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The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

9 Jun 2020


it’s 5 35 tuesday the 9th of june


i’ve had what can only be described as a pretty crap day

my mental health is edging towards minus five very much towards minus five

i’ve had no callback from iap to call them a big day had no callback i’ve had no contact with the council apart from an email at lunchtime introducing darren someone as my single point of contact who then progressed to not reply to an email i sent him basically asking why i’ve been assigned a secret point of contact they don’t want to ask the what they don’t answer the why questions they just want to tell me what they’re doing or what their reason for not doing something is more likely

i’m sorry i don’t want a letter explaining why they’ve not cleared their staircase it’s their duty their legal responsibility they should just do it and apologize for me going for all this stress the same with everything else it’s all relating to what the council is not doing i even had a call back from suzette gao i’ve blocked her as well now duncan angus is colleague in the independent living office i block duncan for actually lying to me probably because he didn’t want to which isn’t the sort of council officer i need as my single point of contact i need someone that’s going to tell me the truth not lie to me it’s all about the truth with me i don’t care what the truth is as long as it is the truth

but like i was trying to explain to well scope and suzette wouldn’t let me explain she just wanted to tell me what she would do for instance suzette gao would use the trades button and follow someone in a block of flats if they wanted if she wanted to report someone for doing something wrong so she’s basically giving me advice to put myself in danger if i could leave this flat to put myself in danger by stalking someone unlawfully and listening this is exactly what she told me to listen to the doors so the answer that the count the official answer from the council apparently to the question how do i tell which flat someone lives in in a secure block is to use the trades button follow someone and listen to the doors seriously

i don’t know how many times i told suzette in a half hour conversation on the phone i don’t know how many times i told her only tell me something you know not what you think i don’t want to know what you think i want to know what you know not it may she even misquoted me back to me she said that i said that the council had investigated one of my residents here and he has denied it which is not what i said to her in the last conversation i had that several weeks ago it was probably denied it there’s a lot of difference between actually denying it and probably denying it

when i speak to people i don’t expect them to speak on behalf of the entire organization just on their little bit i called her basically to find out if she knew anything about single point of contact because that’s all wilson forest council wants to do we’re assigning you a single point of contact really oh i’m supposed to be so grateful that you’re taking my rights of um scrutiny away and my rights under the equality’s act away i’m supposed to be so grateful and bowed down and oh you’re so clever waltham forest council you are the best ingenious people really fantastic the same people that’s telling me to stalk someone and use the trade button to try and find out who lives where oh i’ll just follow the woman next door with a dog shall i

i’ve sworn so much today

i’m on the beer because i have to have it to help me sleep because i’m going through so much stress at the moment that no one gives a [ __ ] oh congratulations to me by the way i just uploaded my 51st diary entry this afternoon so i’ve finally caught up with all the backlog this is going up sometime near the end of july i can’t remember the exact day

but sometime near the end of july i’m still doing two a week i think i’m creating more than two a week so it’s gradually getting further and further into distance if it builds up too much then i might go to three a week

come on caspy my little monster thank you does that all day

so the council won’t talk to me they won’t explain why they won’t talk to me

even the single point of contact won’t give me a direct number and won’t reply to my emails what is the point of a single point of contact that you can’t contact i think the contact bit is supposed to mean something in that phrase single point of contact i think the council name a single point of contact for the council to tell me things they don’t want to listen they don’t even want to explain themselves right scrutiny public body hello and he’s given me i can do it again he’s given me five things antisocial behavior etc etc etc there’s more than five things to actually answer but they’ve decided to answer the five things that they can ignore

i swear blind most of it’s going to come back well under covered 19. [ __ ] we’ll tell that out to all the people in grenfell shall we under you know current climate it could be kobet 19 economic climate you know staff shortages blah blah blah blah blah safety safety that is paramount it comes first money goes to safety and then the other services so if you’re paying people to for example caretake on the estate they should be the ones clearing all the staircases oh we can’t put those at risk then you go around in teams and clear the staircases sorry it’s your responsibility it’s your obligation anything in the staircase in fact anything in public areas on the estate as it’s written in the tenancy agreement anything in public areas is likely to be removed without warning so that includes the staircases all the public footpaths um the bins all the communal areas everywhere on the estate basically there isn’t part of highways and isn’t part of your flat or your property everything should be clear at all times so the fact that caretakers walk past all this and the council aren’t refusing to answer that michelle maloney still not had any call back 13 weeks now michelle oh she’s not in the office again she wasn’t in the office last time i emailed her she seems to take an awful lot of time off this michelle or she forgets to take her out of office off i don’t know could be crafty

um so i’ve tried i’ve even tried contacting the ministry for local government and they’ve never heard of a social point of a single point of contact either so i’ve got no back from well no call back from anyone really apart from suzette who just wanted to tell me well pull your finger out you might be autistic but get over it that’s how it came across not exactly the best independent living award i would give her

