hello 10 minute diary entry that’s the time and date i’ve made the format on that a bit larger so it’s easy to see um

done some housework a little bit cleaning dusting normally do it on a friday but it can be blocked yesterday so i did it today it’s not immaculate but it’s clean and i’ve got the steamer at this time


what am i doing today lita’s coming over

next week weekend i mean

to go through some of the video that’s next sunday she’ll actually come in here which is good

um what else is happening anything happening no dad that’s it it’s gonna be a quiet weekend i think

i still had no reply back from ian duncan

it’s like how i’ve given up i mean i haven’t given up but i’m just gonna have to wait eight weeks because no one cares i followed all the advice that everyone’s told me and i’m still getting blocked by the politicians

unless you’ve got you know thousands of savings and you can instruct a solicitor you don’t get your rights in this country that’s guaranteed you only get your rights if you fight for them if you can afford to fight for them they don’t give a toss in this country about anyone with mental health issues um and they’re holding me back because it is the politicians making me out i’ve realised it’s not really other people i can ignore other people you can’t ignore the politicians unless they cooperate with you instead of telling you what to do when was it that people in this country were told what to do i’m being told what to do i’m not given the choice you want to the choice is you either do what you’re told or we don’t cooperate with you so so i don’t know ah anyway i’ve had a shower i’m gonna shave

clean top on next week i must do some laundry the life of us girls no one quite understands it you’re okay there casper um

no not on the keyboard

no caspy

no i’m there good

he’s a lovely cat but he does drive me up the hall sometimes him and merlin just want to sit on the laptop why as soon as i open up the laptop they just want they like a magnet terminal it is better be careful of the time i’ve only been going for four minutes i don’t think i’ll make this very long because there isn’t much to update you on mental health condition minus two thanks to a couple of phone calls from echo yesterday but it’s always nice to receive phone calls out of the blue and have a conversation with someone when you’re expecting a phone call it’s not so good for me anyway but when you don’t expect a phone call and you have a nice conversation then that’s nice that does make me feel better it makes me feel wanted the only time i feel wanted normally is if the police come around and start accusing me of things because my neighbors have lied to i don’t know no one’s done anything about the social behavior i’ve put in against um my housing officer because they must be immune to any social behavior because we’re civil servants really i’ll start on that next week it’s not right that they’re allowed to ignore me just because they’ve assigned a single point of contact they haven’t justified it all they’ve said is it’s not under the personality policy you know the behavior policy so where are you getting these powers to take my rights away what are conditions on the social on the single point of cost they’ve not given any conditions any time limits what the duties of the single point of contact is nothing i mean i had a single point of contact and effect embarked on that and it worked well it was agreed in advance and it was fine but here they’re just doing it to shut me up and i’m not going to shut up the more they want me to show up the more i’ll start shouting they haven’t quite learned that i’ll cooperate once they start cooperating i can’t even get a complaint shoot against the chief exec

and that was before i was assigned a single point of contact so what’s his excuse for not answering my emails he’s a public servant for crying out loud he should at least respond to your emails i even had that agreed by julie at corporate complaints about four weeks ago now when she contacted me and then all of a sudden she changed her tune and she told the party alone so when this is done and dusty i would be putting a complaint against julie for not doing her job properly i’ve tried to put a complaint against her now and she’s refusing to log a complaint so how do you log a complaint against the complaints officer

that’s not really listed is it no i’ll tell you what let julie investigate her own complaint because that’s what she’s doing with housing the letting housing investigator complain fed up of this life boys pretty [ __ ] unappreciated al

three minutes to go i’m not gonna pad this out for the full ten um thank you for watching don’t forget check out ecker’s channel

i was watching summer eckers video you gotta see the one about camping ekka’s video about camping it is so funny especially the first bit where she’s in the car and i thought it was over her back shoulder that is funny so i’ll link to that video at the end of this but thank you for watching have a good weekend and i’ll speak to you probably on monday