hello right this is going to be a quick one um for the first part anyway thanks susan advice they’ve arranged some well food parcel basically the standard three bag routine so i’m going down to cab now pick me food up um very shaky at the moment i’m not sure whether i took me tablets last night or whether it’s the lack of carbs all i’ve had so far this morning is a bowl of weetabix with the last little bit of milk that i’ve got i’ve got about a pint and a half left um so yes i’ve started forgetting me tablets there as well so this is why the system’s all wrong as you progressively get worse the system doesn’t take that into account you have to go through and change everything all the time esa should really be amended because i started forgetting my tablets same with pip it should go by your doctor’s instructions and not what you put down on a piece of paper or what your assessments are anyway must push on i’ve got to go and get my food and then bring it all back and sort it all out and then work at if well i’m gonna need get some milk with well milk and try and work out a proper diet for the rest of the week or whatever and then just wonder about um what else is going on thankfully cab are looking into the house and benefiting that they’re going to need um the side consent so

i don’t know anyway i’ll speak to you later part two um picked up my food parcel good grief i’ve never seen so much food in one shopping even when i was working i never had that many things in a shopping bag before

thanks to antonella and all the crew involved that citizens advice um i’ve got plenty of food be going on i just need to top it up and i have to make proper meals out of it but there’s plenty i’ve got sauces and pasta sugar

um rice you name it i’ve got it fruit veg i just need to add bits like milk and bread and things like that to have with it but it was a bit nerve-wracking this morning um shaking and i couldn’t work out whether it was a lack of carbs because that’s what happened when i get a low carb i start shaking or whether it was i couldn’t even remember if i had my tablets the night before so i took my tablets again

so i went down there

picked up the shopping center advice it was only like 250 yards away it’s not far

um and came back took 12 minutes to get down there which is normal for me took almost 30 minutes to get back i had a shopping trolley full of food plus a couple of big bags because i couldn’t fit them all in the trolley so they even gave me like christmas presents go for airlines and um marks and spencer’s toiletry bags which is really good thank you very much um so i got home i had lunch which was um savory rice which is first bit of rice i cooked but i didn’t burn so that’s worthwhile i suppose thinking back on it i could have had savory rice and something but i thought it was only a lunchtime thing but we we found some chocolate around here little bits of chocolate and i came with nutella bars as well so i had those to top my carbs up quickly and i think my body went into shock because i went and went asleep for most of the afternoon so i’ve been drifting in that sleep for the last few days i think here we go again due to lack of curbs anyway so i’ve been asleep sort of food in that so i just need to go out tomorrow and top it up um

not a lot happening i’ve got no further with me um address book trying to tidy that up and synchronize it because it is all over the place um i’ll try and sort that out this weekend it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours

then what i need um to sort out solicitors they need some paperwork done

um i need to advise antonella as well about me um prp and see if she can help me with the appeal for that because all this paperwork is too much

i don’t know how they can think people are going to cope with this anyway it’s excuse me eight for you now i’m trying to stay awake to at least half ten and then hopefully me and merlin would be going to sleep

so unless something else happens that’ll be it for today so thank you for watching and i will speak to you later you