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The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

10 June 2020

good afternoon it’s 1pm just after on the 10th of june 2020 i thought i’d do a little update i’m not sure this is going to have much in it but i thought i’d have a little update minus for that normal health um i got woken up this morning at ten to nine by hermes trying to get a replacement part for me shoe rack and herman’s phone to pick it up and i haven’t even received the replacement yet that’s due sometime today so when i get the replacement i’ll switch the two bits out and then we need to go into parcel to go to get the thing done anyway so that was ten to nine hermes is cancelled i thought it was cancelled anyway but hermes is now cancelled i got through to

who did i call after the equalities and human rights commission and they confirmed what i suspected that i mean they’re in waltham forest of breaching my human rights under sections of one and sections they

uh the right to possessions and the right to family life they also think that they’re in breach of um a protected right under the equalities act i disability which i also expected but it was nice to have someone confirm it louisa was fantastic i felt so i feel so much karma having spoken to louisa at the echr

equalities and human rights e h r c um i’ve emailed the council again only martin neeson the councillors and karen

and i’ve asked them what’s going on they’re infringing me human rights they’re infringing my rights under the equality’s act and all they want to do is write to me with a bunch of lies and excuses what’s going on about me rubbish i’ve got me medication being delivered anyway on thursday or friday which is fine i don’t like doing it because i know they’re busy and i don’t like doing this but i’ve got no one else to ask

um what else

after three weeks of delays i finally got the stuff out to do lasagna it’s been in there three weeks and i’ve been delaying and delaying it but now i’ve got the stuff out there’s more room in the freezer a little anyway because i’m not getting all the waste food from the kovic 19 group anymore

um i’ve blocked i’ll get this i don’t know did i do an update yesterday i’m losing track of time i’ve blocked another one from the independent living department in waltham forest council suzette gao because she basically told me the answer to the question i’ve been asking for weeks how do you tell what flat someone lives in if they’re in a secure block of flats press the trades button she said and follow them one it’s fantastic if you’re actually feel safe in your own block that you can go out but i don’t because wolf and freud do nothing about my safety and two that could be classed as stalking and you could be in breach of the stalking law anyway so there we are perfect someone panics when they’re under pressure in the council and instead of don’t say they don’t know they make up some illegal well just press the trades button uh well technically the trades button is only for trades you’re not supposed to press it if you’re not a business person on a job or a postman or someone like that you’re not supposed to just press the button and then walk through and it only works with four hours a day as far as alone something like nine to one depending on the time clock and all that

so i don’t know

um i’ve spoken to a very nice woman at mental health i now have a key worker called alfred have you taken two and a half years i’ve got a key worker look at that basically three years i can’t remember i’m losing track of the years um tayonna was the woman that called the manager at the mental health team and she told me and i explained to her that you know if people call me can you make sure they don’t use a product number because it gives me panic attacks

i’m not even saying it’s because of my anxiety because that’s only what makes me do it the reason i do it is because i have panic attacks when i get a private number and the council waltham forest have said to me on various occasions oh mr gibbons you are going to have to stop blocking people because we won’t be able to contact you i.e never mind what the law says we’re not going to make any reasonable adjustments that’s what it means and like i keep i’ve been trying to tweet and text people as many people on parliament and related disabilities as i can last night to try and get someone to raise a parliamentary question to the appropriate minister i’m not even sure which minister would be appropriate basically asking that since the equalities act has been in existence for over 10 years now why is it possible

that local authorities and local governments and you know anyone related to the public sector is allowed to use private numbers knowing full well that some people have anxiety about picking up private calls i will tell you now i know what the answer is it’s because not crown immunity i can hear you crying out crowding me no crowning me got scrapped long time ago in most areas no it’s because no one has the power to tell these people that doing something wrong and to enforce it there should be local authorities and government should have an overarching oversight committee something with more power than the person they’re oversight of i mean we’ve got the ombudsmen

but they haven’t got any power they’ve got the authority to advise and in some cases like the health and safety executive warn and they can issue enforcement notices the health and safety executive but there’s nothing they can do because you can’t take the crown to court by definition you’re asking the crown to prosecute the crown so when it comes to being taken to call they have got a section of crown immunity unless it’s under a law casper youtube youtube casper unless it’s under a law that exempts crap or de-exempt crown immunity basically removes crown immunity

