carmen dave

it’s been a funny old day today

i’ve left voicemails for ian duncan smith again and the labor party again had no one’s returned my voicemails

so this is partly a message for ian duncan smith my mp chingford and woodford i think the constituency is good mr duncan smith

why are you refusing to return my communications i’m autistic i have anxiety and depression and if anyone needs your help it’s me i have no support social services aren’t doing anything for asexual services

i’m getting the run around from mental health now authentic council are liars and corporate complaints are not upholding the system they’re not impartially assessing complaints

in my humble opinion so please contact me urgently or if anyone knows of being duncan smith or any member of parliament get in touch with your member of parliament and ask them to contact my member partner

please um i had a phone call today from direct payments i think nicole i’ve had no written communication whatsoever about any of this and i’m having to try and keep everything up here and try and make sense of it it doesn’t make sense to me the woman from direct payments called me today about the care plan and action for asperger’s or something she didn’t really know why she was calling me to tell you the truth any uh any question just flammable it’s like oh i wasn’t expecting you to question me

so i don’t know so she’s going to send an email back to gina and mental health now still don’t know gina’s last name or a email address or anything i’ve got a text number mobile number for her but i don’t think it’s her own number because she never seems to respond unless she sent me a text


confusing is today’s

confusing apart from that i’ve had new cattleya come here

i’ll push that out the way so you can’t go i’ve had new cattle arrive which i’m going to start non-clumping cattleya

um no caspy no

i’ve had a water jug arrive the water tastes a lot better than the brita filter so i don’t know what the difference is but it’s definitely different taste to the water because i’m running too concurrently i might just get rid of the brittle one and use the aqua optima it comes with an app you get an app to remind you when to change the filter which is fine that’s all you need that’s the reminder in there and this way you don’t have to worry about changing batteries on the brita filter you can’t change the batteries on the actual timer that’s built into it i had a secondhand one and the only way of opening it up change batteries is to actually take case out and break the case so that’s a bit of a bad design by briar unless they’re expecting people to replace the entire jug every how long it lasts i don’t know a year two years


where else has been happening i’ve got four videos to edit there i know it sounds weird but how to wash a cup up which i only just learned at the weekend um there’s an unboxing for the aqua optima there’s this video which you’ll have to edit and i’m thinking about doing a personal message to ian duncan smith

but i might do that one tomorrow so i’ve got three videos to edit tonight which shouldn’t take too long because this is going to be virtually one day if caspy will let me what else has happened

anything happened today does anything happen today as per normal nothing really happens um i’ve got the carpet shampoo out of the cupboard so i knew that was yesterday yeah see i’m losing it i can’t even this is why i’m doing the youtube video so i can remember what’s going on i can look back on stuff i tried explaining this to someone earlier um the other thing is i’m gonna create an online account of my life i think i started scripting it a few months ago

so i just need to sit down and talk to the camera for a few hours what happened when i was a kid when my mum died when my mum died is a bizarre story taking all three of us kids out of the classroom and watching the funeral verse go by and one teacher pointing out to me oh that’s your mum and i’m thinking where no one told me she’d be lying in a wooden box in the back of a black car i’m looking around as if to say where’s my mum going

so caspy i think that’ll do for tonight

thank you for watching like i keep saying please give me some comments subscribe please give me some feedback share this video share my videos i’m putting subtitles on these now so they’re in about 15 different languages including vietnamese indonesian indie chinese you know the usual french german spanish but polish romanian bulgarian hungarian i’m putting as many languages as i can if you’ve got the need for a language you can i think adlang adds translations yourself or if you are a non english speaker and you need a different set of languages drop me a message and i’ll put the language translations on if i can get them translated i mean there are about 40 odd languages that yandex will translate into so just let me know and i’ll do the track it only takes a matter because i’ve got an english master it only takes like two minutes to do a set of languages so if i’m missing one let me know and i’ll put a translation up there for you if you’re interested but please subscribe share give me a thumbs up and we’ll see where we go from there thank you to the subscriber i got over the weekend i increased my viewership over the weekend from 300 to 800 minutes in the last 28 days so i’m doing something right i think cutting it down to 10 minutes

nuisance can it down to 10 minutes he’s really helping talking of which a minute left thank you i’m gonna sign up for the night before he wrecks the laptop and i can’t edit anything and i’ll speak to you tomorrow