it’s akin to strictly education my manager there telling me to be less autistic fantastic let’s let’s be less autistic

it’s like asking a blind person to be less blind

people say the most stupid things and they say it to me not exactly the most stupid person on the planet but they treat me like i’m an idiot no they treat me like they want to treat me

because they can the councils can get i keep saying this there is no authority apart from a solicitor in this land that can tell the council anything not even the ombudsman they can write advice and guidance and come in your favor they can find you can put complaint to the ombudsman they can find in your favor and there’s no obligation for the council to respond or do anything that’s why i keep saying the councils need to have power taken away and the best way of doing it instead of setting up something else to give the ombudsmen power of authority of enforcement so they can tell the council not advise the council the ombudsman should be seated above the chief exec and if they still fail to do what they’re told they shouldn’t be fined because that comes back to the taxpayer it should be the executive get charged and prosecuted for failing to comply

okay at the end of the day the general taxpayer pays for them to go inside

but i think it’s better to share it across the whole nation than the local system because it’s not their fault that these executives chose their area it’s the thought of the entire system in the country that allows these people existence

if they fail to comply then it should be down to the ombudsman to take the relevant action they see fit including prosecution it shouldn’t just be a matter of guidance it should be an oversight authority

and it should automatically go up you shouldn’t have to write to the ombudsman it should be part of the general complaint system so you have three stages in the council which waltham forest council are following i would like to know how many cases go into the third level because i can’t get one of mine beyond the first level

uh waltham forest direct

it should be wolfenforest not so direct

they don’t mind helping you as long as it don’t involve answering any specific questions

it’s funny that public authority that doesn’t want to answer questions is there something going on waltham forest why are you hiding

i mean even suzette admitted it’s not exactly the most open authority on the planet you go to their website the uk have a look at it it is farcical it’s virtually a template website with more or less the same details on every page for every department

there’s no way or finding out oh you can find suzette oh you can find their name what the pa’s name of michelle maloney you can’t even find michelle maloney’s contact information on the wolf and foreign site i had to go to the london council site to find my local authority’s contact numbers how pathetic is that it’s a public it’s public knowledge they’ve even blocked get this you have a look at some of the meetings of the um the minutes of the meetings they have pdfs on the wolf and forest website a lot of the contact information and names are blocked out

sometimes they only refer to person as it’ll be blocked out name head of housing or whatever and you they don’t even give the name of the person but they don’t give the email address and they don’t give the contact number

i feel like i’m beating myself into the ground because no one’s listening

this is episode 52 now and all those i mean it’s like 65 episodes now including the mental health and hunger striker went on before i started doing this proper

65 i think it is now and

i don’t seem to have got anywhere i finally got got the amount of paperwork i’ve got from this eliza i’m gonna have to go through that slowly or try and find someone to help me because it’s form after form it’s not easy for me and i’ve just watched the um kobe 19 press conference from downing street today and i had to turn it off because i mean i did finish it in the end but i couldn’t watch all of it it was just so frustrating it was like talking to the council the business secretary is it alex sharma or charlotte look i can’t remember her i wasn’t really taking much knowledge i’ll just remember it with the business secretary and admittedly it’s nothing to do with the business secretary because for the last few weeks they’ve all done the same thing you know matt hancock the um chancellor boris they’ve all evaded the questions they’ve been asked they’ve never answered directly one of the questions they’ve been given it’s a it’s a farce it’s a pantomime why can’t politicians just tell the truth if they don’t know i’d rather they say they don’t know then they just give up some random spill that got nothing to do with the question they were asked i mean what is the point of it’s like saying what color is that bus over there oh it has four wheels technically as i think six because there’s like two doubles at the back and there’s two singles at the front

but as similar to what the politicians and walton forest council have been doing to me you ask them one question they asked a totally different question

and all it’s doing is aggravating people if politicians were just honest and occasionally they just said well we’ll find you annoying mr gibbons i would appreciate that more than them just ignoring me because i know how many rules they’re breaking by ignoring me and yet i can’t do anything about it

on other news i’ve got my coffee through finally so i’ve got

40 cups of coffee too that’s got to last me 17 days so i’m allowed about two cups of coffee a day and then i get me bulk supply so between that and the instant coffee i’m gonna have to make it last

kobit 19 i finally got the message and they’ve stopped delivering it was nice of them coming around no once every two three days i’d get a delivery or carry bag but a third of it i was throwing away if it wasn’t out of date and you know like some butter i threw two sets of butter away last night when i’m clearing the fridge at one was april and the other one was maybe and they only came over the last couple of weeks so out of date food and the hand-picked food i can’t eat i’d rather staff than have someone’s manky unclean hand because that’s what i assume unless i’ve seen you wash your hands when you’re touching the food i assume you’ve had it around your ass and you’ve been touching my food that’s how bad it is to me

