hello good afternoon and welcome to the vlog what does that sound too much like cc anyway dude

31st of may 2020

1843 hours

right where do i start right as of friday after duncan caught me fairly late about two-ish i think he was

we’ve agreed in fact it might have been even later he called me back about four i think

we agreed to have the rubbish taken at nine o’clock on monday so i’ve chucked literally all my rubbish out not just the stuff out of the kitchen but all the stuff i was storing up in the bedroom as well because it was only sort of like i didn’t need to store that in the bathroom it wasn’t smelly but there was an awful lot many bags i’ve just chucked it all out

and after having not had it in your flat for a bit it does smell the flat is breezier and smells better

but literally all the rubbish has gone so i’ve got room to move around now boxes and all that has gone i was leaving the boxes for the cats to play with but yesterday i got the cats a new tree because their one was just shabby and caspy loves it well caspi so far loves it he’s on it’s about five foot tall and it he’s loves the top one you know so he’s just encouraging the others to use it but that shouldn’t take too long he’s got a nice couple of boxes that they can all sleep in all nice and secure so play row swingy blastic ball

they haven’t started on the rope with a ball yet but at the moment it’s all a bit of a novelty

now next week

i’m expecting some communication from the council finally duncan advised me on friday that they’ve been talking about me in a big meeting or something paid for and thursday


they’re gonna write to me about all they’ve spoken about it just seems a bit weird they would have a meeting without the main person they’re talking about it’s like well we’ve decided what we’re going to do and this is what you are going to accept and it’s like that’s not the way to do a bilateral discussion unilaterally i know what the council is supposed to be doing and i think really the council knows what they’re supposed to be doing i just got an assurance from duncan that my neighbors have been spoken about

but no reassurance more than that

and i was supposed to have

a meeting remote meeting with three or four people senior people and that didn’t take place either it’s just the way that duncan said it on friday he was going to send me a confirmation text as well which i never received but i’ve got a recording which thing can know as i recall the conversation because it’s on the bottom of all my emails and it has been for a few months

now so they are aware of our recording phone calls


still breaking lock down in this block and i noticed a couple of asian families with i mean there was like eight or nine of them and they’re not supposed to be meeting up until tomorrow at the earliest and there was at least a couple of families walking along you about an hour ago nothing happened i’ve got people in the block breaking lock down i.e knocking on people’s doors and not keeping social distance blah blah blah

so next weekend i’m thinking of letting leah come over and then maybe i can get out the block for a bit we can go somewhere

but i don’t know it’s all a bit iffy at the moment at least i’ve got floor space because i ain’t got the boxes on the floor anymore because i’ve given the cat tree so i’ve taken all the boxes that they were playing with caspy seems to love the tree he’s forgotten all about me taking the boxes away the ones he used to sleeping and he sleeps in the tree now which is good

it also puts him closer to the flies which is bad um so the place is a bit cleaner i’ve changed clean clothing finally i’ve had a shower i’ve cleaned the shower because the bath was where it was stored in the rubbish i’ve bleached it and washed it that’s all clean i was showering yesterday i feel a lot better for that but i’m now just a bit anxious about what’s gonna happen tomorrow i’m a bit concerned that the council are going to treat me like i’ve got mental health problems which i have

but they’re not going to treat me like i’m a normal person with mental health problems they’re going to treat me like a mental health person with mental health problems

and that’s not good

i mean at the end of the day i still need explanations from people

i won’t repeat myself on this video because um well i’ve mentioned it a few times now but now i’ve got the bathroom open i can finally get a breeze through the place is cooler even though it’s actually what get this it’s it’s cooler even though it’s actually warmer and less humid strange but it feels better i’ve put the fan on to move the air around and it feels a lot better today than it did before i had rubbish in the bathroom

um my next adventure is to get some sort of computer cupboard to go in that corner there and to replace this big glass coffee table with two smaller tables one either end of the sofa so there’s more room in the middle

and if you need you can put tables together so i’m currently looking for both then it’ll open up the living room and with the two side tables it will actually open up the corner in the corner over there for the desk so i can put my laptop and monitor and all that on it and maybe one day get a printer you know somewhere to store it um

tabs no don’t jog that’s tabs robin’s head on the um tripod

casper will probably do it again in a moment but there we are um what else is happening not a lot thankfully it’s been a fairly quiet weekend um i’m expecting another week we should start seeing the death toll go up again

because of all the crowding we had on the underground and buses and all this sort of stuff before they’ve introduced these new measures um people are up in arms about 16 million pound for the councils for covering the school children for affairs and that why in london i think paying for more than two and a half miles or three miles or whatever it is for children to get to school was rural areas where they are literally three miles away from the school there’s not many people in london that live more than three miles away from a school

i mean i’d be surprised if most kids lived more than a mile away let the children walk there’s an obesity problem anyway and after the current lockdown i can hear the parents crying now i can’t let my little child walk a mile he will die i think if you look at the long-term situation if you don’t learn more come on they would more likely die younger exercise is good especially for the young let them walk and then you’ve got overprotective parents going you can’t let them walk in this day and age um yes you can

if you keep children off the streets because you’re afraid that they’re gonna get attacked then there’ll be more attacks because there’s less children on the streets it’s like the ones that have to walk like the ones that are nearest to the school that will walk are the ones more likely to get attacked

and yet if there was more children on the street walking to school they would normally be walking school in groups so they’re safer and there’d be more groups on the street which would make them safer and at the end of the day it’s only for half an hour either end of the day and i’m sure the police forces would be on you know higher alert during those times of the day to make sure the kids aren’t safe so i would encourage all parents to let their kids walk to school and to encourage it i would actually come down hard on anyone driving to school there’d be no parking zone around the school for one block

and i would come down hard on them find the parents i’d have a special infringement for school areas and make the fine a lot more it’s just not parking it’s putting children’s lives at risk you’re blocking the road a lot of parents will just park where they are i’ve seen them parking two three four cars deep in some areas and no one does anything they’re obstructing the road they’re blocking the road they’re worried about their children getting schooled safely there’s two things you can do let them walk and walk with them haven’t got the time to drive the car no you make the time that you are children or we bring a school bus system in just for those times during the day and that would work in london i know we’ve got a lot of buses in london already but i think specialist buses for schools would be better one it would be better for the bus drivers because those times of the day are the most stressful for the bus drivers because of all the

lack of respect i would say noise shouting pushing shoving arguments that sort of stuff the stuff that parents should teach their children not to do but they’re not not everyone so school buses with specially trained drivers and where hopefully there would be a teacher on board to keep the kids under control

that would be the best way of doing it if you have to go travel more than about a couple of miles i mean anything up to a couple of miles walking pace would only take half an hour at a slower walking pace of four mile an hour

kids can easily do it

what else so far so good i think i’ll have a quite short blog

so unless something really major happens i shall report back tomorrow to let you know what happens because i’m expecting some sort of contact with the council tomorrow at least they should be down here at nine o’clock in the morning to pick the rubbish up out sir

and yes i’ve put it in the fire okay but that was under distraction from the council even though they’re technically not allowed to keep instructions blocked fire update but i’ve put it around the corner it’s not blocking it it is a fire hazard but i’ve got nowhere else to store it

so it was either making my place unfit to live or making the stairwell dangerous and my fire door’s fine i’m going to be safe and if the others go up that’s their problem because they shouldn’t have broken their vitals so all this stuff is concurrently going through my head all the time and this is what the council doesn’t care anyway thank you for watching like share subscribe and i’ll speak to you tomorrow