hello february 8th 2020 my birthday i’m having to redo this because i don’t think i had the microphone in properly it was all echoey

so i need cut bits out of the previous one as well anyway so i might as well re-edit the whole lot and do it again um a bit of a crap birthday my birthday cake consisted of a chai latte and a chocolate muffin rounded costa i sat there probably and three quarters two hours

just watching people come and go i sat down for 15 minutes before i could even order anything because like most shops costa doesn’t really account for the fact that single people have a hard life

because you go in a group and someone always finds a table or at sea and sits down and someone always goes and orders the coffee but when you’re on your own

you either don’t go to places like that or you sit down waiting for the queue to die down put your coat down and then go and order like i did today and it took 15-20 minutes for the cue to die there

as it happens that was my last bit of real internet access


didn’t go to the sky garden had two tickets booked louisa let me down she just was too much trouble so i had to let her go two weeks ago

i’ve had birthday cards from mary and lita although lita was busy today and couldn’t go to the sky garden

i tried finding someone to go to the sky garden with most of the time i couldn’t get an answer within like normal i couldn’t get an answer straight away i had to wait hours for someone to answer well of course by then the tickets are expired

i couldn’t find anyone to go out even just for a quick drink

even someone that’s a pre-op still didn’t get back to me so i can’t even go out with people that are pre-op

the only saving grace i’ve had recently is i’ve got a intercom now that i can hear the people on the other end why the council don’t actually check these things before they you know as part of the check that goes round

i don’t know

but at least now i’ve got draft free windows that don’t make a noise in wind i’ve got two new curtain rods proper metal ones this time and i’ve put five hooks up proper stainless steel hooks holding the thing up it’s not a sprung one anymore the um net rod so it’s just hanging there so with any like that should stay and not bend anymore i’ve one was broken anyway and the other one i’d throw away because it was he couldn’t collapse it down it was weird i tried screwing it in but it wasn’t going any shorter so i don’t know something wrong with that as well so i threw that one away so i’ve got two proper chrome rods there looks nice

um vodafone internet been down again this weekend two weekends in a row i’ve complained to vodafone and ofcom it’s not good enough you know i know they’ve got to do maintenance but when they say it’s going to be down until 8 o’clock and it’s now 10 o’clock at night and it’s still not up it’s not enough

and strangely enough i’ve worked out where the best signal in the kitchen is and i should be getting generally 20 to 25 meg no problem i’m currently getting one meg

that’s tabs um didn’t go to the sky garden i couldn’t even give the tickets away

i mean they’re only free anyway but you know it’s this guy going i don’t like wasting tickets for the sky garden and i can’t go that way you know there myself because of the crowds and all people and all that yes still like that and it was glorious two o’clock this afternoon brilliant blue sky lovely bit of sun it would have been beautiful up there today i couldn’t find anyone to go with me the only person that was gonna accept the tickets was someone that agreed to go two days ago but didn’t give me any time to actually make an arrangement as to where to meet her or anything until today and she sent me

a screenshot of a journey from liverpool street to fan church street

in lithuania

and i said to her i’m english i don’t read lithuanian and she thought i was being rude and yet she’s been here four years and she doesn’t speak a word of english

so i said do you want the tickets anyway because i can’t make it because by that time it was one o’clock in the afternoon the tickets were 145.

and she said okay i said give me a number and she sent me a lithuanian number i know it’s what’s up but out of common courtesy if you’re in the uk use a uk number so she either didn’t trust me which is understandable but then you know don’t accept tickets off a stranger

or she was just being racist and because i was british she’d only give me the foreign number so she could turn on and off i imagine i don’t know anyway less said of that the better so sorry sky garden for losing two people i did try i may never go the sky garden again because i can’t rely on people

um what else is there i’ve decided to strip down my big bike and repaint it because at the moment it’s a silver

and it’s when you get close up to the paintwork there’s cracks in it so i thought strip it back degrease it re-spray it to a nice metallic red which is what i’ve always wanted

and then put all the bits back on after re-greasing them with ptfe grease and oil