so a third of it was either in that category and even the rest of it

i mean like slices of bread in a bag just give me a small loaf if you’re gonna do that give me a small loaf what is the point of for example morrison’s which is where most of his food’s been coming from and another reason why i had to stop the kobe 19 deliveries because hey morrison’s a complete [ __ ] they threw me out of their store on easter monday because i complied the nerve to complain that they weren’t keeping their own social distancing guidelines every other checkout was supposed to be closed all the checkouts were open i got thrown out tears on the floor outside morrison’s wall from chingford on easter monday and no one cared

i wished they’d called the police now it would have been so much better if they called the police and i couldn’t point out well look at the central distance now all wolves and forest wants to do is give me a single point of contact so they can avoid talking to me thank you we’ll see what marcelizer has to say about that shall we


i’ve got three days left of tablets i don’t think i’d bother calling the pharmacy i can’t give monkeys now

if i make another one well if i make any beyond saturday then you will know that someone’s stood in and delivered tablets but i’ve got rubbish building up i’ve got no medication i’ve got the council refusing to talk to me for no apparent reason apart from the fact i keep asking an awful lot of questions because like i explained to quite a few people today the longer it goes on that they refuse to talk to me the more rules they’re breaking mental health rules people with disability rules even just customer service guidelines for public servants oh it just goes on and on and on i’m not the sort of person to just let that one go you just let one thing go and it all goes and there’s no reason to answer any of it i still want to know why michelle maloney didn’t call me back i still want to know why the chief exec refused to have a meeting to discuss all this

i still want to know why my complaint was not handled correctly

i need all that answered before i can get anywhere else i need to know what happened to the meeting i was told i was getting last week

everyone was running around at one stage and now it’s always only gibbons he’s done this before let’s put him down as vexatious and not tell him but we’ll put a nice little letter on the file as if we sent one out to him i know exactly what the council’s doing i know how i’ve worked in the civil service for 10 years remember i know how you get around stuff

and it’s so difficult to prove that’s the beauty of it the system is set up trusting that the council will always tell the truth ah but sometimes they don’t even sue that girl said that people lie when questioned oh thank you for telling me what i already know darling

thank you for telling me i can just see it now nicely that’ll write to them for information and all of a sudden they’ll be producing all these letters that i never received because they never sent it and there’s no proof that they sent it and they’ll be producing all these letters

that aren’t actually on their system but they’ll produce copies of them

because if it was on the system they’d say it was printed after the event or maybe they are on the system with the right date and they just don’t post them out that way they’ve got the file and they’ve got the letter dated at the right time but it still doesn’t prove they sent the thing it just proves they printed it at the time that doesn’t mean i got a copy of it which they’re legally obliged to do but the trouble is because they’re councils if they say they send a copy everyone will trust them there will be no proof requested and if if you say to the council can you prove it this you have to prove why you need that information but they are trusted beyond exemption

it is wrong and i will carry on until something changes i’ll probably be dead

because i can’t put up with this much

longer at least i remember to plug the microphone in on this one the the diary supplement the last diary supplement i think dated the seventh i’ll put it up on the seventh as well the last diary supplement oh i was atrocious it was i mean it was clear don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t as clear as this because i didn’t have the external microphone on it’s a nice microphone it takes all the echo off the room that’s why i use an external um

i’ve managed to start filling the holes in finally after months i’ve started filling the holes in because i haven’t got a filler knife i’m having to use a piece of sandpaper [ __ ] over it’s pathetic really uh so i’ll do another little bit of that tomorrow hopefully i’ll be able to sand that back and paint over it so at least the bedroom looks a bit more presentable

i’m hoping sometime to have a shower if i can get the rubbish taken away if the council will listen to me they won’t listen to me because all they want to do is write me an excuse oh sorry a letter once they’ve got all the excuses i mean information from the other departments 13 weeks and they’re still waiting for information sounds like it was all [ __ ] then doesn’t it

13 weeks and everyone’s talking about me but they’re waiting for information another set of lies from waltham foreign council come on wolfenforest take me to call defamation a character or whatever libel slander whatever you can do it either way verbally i’ve done the emails telling you what i think of you come on take me to call i dare you

maybe they don’t get the truth well now maybe then i won’t even get the truth out of you then

anyway thankfully i better say this quietly but the screaming kids have stopped i don’t know if the police came round i actually called the police because i fed up with kids screaming they’re only playing the police said it’s not a playground there’s a parkour over the road go to the park 10 minute walk away

same again same and same and same and same

anyway hopefully things look a bit i’ve got the living room light on this time and the light outside so hopefully things sound and look a bit better this time thank you for watching i’ll try and not be so miserable tomorrow or whenever i do the next one

karen has been blinded by the way she sent another angry email into the council and all they’ve done in response is to give me a single point of contact nice

but thank you anyway karen anyway good evening like subscribe share comment please leave your comments i love some of the comments that are going on there um and i’ll speak to you in the next one good night