem so much easier for everyone else

i had no plans on going out tonight i had three pizzas in the freezer

and three beers in the fridge and i was gonna have a pizza and a beer and break my diet just for tonight

it’s worse than not going out going out enjoying yourself with someone that you can have a conversation with and she just walks out

see this is why i cut my emotions off

there’s no point me worrying about anyone because no one really cares about how i feel

i’ve had enough

i really have had enough

15 minutes to the end of europe and even before we leave europe europeans are taking down our flags chucking us out we haven’t even left yet we don’t leave for another 15 minutes and i’ve taken all their flags there

that’s how little they thought of us if it was the french thieving i bet they wouldn’t take their flags then until a few days after


on another front the latest episode of drew was actually quite all right i’ve been watching some of the old not the classic series but the older ones in the new run

a bit of tenant a bit of smith not got around to capable yet

but they are getting there i think in hindsight it’s jody whittaker’s acting don’t think she’s talented enough to do doctor who sorry jody but just my opinion because comparing the scripts especially this seasons to some of matt smith’s ones they’re not that much different

i just think there isn’t

the motion with jody ricka

but we’ve still got i think another five to go we’re halfway through the run so we’ll see but episode five was okay

anyway what else is there i managed to get the trunking done i managed to get my brakes done it was literally the toe in on the brakes which is an easy fix i’ve started riding it around the estate a bit more just to get practice at going past cars and uphills and all sorts of things um i’m looking for a cycle group so i can go exactly on the roads without some other people most of them seem to be the nearest one is in layton which if i could cycle too late and wouldn’t need me being a cycle group so it’s like catch-22 you have to cycle far enough that you don’t need to cycle in the group

what else

no not really

i’ve got the intercom fixed thankfully i can actually hear people on the other end of the phone even though i have mentioned this to me as an officer quite a few times but he doesn’t want to do anything

um we’ll see i’ve sent her a message on badou i was saying i was talking about going out with her again tomorrow she was all up for it and all of a sudden at 10 o’clock she ups and goes i stayed for about 15 minutes but i couldn’t face sitting at a bar by myself so i don’t know

louise is off the table because i can’t be bothered really if she doesn’t want to put the effort in i don’t want to put the effort in

um don’t know i’ve had a brief chat with


from moscow i’ve been talking to a runner for a couple of years now not very often but she always mentioned you know she always talks to me and i always talk to her i’ve seen her three times i think

she’s one of the three few friends i can rely on if i’ve got a problem i can always message her and she’ll get back to me

see with her i don’t mind it taking ages for it to go it never takes ages anyway she always replies back to me after work or after the next time so the most it is is like 12 13 hours and then she’ll reply to me yes boys my cats are walking around wondering what’s going on with daddy

i’m sitting on the sofa wondering what’s going on with daddy as well boys anyway i won’t bore you i’ve got 10 minutes left i’m going to put lbc on and have a look at the news channels and see if we can get something going on about brexit and then i’ll update you again anyway the last night the last report back from a european britain and i’ll be speaking to you when we’re independent finally thank you again speak to you later