and get someone else to do the gears should be fairly cheap and fairly quick because it’s all standard fittings on the gears as well

yeah and it definitely if i’m gonna do any sort of like distance my oh and my aiming

chain it up outside costa another drink

and then cycle back it should be a fairly straightforward path

i want to try the folding bike going to counselling it’s only three miles and i did 1.8 today so it’s only that twice

if i can do that i mean i would normally go out tomorrow and try that but with all the wind i doubt i’ll make it it was a bit too windy this afternoon to the truth but i had to get out and just test it because i put a bit more pressure in the back tire i think it’s about 45 now

um i’m gonna try and get the front tire up to 45 as well

and see if that reduces the resistance and probably spray some wd-40 on the gears because i think they could do a bit more oil

and we’ll see probably monday tuesday i’ll get out on that and see if that improves i’m trying to hit something like 15 mile an hour because i don’t keep the traffic’s only 20 normally around here i know they drive at 30 35 but it’s basically 20 so i won’t be slowing the traffic down

but at the moment i can peak at about 10 11. and i know it only seems like three or four mile an hour

but it does seem very hard to get to on a folding bike probably due to the weight but also due to the resistance of the wheels and the gears it’s just really low geared so i’ll do that and once i’ve got the big bike done i can then hopefully join a cycling club and go for longer distances that’s me out my game i’m not oh my god to get the cycling club so we can go for visit somewhere

but there’s a few bits and pieces i need to buy for the bike i need mudguards i need a pannier

i’ll probably name proper um bags for the panniers

um i’ll probably get another set of wahoo sensors because they work fine on the folding bike and i don’t want to take them off and leave the folding bike without none because i still want to use the folding bike for exercise because it is a struggle and it does build your legs up and i don’t want to get onto a bike that makes it too easy because then you have to cycle for longer to get the same effort done the big bike is purely for going out somewhere if i’m going to go in a club or something you can’t get everyone doing 11 12 mile an hour you have to have something with gearing so you can hit 20 30 mile an hour sometimes

so that’s the aim probably the next week or two it’ll take

um i’m not going to worry about trying to stay within budget if it needs to be done it needs to be done and i think it will be better for me

mentally if i can achieve the bike being done then that’ll be good um i’m delayed on putting these videos up because at the weekend i seem to be losing it there’s no reliable internet connection at the moment so i’m having to wait i was supposed to have uploaded things on february the 1st february 8th february the 15th and it doesn’t work because at the weekend i’m losing internet connection it was fine until about three o’clock and then dropped through a floor like someone’s just done something a vodafone anyway i’m having a chat with vodafone via twitter i tried going on to their self-help thing their online chat and last week it seemed fine on the online chat and you know we’ve got your number we know where you are blah blah blah they was asking for passcodes and full name on the account and all sorts of things this week and it’s like we’ll be consistent boys they just wanted me mobile number and we post code on that so i’ve tweeted them and they’ve started talking to me on twitter

it’s basically giving me compensation i haven’t said what maybe i’ll get a bar of chocolate through the post or something oh what else uh the boys have been good today more or less caspy still misbehaves for a few hours but it’s caspy that’s what you get with black and white cats he’s sleeping like a little baby over here there captain’s down here it’ll come up him on come on here he comes there’s tabs hey baby

he’s a good lad it’ll just lay down there though there he goes merlin’s out he might not literally because i’m now working two liter trains and it seems to be working for both of them i don’t think they’re using one of the litter trays though so if that’s the case i might just merge the litter tray so i can go back to a proper litter tray thing they all use the same litter tray i think it’s better for merlin that one’s left though because at a push he’ll use the one that’s cleanest so he’s got a choice and it is all about merlin at the end of the day these two are just additional i mean merlin’s my cat these two are just sort of like adopted if that’s right sorry boys um

so what’s going on this week

oh excuse me um the council finally agreed to do emergency vehicle access not just this estate but many estates but i think it was brought back brought about by a few weeks back i think november a fire truck got stuck down the end because it was cars either side you couldn’t get down into the estate and there was a emergency call on the estate

