I bought this a while ago from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082WV72G9/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_08C5747V9FF2C5QR6Y08 This is also available on other sites. I used to use a Britta filter, but was dissatisfied with the clarity of the filtered water. This one seems to produce much clearer water. Any comments are welcome. I hope this helps someone.

hello i’m unboxing an aqua optima jack water filter i’ve just bought from amazon let’s see what’s in the box reason i went for this one i’ve already got a brita filter but it doesn’t seem to be stopping any scaling in the kettle and the tassimo and things like that and this one was only 20 pound for six months of cleaning water so instead of just buying replacement filters i’m going for this give it a try like what’s in the box one lift


two filters

the jack itself and some instructions

and this is always a good thing it’s like taking wrapping off the lampshade have you ever done that take that out

packing a third filter because these filters last two months


six little feet right let’s go wash all of this up

and have a quick read the instructions and see what gives

after washing all the components you need to open up one of the filters and soak it in a bowl of water for 10 to 15 minutes according to the instructions

after that time empty the bar and assemble your jug so we start off with the jug itself the filter goes into the base of the top water container the unfiltered container and it just pushes in and a slight turn to look it which is the simplest method i’ve seen in a water filler it’s easier than the brittle one because the brittle one you have to push down and it feels like you’re gonna break it every time then you simply put the lid on open the louvers

and fill the top with water you don’t take the lid off you just pour straight through the lures there’s a little sliding button that opens and closes the louvers on the handle after you’ve filled it with water you let it filter through

hello and thank you for watching this is an update to a video i made four months ago now regarding the aqua optima junk warp filter it’s had quite a few views but now i’ve been using it for four months i thought i’d update the video so the earlier bit of this video was filmed four months ago um it’s a lovely water filter it makes it i in my opinion it’s better than the brita the water comes out clearer it seems to taste a lot better as well there’s none of the i did a side by side comparison my old brita filter and this one in clean glasses and there were still particles in the water filter in a new brita filter i was getting particles in the water still this one comes out crystal clear it is so much better i’m not sure whether it actually cuts down on descaling i think it does because my kettle doesn’t seem to scale up as much as it used to and i think my tassimo even lasts a bit longer between these scales so very good on that front the reason i’m doing an update now is because i’ve come around to ordering replacement filters for it i’ll show you right this comes off

and then this comes out

and on the bottom you get the main filter which literally bayonets off and this is what they call the original filter it’s a small round thing however you replace it now with an evolve plus filter which looks different this is why i’m doing this video because it does look a lot different

i’ll show you there’s the original and there’s the evolve plus slightly different but the good thing is the evo plus fits in as well it just bang it in nice system

and while i’ve got it disassembled i discovered something else the other day i’ll put the filter back in bear with me

that’s how quick it is

on the lid you’ve got louvers right these little things here now sometimes you get i don’t know you get filled up in there of something i don’t know i’ve had build up in it but you can unclip it simply by undoing it from one side over it takes a while for me to work out what side it was now they unclip there and you just unclip it out

of course it helps when you haven’t got nails

i mean it helps when you have got now so i am cut right now there we are he just done clips and you can wash all that separately and to put it back in quite simply a reverse of that so clip it in one side and it’s in quite frankly i still recommend the aqua optima jug water filter it is simple to use it’s clean the water tastes better and the water looks better so you have got my recommendation for the aqua optima water filter do