there are some laws that were passed that exempt crown immunity i think the um corporate manslaughter act

there’s no crown immunity to that but there’s still an awful lot of crowning in health and safety and things like that and the ombudsmen have got no powers and that’s what is wrong the ombudsman needs to have overarching powers powers of enforcement there’s no point setting ombudsman up that you can forward your complaint to and they can investigate it and say whether you were right or wrong if they can’t actually say if you were right well we’re going to make the council do this or we’re going i don’t believe council should be fine because that just basically puts up everyone’s council tax when everyone isn’t doing anything wrong it’s just the council i think the fight if there are fines they should be imposed on the officers concerned not on the council directly out of the officer’s concern and if there’s any enforcement or breach of there should be prison sentences and these people should be debarred from public office in fact i would go so far to say as if in the ideal situation ombudsmen should be able to not only debar from public office but d bar from any bald room so they can’t have an executive position in any company because if they can’t be trusted to run a public organization why should they be trusted to run an organization that’s private sorry there should be it sounds draconian but i think there should be an upper limit to their earnings to prevent them from getting senior jobs

i would say no more than the living wage plus five thousand so they’ve got that little bit of variance the living wage up to five thousand on the living range and that’s it if they screw up in public office that is the most they can earn ever and that would be fine that would get the people concerned to do things because they would find a way of getting things done rather than because i know it’s like in this open public service i’ve hidden facts under instructions from a superior i’ve raised the issue and they said oh don’t argue with this just do it and because everyone was in it i couldn’t do anything about it i mean now there’s visual whistleblowing stuff that’s been implemented but back then back in the 80s there wasn’t anything known as a whistleblower and i have done that i mean even in private companies i’ve been told to amend contract pdfs to open a pdf that’s been signed

to amend the wording and to save the pdf that signed with the new wording and i raised that at the time and i said isn’t that illegal and they said oh don’t argue just do it

and that i mean i’m one person and i know right from wrong other people just oh yes i’ll do whatever you say i don’t know whether it’s right or wrong i don’t even know i don’t even care if it’s right or wrong a lot of people will say but i do

and if they can do it in the private sector i know they can do it in the public sector because i’ve had instructions to do in the public sector so all this nonsense about i can take him to court and all that and i see as a waste of public finances honestly because all this could be dealt with over a phone one phone call two phone calls give me the meeting that i was asking for in february that’s all i’ve been asking for a meeting with senior officials to discuss what’s going on and why things are being done i know why things aren’t being done i want someone to tell me why things aren’t being done

right so i’ve got me medicine coming i’ve got my lasagna out hopefully i can cook that tonight

um i might not have it tonight though because by the time i’ve done it it depends when i have dinner in um what else

i’ve got the email from the ehrc

need to sit down and read that there’s quite a lot of attachments and guidance on it

oh i finally started doing the um filling the holes i’ll do that in a moment finish off filling the holes in the bedroom and then i can sand that back and paint it and i mean it looks better now without bare-faced holes it looks a lot better now um

now the videos right this is what i meant to say on the last video this is 53 i think it is episode 53. um you will notice on youtube that these video thumbnails have changed color again which i weren’t gonna do but i’ve moved over to new software and all the ones with the different color are done under the new software caden live basically and it’s all done under kubuntu kd version of ubuntu

and so far it is the most wonderful experience i’ve had editing videos it’s fast i mean the end screen and the the start and end screens all you have to do is right click and edit and then change the numbers and the date and done and then all you have to do is import your video which is this bit and before you import it you import the whole clip and in the clip window you can actually slice off the end and the beginning so you’ve got just the talking bit in the middle which is the way i like it i just just talking you go straight from the titles to me to the end credits

and it is so easy after i took about four days to learn it and it’s fantastic now

so that’s simply five things here they go midday started i’ve got kids out the back again midday playing football it’s not a playground but are they treating it as a playground and there’s no one in the council i can tell because the council wants an exact address this is the bollocks that i get from the council

