there’s the time and date

hello it’s that time and day and this is going to be a quick one because i’m going to keep them for 10 minutes because i’ve got time going over it um well where do i start i better make this quick i’ve had another reply from julie the corporate complaint person pushing me up to stage three i go into the housing woodsman and refusing to answer any my questions

well i’ve emailed my mp in duncan smith and my counselor ros

and neither of them have responded to me

um the system’s totally out to stop people like me from actually asking questions and if no one helps me then i’ve got to wait eight weeks to actually put a formal complaint into the as an ombudsman

and at the moment no one is helping me so there we are um

been cold today i’ve turned the heating on the boys next door asleep mental health is down to -3

um i’ve been playing about on the laptop working out some bits for changing the titles and that i’m actually going to do this in my multiple subtitles now i’ve worked out how subtitles work on youtube which is dead simple then i’ll convert this into a few languages probably starting with spanish and polish because a few people that i know speak those languages it might help them but i will try and translate it into as many languages as i can probably half dozen initially

i didn’t realize that youtube actually also generated english subtitles for you anyway

so all it is is a matter of changing you know importing that text and then getting it translated have a quick read through it especially since it’s only going to be 10 minutes now seven minutes to go um

what else is happening i’ve left it late for me shopping i’ve got a shopping list done for tomorrow i normally have it done during the week but i couldn’t be bothered at all this week so i just need to think about what i need for tomorrow not sure if i need milk that’s the question i’m also looking at replacing the brita water filter with something a bit stronger not sure which one to go with because i want something that takes the scale out the water well at least the majority of the scale it doesn’t i use this for my coffee machine with tassimo and it seems to be made in descaling as often as if i was using tap water so i don’t think the british field cartridges are working

but we shall see i’m also looking at mud guards and a pannier rack a cargo rack for the bike because when we’re going to lock down i want to have a decent bike to actually ride around because when we’re in lockdown that’s the only time i can actually get out even though last time wouldn’t lock down i couldn’t get out because i was afraid of my neighbors um to say i’m not so afraid of my neighbours isn’t true i just can’t be asked with it man you know if they’re gonna do things they’re gonna do things i’ve got phone in me and i’ll recall them if they do anything they know i’ll recall them if i do anything but the worst bit of my life so far is waltham forest council they’re refusing to answer any questions they give me a load of [ __ ] but they don’t explain any of it it’s like well we’ve given you our response then take it to the housing inwards when you’re gonna have to wait eight weeks so we don’t care for eight weeks you’ve got no power for eight weeks you are

you have no rights for at least eight weeks why isn’t ian duncan smith doing anything why isn’t my counselor doing anything why aren’t anyone responding to me it’s [ __ ] they help people that don’t need help but people like me that actually have infringements of their rights no one wants to know not even the local press that’s what i don’t understand i’ve copied in waltham forest echo again but they don’t respond and when i get them on the phone they don’t want to talk to me

i must remember the alcohol i’m going to need it this weekend i think

what else is happening um

gina contacted me yesterday she’s still looking into this care plan but like i said to her if it was 35 hours a week i don’t think it’d be enough because the care that i need and which dwp don’t think i need the care that i need

is someone to actually get the council because it is the council making me worse up until two years ago i was improving slightly i’ve got a new start new place and then i started hitting problems with my housing and they refused to answer direct questions like said in previous emails they wouldn’t even answer a straight question about are people with dogs in flats allowed to have dogs in flats that haven’t got a garden it’s a simple question it’s yes or no sharon the woman that was over at the forum about 16 months ago now took for our time date she took four and a half minutes not to answer the question and then when i pointed out to her that she hadn’t answered the question i put to her because you know what politicians are like oh let’s answer a question close to the subject so it confuses them so they think the question’s been answered but we haven’t actually said anything well i’m not that stupid and then she said well it depends on circumstances well that’s hardly a yes or no is it so

friday tomorrow again coming up to the weekend again still finding a struggle to find anyone to talk to me the more i have to have literally dozens of people on my phone at any one time just to hope that i get a conversation at some time most people are happy with two or three and they can talk to them

but i literally have to have dozens

in the vain chance that someone will hold a proper conversation rather than

a few sentences and then suddenly blank you like i get all the time it’s getting

my mental health state is going down i’m not better watch time i’ve got two minutes left so i’ll better hurry up um

i’ve got a facebook page set up as well i’m going to try and put that on the end of these titles

i think i’ve got some instagram accounts and that set up as well i’m going to have to put all this on the end so that if you want to keep track of all this then you can go to facebook subscribe to the page for these diary entries and um basically you will get notified every time i upload on facebook if the notifications on sorry if the notifications on youtube aren’t working at least you will see them on facebook

anyway like i said i’m keeping it under 10 minutes because most people don’t make it to six so i’m going to keep it 10. thank you for watching

um like and subscribe pass the word on if you’ve got any comments please put them underneath and i try to answer all my comments i don’t want anything that’s bigoted or racist or anything to the religion or god you can put comments about what i’ve discussed comments about me but i’ll just block people that put anything about well i’ll pray for you and things like that don’t want it i’m not a religious person don’t believe in that sort of stuff and i don’t want it all over my facebook or youtube thank you for watching and i’ll speak to you again soon