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5 Dec 2017

hello again personal diary i’ve lost tracker’s day i think it’s the 4th of...

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5 March 2021

And welcome to another diary entry. How many is he gonna make this year? It’s incredible. No...

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6 Dec 2017

hello 12 45 nearly on the 6th of december and i’ve just woken up and people still...

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7 March 2021

Hello and thank you for coming back. This is my weekend diary entry. I put one up earlier today...

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26 Nov 2017

hello again 25th november i’m recording this at  10 45 p.m and day three the struggle...

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7 April 2021

Hello and welcome back. Finally, we’ve moved the episode number on. It took the last episode...

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7 Dec 2017

i suppose it helps i’m going to turn the [ __ ] camera on gibbons cheers everyone all those...

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30 January 2021

Hello and welcome to another diary entry. My name’s Bill Gibbons. What can I? Say the...

The Elves & The Shoemaker

a shoemaker by no fault of his own had become so poor that at last he had nothing left but leather...

Religion & Deities

atheism is not belief in existence of god it’s precisely the opposite it’s the...

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