we can’t do anything unless you can give us an exact address well how do you get the exact address of someone that lives in the block next door that you only ever see outside you’re supposed according to suzette gao fantastic woman according to suzette gao i go next door press the trades button and listen to the doors what am i supposed to be listening for

and that all relies on me being able to get out so there we are

i don’t know anyway cayden live that’s all up and running and the videos as you’ve seen they’re getting out a lot quicker now um the last few videos i’ve noticed i had to reset the camera on this phone the last few videos have been done in 720p and i had a look at the settings and it wouldn’t allow me to change it up and i think there’s been a firmware update or software update to the software i’ve had to restore the defaults on the camera to get it up to 1080p 60 frames a second i was gonna do just 30 but i thought might as well do 60 and let youtube play about with it it looks better anyway if i do it in the full 60. there’s not so much tearing and it just looks clearer might have bigger files than that i was going to do it in 4k because the cam this camera will do 4k at 30 but 4k 30 for 15 seconds it was doing basically about a meg every second of data and i’m not too sure my little laptop could cope with all that it’s only got eight giga ram and it’s like an i5 from about four years ago i mean it does really well i’m looking after it i’ve had to replace the screen because the screen was for me when i first got it that’s how i got it it was from a client and they just didn’t want it it was only like eight months old but it took us so long to diagnose it well to the company i was working for so long i told them it was just a 40 screen

and it took the client so long to get back to us that by the time they got back to us they’d already replaced the laptop and you know the data was all wiped and then everything they just asked us to wipe it and throw it away

so everyone agreed that i could take it nice people

i wiped it and you know the drive was taken out and i put a new drive in and all that so it was nothing to do with data from the laptop i just had the laptop with no hard drive fine that’s all the customer i wanted so i replaced the hard the screen which was only about 15 pounds and ever since then i had a nice i5 laptop with a decent gpu on it it’s an intel on chip thing but it’s not too bad it handles the workload quite well especially under linux and i tried caden live under windows there’s a beta version for windows buggy ain’t the word oh it starts up slow it crashes a lot

and it doesn’t really it pro when it does pre i did a few test runs when i found out that the caden life windows i tried it and in comparison to linz version it’s like chalk and cheese windows starts up slowly and crashes linux under kubuntu because i thought since it’s a kde video idea let’s put a kde desktop on was going to go for linux mint kde but i read that linux mint are going to scrap the kde version otherwise i would have been on linux mint i had problems configuring linux mint to get caden live working which is why i went to i tried open souza and i couldn’t get to grips with that at all i’ve used open souza in the past a while ago a few years ago and it didn’t wasn’t nice it wasn’t friendly that’s when i’d look up and i thought oh kubuntu because ubuntu is the base for most of the software nowadays anyway so most of the packages are written for ubuntu and modified for other distributions so i thought let’s go for the kde version of ubuntu and it’s got the desktop i like with the menu bars and things like that the known version of ubuntu uses this funny sort of like side panel i don’t like that i know you can probably change that to a normal desktop thing but it’s a lot of tinkering messing about and getting things when there’s a new version it resets it all and you have to go the kd version of ubuntu lovely the men the shutdown menu is the only thing i’ve got to grow up with because it seems to be backwards to me the shutdown button is on the right hand the furthest away from the menu button and then you’ve got all these options and it just feels wrong maybe because i’m not used to it but it just feels wrong but it works and that’s all that matters to me

um so i’ve got linux i’m trying to get wine running i’m trying to get a previous version of office running under wine there’s a few good versions i just need to i’ve tried 2016 not installing properly i’m gonna try the previous version and see if i can get that installed

um because i think 2016 one is only beta anyway so i might try the 2010 one i might try i have to the funny thing is the way that microsoft dishes the images out it detects whether you’re on a windows pc if you’re not then it gives you the mobile version of the app so you have to go into windows download the installer you need and then extract it because a lot of them are now img files so you have to open the img file up extract it and then copy that over to the linux desktop and then run it from there

so i’ll try the next version of office later i seem to have a problem with the internet it was a bit iffy last night and the speeds are a little bit down i think oh there’s a problem with

just youtube i had a problem with youtube the other night as well everything else was working but youtube was a bit weird anyway so what else is left linux desktop editor rubbish oh rubbish i’ve emailed the council about the rubbish and what literally about half an hour ago so i’m waiting for a response on that because it’s now wednesday and i’ve not had a shower for two weeks now since i think friday the week before last because the bathrooms fill up with rubbish

oh no tell a lie they came around to pick it up on monday last week monday this week no monday last week good grief so it would have been

monday i would have would have had a shower and then the bath started filling up with rubbish so monday last week so nine days without a shower no wonder why the cats are avoiding me uh i think that might be

i think that might be anyway if there is an update i’ll do an amendment to this but if there isn’t thank you for watching

