november the 7th quarter to 7 in the evening um not much happen today so much for this timetable doesn’t really help having a piece of paper with writing on i’ve done a couple of loads of laundry not done the glossing which is what i said i was going to do

not really just two loads of laundry and that’s only because i was running out of clerks


got my server back


can’t connect to it yet but it’s there it’s working now at least

um not actually spoken to anyone all day

again you tell people and they just don’t seem to understand

i can be messaging people for days on end without a break

when a five-minute call actually makes me feel better

don’t tell a lie i did talk someone they react for about 10 minutes

well not whips um

the people running the mental health team

i did have a voice message i couldn’t understand it was all gibberish i couldn’t understand a word of it a couple of weeks ago but i don’t know whether that was the people or just another agency called it um

don’t know nothing else really happening

not gone out today i’ve not entered the bin again the cats are both asleep in the room next door

not much to say really um i would put myself down as a minus two again today on the standard minus five to plus five scale that i don’t know whether right the deal or not but it works for me like i said someone i think it would be

counter click on psychiatrist he’s not a psychiatrist that my zero might not be your zero because i write something as a zero it doesn’t mean i’m happy it just means i’m a zero whereas someone else is zero might be my five

or even my plus five i don’t know well

not happening so i’ll cut it short for today if i can be bothered and think of something then i’ll add it onto tomorrow’s one thank you for watching you