OMG, what is happening? I had a call from the LGSCO (Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman) yesterday, and they do not have a call-back time. They either do or do not call back, there is no obligation to call at all. They only communicate via email. For someone like me, that cuts off access to the service.

I am Autistic, and as confusing this may seem for someone who runs several social media accounts, a magazine style YouTube channel and a website, I find it cumbersome and not an effective way of communicating. Direct voice-to-voice is always easier for myself, and other autistic persons. Public Servants do not accept invisible disabilities as real, despite reams of medical documentation.

I only run all the social media channels and this website because I feel after 12 years of having rights in law, it is about time we started to receive them, without instructing a solicitor. Let’s face it, If I was blind or had a physical disability, or even a mental disability which was more apparent, then we would receive rights and adjustments automatically. So then why do not ALL disabled people.

I have tried to take this matter to the Levelling Up Ministry, who on their website oversee how councils work, yet when I took this matter to them, they refused to discuss this issue and closed my complaint without a formal investigation. The same this has happened on multiple occasions with the Met Police too. One complaint has spent almost 2 years without being assigned. If it was a complaint regards racism in the Met, would it have been delayed for so long?