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now me and tat get

see they all come and talk to me eventually didn’t you

such a beautiful baby and i’ve got their cat stuff coming the cat grass and new filter for the water fountain finally i should have changed that filter straight away when i put it out there three year and a half ago shouldn’t they

uh little tabs

he’s such a little bundle of fun he’s growing up a bit now and he’s getting a bit old and responsible he tries washing merlin but i really don’t like it i wish myself i’m not that old merlin says anyway thank you very much like subscribe share pass it on share this playlist because i want this to get out i want people to know that they’re not alone in all this

it isn’t something that you need reassurance i need reassurance that you’re not going mad the world isn’t upside down it’s just bad people are allowed to do bad things and the only way we can stop bad people doing bad things is for good people to tell them off and to get them to enforce what they’re supposed to be doing we can’t do it individually we have to unite in this the local government the national government all public bodies hospitals doctors everyone that has that creates a public service has got a duty of care to be open and honest with the public because they are public servants they’re not public miscreants that are forced to lie to you because they’re afraid they’re going to get caught out no

public servants should be serving the public and we need to unite on this and stand together this is a campaign i need this to go national it’s frustrating for us individuals that are stuck in this corner that were painted into because local authorities up and down the country not all local authorities but i think it’s a lot of them

are just ignoring their responsibilities under the law because they’ve got no one to tell them otherwise from the chief execs down it’s like well what they gonna do take us to the ombudsman they’re sitting there laughing at the ombudsman

they’re not afraid of anyone apart from another solicitor and even then unless he actually gets to call they don’t do a thing all they want to do is waste public finances by not doing the jobs that they’re supposed to be doing and then they’re forced to do it eventually by solicit are threatening to take them to call so they’ve got solicitors writing backwards and forwards wasting public funds for something that the councils are obliged to do by law for example make reasonable adjustments i’ve heard that for 10 years now oh the council’s supposed to make reasonable adjustments yes they know they are but then everyone is supposed to make reasonable adjustments you shouldn’t have to tell the council for example when the equalities act got passed in 2010 from that moment on everyone should have been de-privatising their number because that would be a reasonable adjustment for people with anxiety they shouldn’t have to wait to be told that someone’s got anxiety and type of four-digit style coding beforehand to de-privatize their number why not just offset the act by saying oh well we’ve de-privatised our numbers generally and the thing is awesome forest cam i closed this video a few minutes ago didn’t it the thing is wilson ferriss council you have managed in 13 weeks to de-privatize your call center number because when they call you back and occasionally they do they call back on a disclosed number so if you’ve managed to do that in the last 13 weeks why couldn’t you disclose it for all outgoing calls hmm why are you keeping things private and secret your website’s awful by the way it’s public data is being hidden by waltham freud’s council and i’m not afraid of saying that because i can prove it you’ve just got to look up the directors of wolf and freud’s council the executive directors most of them aren’t listed by email address and yet you look at the london council’s website all the email addresses are there so why don’t they list their own addresses on the wolf and forest council site the deputy chief exec lindsay someone she’s changed not on the wolf and forest website on the london council’s website etc etc etc i could go on and on and on all this openness and honesty from public bodies that john major went on about in 1992 nothing has happened seasons jar out the window open and honesty out the window we’d get more open and honest government if we were in bloody communist russia that’s how bad it is in this country people believe what they’re being told and it’s like oh we won’t question it because it’s the government or this the council is these or is that and it’s like

how many years have you know for example the statue of the slave trader in bristol custod or someone was torn down a few days ago on this black lives matter protest

