hello it’s the 9th of november at 9pm um

very drunk i’m back on the vodka which i haven’t been for 20 years um

i got attacked by a french woman last night coming back from uclh appreciate me talking to a friend about my depression and suicide and this is from a society that’s supposed to be up and more common with you know people with mental health illnesses um

i’ve seen a third of a bottle of vodka off in three hours i’ve still not got no one despite trolling all the dating sites just for someone that i can sit down and have a drink with

no one cares

all from foreign social services are no better than bachmann dagman social services i’ve complained to me mp and the counselor know anything back from them i have to keep going down in the middle of the night to check the door lock here because someone keeps leaving the doors open or on the ledge or both and i’ve got anxiety issues

i don’t know

tomorrow’s just another day another weekend i’ll be [ __ ] suicidal

and the only person i’ve got that actually calls me regular basis is veronica from ukraine the ironing of it all 1500 miles and she calls me nearly every day i’ve got people living less than 10 miles away and they don’t call me once

i don’t know

if i feel like it might upload the video as well of this french woman that abused me i’ll put that on that on the end of this video

nothing else i could say really oh i look normal though yeah thanks that’s what i get from the counselors and doctors dwp oh you look normal never mind anyway thank you for listening to my little moan i’ll have another one tomorrow probably that no one will watch

[ __ ] like like weirdo no you thought like we are those like again like it’s okay just make sure there is an

idiot you