excuse the noise i’m out in um chantry lane at the beauty school well

i’ve lasted 25 weeks from young

just me and the cats

and as far as i can see i’m not going to make it till christmas because now i’ve worked out how to do it properly nonetheless half-assed taking milk and vitamin tablets

or even in isolation just trying to drink yourself to death no you need a combination water only no food and half a bottle of vodka after a couple of weeks when you’re a bit weak that should do it

i mean what is the point

it’s not an existence

if darwin had ease way i would have been dead at birth if my dad had easily i would have been dead before birth so i don’t know i’ve got

one costa

and that will probably be my last bit of sustenance for a long while

i’m not going through this week after week weekend after weekend running around begging for people

i know other people don’t have the same problem right but other people haven’t got the same issues i’ve got either


as douglas adams would have said so long and thanks for all the fish you