um i’m not sure what happened then but they did get the truck down here eventually i think they had to go into the school and get the school to move some of the things but i’ve been saying this to the council for 18 months there and they kept saying oh no he has to go to a vote and if people complain about it

if people complain or object to it then it won’t get done so it won’t you know i’ve had 2000 officers say we can’t do it and ramana from the waltham forest council the engagement officer she said it would be voted down as well and i said well it’s on safety grounds why’s it go go to a vote and then they get a letter sent out three days ago saying we’re now going to put these in it’s on safety grounds and there is no discussion about it i’m gonna have to get online sometime and have a look at the plan for it because there’s a poster up on one of the lamps near the entrance and it goes through an awful lot of corners and markings and opposite this and opposite that so i want to see the plan and see what it’s going to be like in the meantime i’ve tweeted the london fire brigade waltham forest fire brigade and waltham forest council and i’ve asked the fire brigade basically how much gap do their vehicles need because they’re the biggest emergency access vehicles because they carry thousands of gallons of water so with any luck they’ll reply back and the council will have no excuse for getting the gaps wrong because it’s the sort of thing that councils will do they’re trying to put emergency access in and they’ll basically put w lines on the corners which is what i’ve been saying for 18 months and box junction is at the junctions and that’s it and they won’t think about you know this 13 14 foot wide vehicle has got to turn and they’ll make they’ll put gaps in but there won’t be any access all but i’ve had a look and there’s an awful lot of changes going on around this estate it’s a complete page of a4 so there are an awful lot of markings and what they don’t realize i don’t think on the s8 is it’s an awful lot of parking spaces they’re going to go

which is why i’ve been saying they need 24 7 permit parking around here they also offset need to look at disabled base because they’ve got disabled bow there is absolutely pathetic it’s not an enforceable one it’s courtesy by and it’s actually on it’s hard to describe it’s actually the curb leads up to a green and between the curb and the green are a series of bollards so how is a disabled wheelchair user supposed to use that when there’s no ramp it’s grass which you can’t use a wheelchair on easily and there’s bullards by the driver’s door what are they supposed to do park in the wrong direction which is against the highway code get out in the middle of the road and then come up through the car park is that what disabled access is to the council on that oh hello tabs you’ve seen that there right

so i’ve mentioned that to the council

and i’ll be chasing that up next week uh

it’s been a tiring day

mainly out of boredom more than anything else um also i’m gonna start re-spraying my bike i’m going to take the big bike apart the wheels need true in it’s got too much grease on it it needs decreasing cleaning oiling

and i’m going to respray i’m think i’m going to choose i was going to do flat red but i might as well go metallic red so get a red spray and lacquer

should be fairly easy i’ve got a bike shed so i can do the painting in there

um what else is there

so i’ll get all that i should be able to get that done in a couple of weeks

and then hopefully by me last session at leighton stone oh cycle there

what else is happening

luck said sky garden couldn’t give the tickets away i tried going online i tried going out today trying to find someone just go for a drink just because it’s my birthday couldn’t find anyone not even a pre-op i started i mean i don’t know if they’re not talking to me or vodafone or screwed my life up because i’ve got no internet access again

so i’ve complained to vodafone and ofcom because it’s staff there i mean they’ve had

all week i’ve had poor internet up until two days ago so from saturday to wednesday then it was intermittent sometimes it’d be fast sometimes it’d be slow then it was really fast this morning and at three o’clocks afternoon bang through the floor again

what they don’t seem to realize is some people like me are using her their sim for home internet so i can seek security cameras and things like that nope they just turn the internet off all i’m getting is dial-up speed on average 200k i mean it’s adsl speed not hsl it’s um isdn speeds really this is a isdn i’m living on occasionally it peaks at one meg so anyway i think oh excuse me sorry i think i’m going to start rambling if i don’t stop now so i’m going to stop there thank you for watching from tabs caspi’s over here and merlin’s got into the bedroom i imagine so i think i should follow him early and um wrap it up for the night i’ve got some bread on as well so once that’s finished i’m going to put that in a bowl

