hello november the 6th a few days since the last update they should be a bit more regular now now i’ve gotten a decent setup here and it’s quick to actually shoot a video yesterday i went to counselling down in leighton somewhere near langthorne if anyone knows lancome um he’s giving me homework reading a self-help guide produced by nelst fantastic i’ve read enough of those in the ears to know they don’t really help i only hope those that actually aren’t that hill not as it was me um

it’s give me a timetable i’ve laid out a timetable it’s already gone off the wall um i was supposed to be doing some painting this morning glossing that went off the ball because my server went pear-shaped over the last few days and i tried to sort that out it’s now running on an emergency copy of windows i’ve got

um i’ve tried various versions of linux and mb just bone install not sure why he keeps well i know why but i don’t know why because these are new copies updated and it’s saying there’s missing dependencies

i shall just have to try and carry on i’ve had to change it from a centos because it keeps corrupting the password file and won’t let me log in and now it’s corrupted so badly i can’t log in at all it will run mb in the background where you would have run it in the background but there’s no point if i can’t configure the thing

anyway i’ve been out briefly today done a bit of shopping um looked after the cats they seemed to behave themselves lately no caspy was a bit naughty this morning so i had to put him in prison but more for his own safety than anything else anyway i’m not going to bully a senseless there’s not much going on for the rest of the day anything happens from now on i’ll update on tomorrow’s vlog that’s someone called cc would say anyway speak to you again later