Scuttlebutt- Brighton & Hove Council

hello and thank you for coming back to episode 5 of scuttlebutt sadly this is about another local council that I’ve found is breaking equality rights a friend of mine down on the south coast told me about a horrific story about how emergency services broke in to her place ruined her door her front door and the local council left the door for weeks nearly two months in a state of

non-security she was unable to lock the door at all until Sunday night when she told me about this story and i contacted her council and they came around within four hours and made the door secure which is what they should have done nearly two months ago minimum and the other thing is the council knows about her mental health and her various issues with security and anxiety and they haven’t treated her as a matter of urgency and that is wrong it’s okay to treat 17 year old single parents as a matter of priority but when it comes to mental health no one treats us with either respect or the priority we deserve and the law says we should get

no reasonable adjustments have been made in her case in accordance with 2010 equality act

no one has done anything from what i can gather to replace or apologize for the lack of speed in replacing the door which she did not damage, and it was not her fault that the emergency services broke it in

and quite frankly i am on a mission now I’m going through the councils one by one I’ve checked three so far my one Brighton hove and oxford city council they still haven’t replied to an email i sent five months ago so one by one i would be sending these questions by the resolver website and getting to find out how the equality act is being implemented it would be so much easier if an mp somewhere took this matter up in parliament and raised it as a matter of urgency there should really be an equalities officer or residents of local councils where you can take these issues too but there isn’t you have to go through people that are untrained in either customer services or mental health issues and a lot of the time they don’t even know what the 2010 equality act according to a phone call i recorded with my senior housing officer October last year he wasn’t even aware of the 2010 equality act so how the hell would he be in faults in it

anyway, I’m not going to keep this low just to say that i will give you an update blow by blow on everything that happens with Brighton hove council I’m hoping this is a one-off and that they will write back saying they’ve got a new door they’ve replaced it we’ve apologized to their resident, and they’ve got new policies and procedures in place to make sure this sort of issue never happens again

it’s not a lot to ask you’ve had 11 years to enforce the law

I’m not waiting anymore new year 2022 is the year of disabled rights to me the councils up and down this land in all four countries of the united kingdom need to pull together and enforce the rights that have been given to all citizens via the equality act whether they’re disabled rights gender race religion is a bit of a hit and mess with me as you will see in another video but if they’ve been given right in law local authorities have a duty to uphold them and i will be testing the local authorities on whether they are you have given been given fair warning next year I’m coming for you