and it’s not like it was a new thing the council had had petitions to remove the statue for years and the furthest down the road the petitions have got is the council was debating whether to redo the plaque on the statue to change the wording on it because it says it was a um in tribute to

an honorable and upstanding member of the community or something like that

and really you know people this is why people told statue down they’re frustrated with bureaucracy i mean how difficult is it say oh yeah you know it’s a good idea let’s modernize the area and take down all the slave traders thankfully they are now getting the bonding docklands got taken down yesterday by the local authority and they should it’s not just slave traders i don’t believe in wiping it all out i believe what the mayor said in bristol about picking it up out the river and putting in a museum is not a bad idea because if you just remove the statues and they don’t exist anywhere then what is there to remind you of the legacy

you need to be reminded of this even if it’s not i mean you could have a statue to cost old in bristol but change it instead of being in a prime location honoring what he’s done just change it and this is the face of a slave trader that paid for most of what you see around you

or something like that you know it needs to be thought about but is a bit weird some of the stuff we’ve got on public view it might have been right 100 years ago because if the victorians saw any philanthropy as good no matter where the money came from

but as it was discussed on lbc this morning i mean earlier this morning half one two-ish

there’s also like um the cecil rhodes statue in oxford and he’s got a trusty scholarship grant thing and they’re talking about taking the statue out it’s a private it’s in a private area anyway inside oxford university so he’s in a private ground so they haven’t got justification to have it removed by the council because it’s oxford university at the end of the day and if it’s their building it’s up to you to choose whether you go there so

that’s an iffy one i can understand public statues but people with statues on their own property that isn’t within sight of the public and that’s the thing i don’t know where the central road statue is is it visible from the street that is the one if it is then yeah there’s a offensiveness about it but if it’s inside the university and you have to be a member to actually see the statue

then it’s up to you whether you go to yorksville university or not really at the end of the day but depends on the location of stature in my book because private people can put anything up as long as it’s not publicly visible able to cause an offence

whether it’s right or wrong that’s neither here nor there it you know if it’s private it’s private an oxford university is a private um organization it’s not publicly funded it’s private anyway so they were talking about removing the statue but the grant they was talking about well renaming it or repurposing the grant that was left by cecil rhodes and using it as quotes reparations i don’t like reparations as has been proven time and time again does nothing

it shouldn’t be a matter of reparations what happened happened yes it was wrong slave is always wrong you can’t own people

yet at the time it wasn’t illegal and it wasn’t seen as wrong it’s a complicated one

it really is a complicated one

it does feel like something is going to change this time around though so george lloyd floyd i’m not very good with remembering the news on that lately i don’t think he’s died in vain because things that have got done in his name even if it’s just removing a few statues

i believe the environment should be

not non-offensive but at least offensive for most people there’s always going to be someone that’s going to be offended by anything

and you can’t allow you can’t make it if you made exceptions for everything then you basically kiss goodbye to freedom of speech some things that some people reasonably say some people will find offensive you can’t allow for everything to be judged as offensive some things have to be said whether they offend people or not

that’s where the freedom of information comes in or freedom of um speech you have to have the right to sometimes offend people because it is for the greater good that people are offended

it’s a bit like when people started questioning politicians back in the 60s and 70s and politicians were offended because politicians were up until that point assumed to be upstanding trustworthy pillars of the community and it wasn’t until investigations into their private lives came out

it was found that even their public lives it was found that politicians weren’t as trustworthy as they were asking to be judged by so that’s what i mean you have to offend some people sometimes so you can move the freedoms forward for the general population you can’t run

freedom of speech for the minority

you can make allowances but you can’t stop freedom of speech because one person may take offense

it needs to be more than that there needs to be more of a definition about offense because people could just say they’re offended when they’re not really they’re just doing it to make a point

but it’s it’s not a medical thing you can’t prove that you’ve been offended it’s a subjective thing and that’s where the laws always fall down when it’s a subjective thing and offensiveness is the most subjective thing

that goes through the courts

has someone been racially offended by exceeding something has someone been offended because of their mental health has someone been offended because of any reason

it should be in relation to the greater good it should be is society going to let x be offended because the majority of people aren’t offended by it