just a dough and i’m going to bake it tomorrow to see if it proves better overnight i might put it in a big bowl tonight anyway thank you for watching if you’ve got any comments please like subscribe leave the comments below and i’ll try to get back to you oh mental health that’s the one there’s always one that i forget is the mental health bit mental health this week since the last one has been all over the place

um friday i was fairly positive

the beginning of the week started really bad

then come wednesday i sort of pulled myself out of it and went for a cycle or a walk or something i can’t remember now friday at council and it was all right then i met up with

marvel in stratford because i just went for a walk i didn’t want to go straight home and i went for a walk anyway and she said oh she had a few things to do and i got to stratford for 12 something and she appeared 4 30 i think

was it earlier than that

2 30.

i can’t remember i think it was about three four hours i was waiting but i went into wilco priced some bits up got some hooks for me new rods for the neck curtains which are metal now not plastic

and so they should stay up now each rod now has five hooks on it’s not sprung so it should you know even if a cat jumps on the curtain there it’s spread amongst five hooks the suspension things that came with the two rods pathetic tiny little bits of well i think they’re still because it’s too stiff for aluminium and it’s like the curtain rod itself would sit in it but you’re using it to put a curtain on and if you put curtain on the rod it won’t sit in it properly because it’s tailored exactly to the rod so i don’t know what they were thinking about there i mean i’ve got cup hooks on it like that and the rod just about goes in and what came with it was pathetic really

i didn’t even take him out of the box when i threw it away it was just it was useless you can’t use them um so cotton rods i’ve got to do the bike this week mental health right um and then saturday came my birthday i was all right with casper it was but caspi’s birthday and i gave him some extra food and milk and he had a good day and then saturday i’ve got two birthday cards

and no one to go out with or no one to meet up with or no one to call me even if they wanted to call me because me that’s crap they couldn’t call me because most of the time it’s through what’s up now have you tried doing a video call and whatsapp with a isdn speed it doesn’t work

so i’ve been pretty down all day i went around the costa at a costa there for about an hour and 45 minutes with me with me birthday muffy muffin what did i have choc double chocolate muffin i was gonna go for the other one but i couldn’t remember what the name was so i just went for the chocolate one i was going to put a little candle in as well but didn’t have no candles so not sure they would have let me like the candle either so

so at the moment i’m pretty low i’m getting a bit bunged up as well so my sister tried ah my sister tried contacting me today sent me a message on messenger saying she was um i mean she’s not been blocked for a long time and she said she’s been trying to find me because i’m not at my old address but she’s finally gone round and knocked on the door i’d doubt it somewhere so i’ve blocked her

and i’ve asked mary and jill to do the same and mary’s got in touch with andrea so anyone now will not respond to her because she’s the right piece of work i mean maybe she’s telling me that someone’s died well it can’t be very important because you know you’ve only got to send a letter to my old address and the people there will tell me i’ve got a letter

oh i don’t know i didn’t work she’s certainly really in touch i mean i’m 53 and she sent a happy birthday i’ve been trying to get in touch message and i blocked her because i don’t know anything about her she abused me as much as my dad did

be interesting to see what happens over the next hello merlin what’s going on you want to come up here comes merlin my little monster

oh i am soppy about you merlin you can do anything he’s the only one that don’t bite me finger or chew me finger the other two sort of like munching it but he’s a proper little cake cat say hello to the viewers burning

kiss me merlin

oh it smells all burning like again and you’re all nice and shiny you’re getting your summer coat on a little wouldn’t ya yes you were yes you are sorry jesus um

i might as well end it there now we’ve got murdered here

tapped over there caspia’s underneath table i’ll love you and leave you and um if there’s anything else do you want to say something merlin

bless you baby fireworks

it’s the 8th of february do people know it’s my birthday where’s the fireworks for

oh maybe they do thank you boys i didn’t realize i was having fireworks for me today anyway i’m gonna love you and leave you from me and merlin and the boys

okay it’s not interesting is it listening to berlin it is to me um i’ll love you and leave you i’ve done the sign off anyway so if you’ve got any comments leave them in the um bit below and hopefully i’ll get some things uploaded by the time vodafone get their act together thank you for watching and good night