hello it’s the 16th of june 2020

and it’s 2 30 in the afternoon 14 30 hours

i had one mr private number yesterday possibly alfred but because it’s a private number no evidence that it’s alfred

and i don’t know who else would be calling me on the private number if it’s not alfred or the council i finished off the clock yesterday got that working and this morning i put the case up um big clive did the same kit i don’t know how to go but i’ve watched it recently that’s not why i bought this kit i didn’t realize until i opened it it was the same kit so he had a struggle getting the paper off the plastic and i can understand why so i thought i’d do it different

so i soaked all my case plastic bits in warm soapy water and it just rubbed off it was a lot easier so i put that case together i had to take it apart a couple of times because there’s no instructions or anything and it’s symmetrical bits mostly so they can go on anyway so you have to take them off and put them back on oh hold on

that’s it that’s money i’ve got some grass finally for the cats and merlin loves these little bit of grass the only bit i don’t like is the kids screaming outside all day

um so i’ve done the case for the phone i should have me desk and me new tables coming tomorrow so i’ll get more room in the living room

um why else so far that i have had no phone calls

supposed to be getting a visit from alfred but i don’t think that’s gonna happen

i’ve had no visits from the police or the ambulance for a while so that’s good i’m still locked in i’ve written formally now to my counselors both of them and copied karen in because i’m fed up with them using karen to not do their job they need to explain what they’ve done for the last three months and when they’ve ignored me and i’ve already requested an apology ross ain’t gonna get an apology off me when she emails me without reading it you get what comes to you

read the email and then say i did something wrong if i’ve done something wrong i will admit to it and apologize and i’ve got an itchy name um what else

nothing really happening at the moment i’ve got a letter through from the solicitor i need to sit down and do those forms and send them back as soon as i can

by the end of the week hopefully i’ve suddenly realized i sent the letter out to my name for yesterday via doc now i’ve suddenly realized that this return i’ve got for amazon which i’ll do in a moment i can actually put the label onto an a4 word document and then upload it doc bound post it back to me and i can use that as a label yeah so i might try that

but apart from that nothing really happening let’s piss me off i’ve asked her she called me at lunchtime and i asked her not to call me in the kitchen because she’s always calling me from the kitchen where she lives and there’s always some other person making food or doing something washing cleaning up and it’s annoying listening to background noise and her excuse for not calling me from her own room is because her roommate is sleeping well this is the same roommate that wakes up before and wakes her up so and not intentionally wakes her up accidentally so i’ll put it to her you know who’s more important someone doesn’t respect him or me so i think that’s going to be over pretty soon because she always this is how we keep breaking up she always avoids answering those questions she doesn’t want to answer questions she don’t like the answer to and i don’t want those sort of people around me because she’s not going to be supportive in a crisis she’ll be leaving me to it yes she came and helped me out at the weekend get rubbish away but i don’t want to talk to someone who hasn’t got time to talk to me she’s always chained on calls to other people in the room and things like that this is and the background noise coming across the phone is distracting for someone like me so if she hasn’t got time to give me then i don’t need her iraq so it’s up to her i’ve left it in her call i don’t want to keep blocking her she needs to learn either she does respect me or she doesn’t respect me i’ve not disrespected her

i don’t disrespect anyone knowingly anyway

ah dear

if this carries on i will have to have a work with these kids out here because they’re playing outside my flat all day it is not a playground they took they’ve actually converted the street into a playground they’ve got chalk markings and things like that on it it’s awful to look at and because i’m now treated as vexatious unlawfully

then the council are ignoring me hence my health is deteriorating because they won’t do anything about bad people when you stay and they won’t change their policy about getting an exact address so how do you get an exact address for someone you don’t know where they live no one will answer that one i’ll tell you guys today you have to break the law and stalk people fantastic susan i’d put complaining against you if they were dealing with my complainants so next on my list merlin is just in the scratching block he’s a happy cat since i gave him grass

they all know taps doesn’t eat the grass but merlin he will kill if caspy goes near him when he’s eating grass

oh it’s merlin’s grass caspi getzer i’ve worked it out with casper i and cut a little bit off and running back to the ball and cut a little bit off because caspy doesn’t know how to eat grasshopper but merlin puts his paw on it so i’ll cut a little bit off give that to caspy and the pot is merlin’s day

and i’m recycling them so there’s two in the bathroom only one time and as they finish one part i’ll put it in the bathroom they grab it more and then bring a new one out so the shoe have grass longer this year

not sure how long they live in this pot though here

anyway what else is going on oh no i didn’t do the um focus look so it’s going to be going but i’ve learned you need to press the bit button and it will lock focus

i just need to get used to it

anything else happening no not really i’ve ordered some more bits of um amazon for my desk a four-way power strip switched and what else you know i think i’ve got spare four ways around here thinking about it

don’t know where they are i’ll probably find them when i move the cupboard around i want a desk lamp which is a nice it wasn’t expensive either it was um

what was it five different colors ten different shades ten different brightness levels and it’s got a built-in usb charger as well which is what i’m going to put the clock on

so that’ll be there and it should be in that corner i’ve measured it it should fit i may have to put the speakers onto the wall

so that might be better anyway that’s what i had them in date adam screwed to the wall

but apart from that nothing tuesday day we’ve got three days left do you reckon i’ll get well two days left because alfred doesn’t work on a friday apparently do you reckon i’ll get a visit from alfred no do you reckon i’ll get a call from anyone no do you reckon my counselors will reply to my email no and people wonder why i’m going mad

people not answering questions and not replying to communications that’s where i go

anyway i’m going to kick this short one there’s nothing happening

i might have to redo this because i’ve just realized i’ve got the fan on and that hits the microphone sometimes it creates a choppy background noise but we’ll see hopefully it hasn’t been picked up by the microphone anyway thank you for watching

i shall speak to you soon you