i’m all for looking after i mean i’m in the minority myself you know i’ve got a disability a mental disability

and i’m all for making reasonable adjustments as the law says to limit the offensiveness of things but it’s that word reasonable again what is reasonable what i see is reasonable isn’t probably what you see is reasonable

it is a tricky one reparations i don’t think it’s done dusted

it’s historical we need to remember what happened and what happened exactly what happened not this mythical stories you see on the press and in some films i do believe roots by alex haley the tvs miniseries because i’ve got a copy of that over there somewhere um i do believe that roots is a fairly reasonable approximation to what slavery was like

it shows it walks and all

i think it’s been sanitized in groups i think it was more harsher than it shows you but if roots actually made it as harsh as it was then at the time i don’t think any of the networks would have bought it so it’s been toned down but even the toned down version i recommend everyone to watch roots i don’t know if it’s on netflix or whatever but get the mini series roots watch it it gives a good approximation to the saga of slavery and the slave trade everyone should know about slavery everyone should know about all forms of slavery going back for centuries millennia even going back to the greeks and the egyptians and the romans

thankfully there isn’t i mean they they’ve got what they classed as modern day slavery now but it’s not the same sort of thing the modern say slavery is mostly

it’s mostly illegal immigrants that have had their passports removed by the people they start working for and then they’re kept hidden in a basement or a room in the attic or something so they’ve got no access to the outside etc etc etc that’s the modern version of slavery um i’m not saying there’s no harm and you know it’s not people aren’t treated as bad as slaves were 200 years ago for instance but i think it’s different

and that needs to happen out you know okay there needs to be oh this is this is your right bug bearer of mine illegal immigrants okay

because that’s i believe sorry that i believe that’s where modern slavery is mostly based now people that are legally in the country and they’re forced to stay in the country by having their passports removed

um there should be something to protect these people whether they’re illegal or not

i do believe if they’ve been made a form if they if they’ve got in this country legally yet that’s a bad thing but if they’ve then been allowed because of the illegal immigration to be imprisoned then i believe we should just give them the right to remain so they don’t have to fear being treated like that again that would be the humane thing to do the trouble is if we did that this is what i mean there’s so many people that take advantage of these things that if the government did that then you’d get an awful lot of people that would be pretending to be enslaved and would be claiming they’ve been enslaved by someone

just to get the right to remain in the country and it’s proven it was the problem how do you how do you prove that you had been enslaved

hmm tricky one tricky one boys and girls

but yeah things are changing unfortunately the government at the moment isn’t actually putting its best foot forward shall we say they should be leading by example but all they want to do in parliament is get everyone back into the house of commons so we can have julio debates and all this and yet it’s been working pretty good on a remote virtual parliament i’ve been watching some of parliament tv while they’ve been virtualizing it and is it it’s weird because you go back to a half empty chamber on almost empty chamber and you keep flashing up these video calls from other politicians around there around the country in their own homes and i do believe that parliament need to lead by example if they need people to get back to work and parliament can work remotely for crying out loud they’re not building a wall they’re just talking you don’t need to be in the same room to talk to someone

if they can work remotely they should work remotely they should encourage people to be working remotely to cut down on people traveling to and from i’m not saying we should not have any more commuting oh sorry i’m not saying we shouldn’t have any more commuting i’m saying we should only have commuting where it’s required not requested

yes if we can get that to change and we can cut down the amount of pollution and the amount of traffic then the weld will heal itself as they’ve discovered over the last three months of lockdown

i think it’s 14 clearer of pollution the air in london there i think it’s a bit more than that even the air coming in through my windows is clearer and there’s hardly any dirt on the outside so there’s less pollution being breathed in people are healthier their lungs are cleaner i think people will suddenly discover that if they haven’t been attacked by kobe 19 the taste of smell and taste the senses are going to be improved drastically by not having that dust in your lungs and all around your mouth

oh dear i don’t know i feel like i’ve been rambling again boys and girls i think i’ll end it there because it has been i think it’s been a while keep looking after the clock it’s ten to one now i think it was just after one hours night so it’s been going on for about 45 minutes there

if there is an update i’ll let you know but thank you for watching i’ll explain to you again later you