new location well actually it’s just four feet away from the other

location mental health status minus three quite disappointed that no one’s called me i had the

smoke alarm check done this morning and they’ve ordered some more parts for me basically my valve which is new is still leaking so he’s going to have that replaced along with the cylinder i think the small tank i can’t remember would they change that or not i think they pressurized it

i don’t think they replaced it but they’re going to replace it again anyway um it’s been quite a tiring well quite not tiring physically tiring mentally day i have felt shattered all day probably because i’ve not been sleeping well for the last two or three nights

um i’ve lost track of what day of the week it is i think it’s wednesday now although for most of the day i thought it was tuesday

the boys have been behaving themselves my cats they’ve been very good merlin’s even been playing with the other two today so that’s good to see it’s good to see merlin played anyway it looks so weird when you see a 13 year old big black cat playing like a kitten and rolling around when he’s back really good

um i’ve been having a look into the youtube stats for this site they are improving but 15 hours of viewing in the last 28 days although it is good it’s not good enough so i’m gonna have a think about my chat i might need to separate this out into a couple of channels i’ve already got an anxiety and autism channel that i haven’t done any videos for

um so i might separate it out and just create a diary on this channel and the few how how-to videos go into another channel and link back to this one and and autism and anxiety i’ll do another channel there basically for information about autism and anxiety because i don’t think people know about it not clearly enough hello casper i know a lot of people think they know about autism and anxiety but it’s the sort of chinese whisper style of knowledge where they think they know because someone has said something about someone they knew

so i’m gonna start on that one i might start on that channel tomorrow i’ve started translating this channel into multiple languages on the actual youtube site as well i didn’t realize there was multiple languages on that

you’re right caspian

so that’ll be one of my things for tomorrow i need to go through this channel and try and get the diaries up to speed i’m keeping them short which does seem to be improving numbers but i’m not getting enough people subscribing and i’m not getting enough people watching more than about 30 seconds i need people to stay on and watch to the end of the video some of the best bits of my videos are right near the end when i’m running out of time and i’m summing it all up

hold on sorry casper’s

um hopefully i have a better day tomorrow thursday tomorrow i’ll have to remember that

um i’ll do another broadcast tomorrow from my normal corner so the time stamps in the video i think it’s too hard to light in this corner bear with me cool i’ve got the desk light on and the living room light and a phone mounted light on and i think there’s too many shadows still so i think it was easier during the day rather than at night because it’s 9 20 at night now so i think i’m better off during the middle part of the day with the light from the window the light in the living room and the camera light and it creates a nice even illumination although it doesn’t seem to matter anyway i’m studying up on that i’ve been reading up on youtube and social something or other that analyzes youtube and facebook and all that and i shall see um i’m gonna try and get in touch with my mp again tomorrow and the labour party no one’s returning my calls i’m blocked by wolf and forest council i have no rights whatsoever to scrutinize anything they’re doing they are ignoring me it’s basically use the single point of contact which they haven’t justified i’ve got autism i don’t know if i’ve told you this but until they justify the use of a single point of contact and its restrictions and my right to appeal i’m not going to use a single point of contact because they’re basically taking my rights away without any justification for it all i’ve done is ask questions and yes i’ve asked multiple people the same questions i sent emails to several people at a time because i’m autistic and i see sending individual emails as time wasting at least if you email everyone that you think is concerned with it the way i see it is if you email several people at the same time you save time because then you get one person taking charge and copying everyone else in or replying back to everyone saying i am more responsible than x y and said i’ll take charge of this i will act on behalf of everyone that’s what i expected not to be put on a single point of contact because i emailed an awful lot of people doesn’t say on the website you can’t email a lot of people at the same time it doesn’t give you any warning about a single point of contact on their website i mean if you are going to restrict the number of people you can email at least be fair and tell people you’re going to put a limit on the numbers anyway i’m going to keep it short because i’m tired as i’ve said and caspi’s playing up and there’s now an awful lot of editing to do with this video now rather than doing it in one take thanks caspy

um thank you for watching please comment please subscribe give me a thumbs up

and don’t forget youtube and twitter i’m available on both there’s a youtube page that you’re which i put on the titles on the credits and i shall speak to you again tomorrow